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  1. There seems to be a problem with the sixupdater files. They are slightly different from the ones from armaholic. Some of them have another MD5. As example the uns_air.pbo from sixupdater have 8b80495579f55f3c6b3fc25136d1f971 and the file from armaholic have 400596dc52f7bc683838a1820937974b. If I open these files the sixupdater file has a config that was changed 12.04.2013 08:49 and the armaholic as a config in it that was changed 12.04.2013 16:15. So sixupdater files are outdated...:confused:
  2. toxic-nova


    bad news. this beta uses many server crashes. in newest it is fixed (beta build 85015) here the changelog: [84984] arma2oa.exe stuck after 5h run time OA beta patch 84984 dedicated server crash when exiting :(
  3. maybe it's because of this. I don't know how these modules are working...but maybe your units get two times setcaptive and the modules are not able to setcaptive = false. try just one of these modules...or just use norrins revive...btw. how does i44 Wounds differ from the ones made by BIS?
  4. unfortunately Marseille77 is right. I would interprete the law like you did, but our judges didn't do it this way. :( but the main question I have if I'm allowed to change the textures... so: Do you give me permission to change the texture of the BF109 and maybe other things with swastikas? (BF109 was the only one I had seen with a swastika)
  5. hey again, I had seen that the BF-109F2 have some swastikas on theire control surface...in germany there are some problems with publishing such stuff...is there a not so complicate way to retexture these signs? and are there other things with swastikas in your mod?
  6. is it known that mines, granates, charges, bagalores an so on can not be used?
  7. toxic-nova

    many errors in ARMA2OA.RPT

    my targetline: "C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2\arma2oa.exe" -nosplash -world=empty -window -x=1600 -y=900 "-name=Toxic-Nova" -maxmem=4096 this came as I played the SP mission "01 Feuertaufe". this s BiS standard mission...name from german version. these errors I hadn't seen before...think they are related to the custom domination2 wich was running n the server yeah, thanks. looks like its the problem many people had with the patch. yes this buffer-thing came, too. but I thought that the other messages cause problems, too. If I'm right this clears your graphic memory like the "flash" thing. thank you for your help...looks like the errors wich afraid me are "normal" :D
  8. toxic-nova

    many errors in ARMA2OA.RPT

    I made a new .rpt for you. playing without mods, coop, surly in mp. I'm playing ArmA2 with Arrowhead and full BAF this time I joined a domination2 till line 10199 it was the 5 min mp game...behind is from sp. so I think this messages only occures if I'm in mp. arma2oa.rpt my system in short: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 4GB RAM GeForce GT 240M it is a Laptop or a DxDiag.txt: DxDiag.txt yesterday I had a crash with a message like: "Buffer to small - nowhere to write the data" the game freezed and crashed. rpt had over 24mb. there was no other message before this buffer than the ones I get constantly. but I had deleted this rpt :o
  9. I get many errors in my arma2oa.rpt. after some time of online playing the game freeze and crashes to desktop. I'm playing the new 1.55 combined only a little extract from my .rpt this errors occurs many times :(
  10. toxic-nova

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    yes...if they use local ammo boxes
  11. toxic-nova

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    since yesterday at ammoboxes the game will feeze...but I could avoid this by clearing loadout befor open the box. I had to do this only the first time I wanted to open a ammobox.
  12. played v 2.2 and had much fun but also a little bugs: -after saving weapons the javelin isn't in gear after respawn. only the missle edit: -lift vehicle entry in actionmenu is still availeble and didn't work as it should(i think)
  13. toxic-nova

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    not a swastika is the real problem...it is the warflag of the third reich...but i wouldnt use a swastika, too...because some judges didn't know much about these symbols...i changed it on server and its not very hard to do...thanks for this nice mission:ok: ...i only wanted to tell that theres a problem about it in some regions (i think its only germany:rolleyes:)
  14. toxic-nova

    Co _35_Hunt Waldo Portet to Panthera

    your mission looks good. but there are not many enemys on the map. with most enemys there is not much to do. a bit more enemys would make it better. i have the felling that the sidemissions solve it self...after some time the missions end as solved. after two mainmissions no new mission came...the defend base side mission is solved but the marker at base is still there