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  1. Undeceived

    [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Wow, that's impressive!
  2. Undeceived

    [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Btw. what's the distance between these two villages (simple linear distance just to get an imagination)?
  3. Undeceived

    [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Ok, a dry river bed, that's ok too from my point if view.
  4. Undeceived

    Cave System

    What the heck?? How does this work? Please more info and screenies!
  5. Undeceived

    [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Man, this looks fantastic! Btw. is that a river down in the valley? How will it look like / work? I guess it goes quite downhill which makes it hard just to create a pond in river form? Looking forward to see more, mate!
  6. And once again Google brought me to a solution by mastermind @Larrow. Thanks a lot, man!
  7. Undeceived

    ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    @lexx, you made it into the newest SITREP. Glückwunsch and keep it up, mate!
  8. Hello BI web team, as it seems you changed your main domain from bistudio.com to bohemia.net today (?). As I didn't read any announcement on that beforehand I first thought that your site was hacked or whatsoever. I suggest you communicate such changes a bit better, just to avoid any confusion. Cheers!
  9. You can play this with your kids. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/195159-sp-old-macdonalds-farm-adventure/ Edit: That if you decide to let them watch you playing or to introduce Arma to them. I myself have a 1,5 y old son and will be in the same situation in some years. Still didn't decide how to handle it...
  10. Looks great, guys, good job! Valeu!
  11. Does anyone know how the Memories system from the Remnants Of War campaign works?
  12. Undeceived

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Survive, adapt, win.
  13. Undeceived

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Yeah, it's a difficult subject. I hope that at release time things are different...
  14. @Matthijs, these are some great and useful functions, thanks a lot! One question: The inShadow function does not work for moonlight, does it? I'm asking because I'm creating a mission where I want to change the camouflageCoef depending of the player being in the shadows (full moon) or running around in the plain fields. Any help would be much appreciated.
  15. Undeceived

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Thanks, Valken, I forgot that Max Women Mod is still available at Armaholic. So yeah, l'll keep on using it. Right now I need around 10 different mods (CUP among them) for the campaign and if I remember correctly all except Max Women mod are on SW. This makes things easier as Steam offers you the download of the mods. Apart from that I can export a list of the needed mods from the Arma 3 launcher so that (if I remember correctly) it activates them right away.
  16. Undeceived

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Hi Callsign, I'm currently porting my campaign Black Lands from A2 to A3. Well, it's ported already and everything works, just bug fixing and optimizing is left now which still is enough work. But I'd carefully say that 2018 is possible, "if God wants and we live" (a German saying ). However I still need some some assets as women and some CUP objects. I was happy to see Maxjoiner's women mod (almost exactly what I was looking for) but I'm not sure if it will return. And CUP didn't yet say anything specific on this subject apart from that they're porting all A2 assets to A3. But no idea when they will be able to do it. Merry Christmas to all!
  17. Undeceived

    [SP/CAMP] Underdogs

    Good day, Arma fellows. A new version is finally ready (see first post). Merry christmas! The changelog (aside from the usual bug fixing): V. 1.6: MOCAP Melee and CBA are not required mods anymore Added alternative takedown / knockout system and situations Chinese translation (Chinese simplified) was expanded
  18. CUP Team, thanks a lot for your work!
  19. I fear this will remain an Armaholic's wet dream.
  20. Man, this is a huge disappointment... Since your first screenshots I eagerly awaited this. I can totally understand that keeping up with the quality you made it's totally time consuming and only small progress is visible. But you say that there is a quite low interest in your mod and that your assets are just a few among many others. Let me assure you that from my point of view Westwall is just an absolutely OUTSTANDING mod and (apart from the fact that there are almost no western front mods - hell, how many WWII mods do we have at all?? 3? 4?) looking at the feedback in this thread I didn't have the impression at all that no one cares (it's quite the opposite). As I said, my point of view - I was blown away everytime new screenshots came out. I thank you guys a lot for your amazing work and this dream of a Germany front / Battle of the Bulge setting - I had a campaign concept art in the Hürtgenwald, very sad that you quit. As I fear that we can't change your mind I would appreciate it if you could donate your assets / map prototypes to another mod.
  21. Undeceived

    I feel a touch ill

    Good to know you're back on track. Good luck with that mission.
  22. I also have this problem. And not only in the editor, but also while playing a campaign. I verified the integrity of the game files in Steam, but this doesn't fix it. Very annoying! But yeah, good to know that I'm not the only one. Thanks for opening the thread. I hope BI release a hotfix...
  23. Well, this is probably an easy one but I'm simply not able to create an universal solution for it. I want a mechanic to be setPossed just in front of every type of vehicle, so he can then perform a good looking repair animation. This is a neat piece of code, but unfortunately it doesn't take into account the different size of different vehicles: mechanic setPos (damagedVehicle getpos [+3, getdir damagedVehicle]); The result is that for bigger vehicles the mechanic will be setPossed into the hood. For smaller ones he will be setPossed too far away so that his hands are way too far from the vehicle. Any idea how to do this? Maybe something with bounding boxes or so? Thanks a lot!
  24. Undeceived

    Forums Upgrade

    Forum pages loading speed seems much better now, btw. Thanks so far.
  25. Chairborne, thanks a lot for your work! Hope to see you back one day!