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  1. Diver Stats is an attempt to introduce a simulation of real world underwater dynamics to Arma 3. It is meant mainly for Open Circuit Scuba Diving. The Dive Mate (Diver stats display) overtly tracks : Depth from surface (feet). Pressure (based on depth from surface). Air Consumption Rates. Scuba Tank Size. Maximum Depth reached. Positional and Directional information. Temperature. (C and F) Breathing Time Remaining. Dive Time. Type of breathing gas mix. Blood Nitrogen percentage. Tissue Saturation Levels. Ascent Time (Time to Surface). Ascent Rate. Maximum Operational Depth. (MOD) Ascent Ceilings (Decompression Stops). Diver Stats covertly tracks many, many more variables, down to the solubility of a particular breathing gas at a particular depth. All of this information is pumped back into the Dive Mate Display, so that the diver can have all of the required information at his/her fingertips. In addition to visual information, the Dive Mate Display provides audio cues to keep the diver aware of: Fast Ascent Rates, surpassing recommended Tissue Saturation Levels and Maximum Operational Depth, and even sounds off to let the diver know that they have passed their No Decompression Limit (NDL). March 15 2013: (v1.01: Updated to include custom display and more useful information) March 16 2013 (v1.1: Updated display and added nitrogen blood level %) March 22 2013 (v1.2: Updated almost every aspect of script and display. Now hosted on Armaholic.) March 27 2013 (v1.31a: Too many changes to list here check Armaholic page for details). April 05 2013 (v1.34a: Changes listed on Armaholic page). Download v1.34a index=1
  2. If you have played the campaign then you know what I'm referring to. What surprised me was that the SOM works for user created mission also. It dynamically creates mission and objectives and enemies depending on where you are on the map. To use it simply place it on the map and synchronize it to the player's squad. Simple yet tremendously fun :) To create a civilian population, place a Civilian Ambient Module and voila; civilians will be created dynamically from houses in the entire map. They will even take jogs and talk to each other! Want to add vehicles for more atmosphere? Just place the Ambient Vehicle module anywhere on the map. If you know how to use some of the other modules please share with us.
  3. trini scourge

    KEYS: No action menu

    Great work! Hopefully BIS will realize how important UI is to the overall experience.
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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Sorry if this has been discussed before. What's the status of fixed wing aircraft for the release? I don't see any NATO/CSAT in the dev update.
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    R3F French Weapons Pack

    Hmm. You're right. After I removed HAFM it worked fine. Thanks!
  6. I should have a new version up soon. RL events have been taking up most of my time. The new version will include a user control interface and the ability to use either metric or imperial measurement system.
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    R3F French Weapons Pack

    When trying to use this mod i get error: no entry 'bin\config.bin/CFgGlasses.muzzle_snds_H' I am using public alpha build.
  8. First post updated with new release. I also added a video 'tutorial'.
  9. Small update: New version coming soon. I've reduced the footprint from ~5MB to ~580KB, Improved Tissue and ascent ceiling calculation and fixed some bugs. I've also added progress bars that track PPO2 and critical He levels. DCS, HPNS, N2 Narcosis and O2 Toxicity have all been added (ppEffects and gameplay consequences). I also need a couple testers (preferably people who have some diving experience or knowledge) to give me feedback on some of the new features. Anyone interested?
  10. I'm looking into it, but there are things that I need to sort out first.
  11. I haven't included Decompression Sickness/ O2 Toxicity/HPNS yet but they are planned for later versions. Narcosis however is implemented and is 'controlled' by the relative narcotic potency of your breathing gasses at depth. Depending on the ratio of gasses, the narcotic effects start affecting the player anywhere from 33ft to 100ft. Full on narcosis (leading to loss of consciousness) starts taking effect at depths greater than 300ft. If you want to go deeper without developing serious narcosis, use more Helium in your ratio. The effects are still very much WIP right now because I'm still getting a handle on ppeffects etc. With regards to the MP, I have no idea how to fix it right now. I implemented cobra's coding suggestions into the v1.31a, so I'm not sure why it's not working. Thanks for trying it out and glad you like it.
  12. Thanks for broadcasting the release Foxhound. First post also updated with d/l link and information.
  13. Thanks a lot Cobra. Saved me some hours of research :) I've had a breakthrough with the calculation of tissue saturation (using The Buhlmann ZH-L16 model now). The new version will feature deco stops, deep stops, accurate tissue simulation and user created breathing gas mixtures (any combination of O2,N2 or He). It should be ready for testing by tomorrow.
  14. Sorry about that Angelo. Thanks for trying the script out. I guess i should clarify that in it's current state, SP is the focus. To be honest, I really don't know how to make this script MP compatible. This is really my first foray into sqf and I have a lot left to learn. Hopefully one of the other helpful lads can be of assistance.
  15. Yes you are absolutely right but tissue saturation rate is one of the abstractions that I'm willing to make in order to simplify the player experience (not to mention my sanity). Semi-Accurate calculation of real tissue absorption rates requires a metric crapload of complex variables tracking everything from partial alveolar pressure to tissue halftimes (which are different depending on the type of tissue). The mathematics for all this technically works, but collapses when placed in the context of a videogame that allows the player to swim 10ft/sec. That being said, I do have a version that uses the Schreiner Equation to determine partial pressure of the gas in the tissue, but like i said previously it doesn't work that well in the context of Arma. The Equation: Pt (t) = Palv + R[t + −R/k] − [Palv − Pt −R/k]e^−kt In the script: _nConst (partial pressure of gas in tissue) = _pAlv + _rNAmb *(_diveTime +((-1) *(_rNamb/_tisK))) - (_pAlv -0.736 - (_rNAmb/_tisK) *(exp _tisConst)) where: _pAlv (partial alveolar pressure) = 0.78 *((constAmbPressure -0.0627) + (((1 -0.9)/0.9) *0.0534)) _rNAmb (rate of chage of partial inert gas pressure) = (pressureDiff * 0.78)/60 _tisK (tissue halflife) = (ln 2)/4 _tisConst = _tisK * Dive time Perhaps my math is wrong (I'm definitely not a math brain) so i'll gladly accept any help here.
  16. Hey glad you got it working. Ascent time is a little glitchy but I have ideas on how to fix it. I'll be releasing an update some time tomorrow with some fixes. With regard to the warning tone, it's indirectly related to depth, and reflects the level of Nitrogen tissue saturation (the bars on the left of the display). I need to tweak some variables because you are right, it goes off a little early. Basically, without adding a lot of more complex features (like decompression/deep/safety stops and the consequences of neglecting them) there really is no penalty (other than annoyance) for going past the recommended tissues saturation limit. @Cobra I'll look into that tomorrow, but moving the display and all the text is a royal pain.
  17. Thanks for trying it out Feint. I'm really looking forward to your underwater diving module. I spent dozens of hours trying to figure out how to implement n2 narcosis and decompression sickness but nothing really worked. I'm glad to see that you've included those aspects in your module. I have tried ASLW, but it presents issues with wildly fluctuating values (even at high depths), especially with the way I calculate ascent time. ASL is less accurate but gives more stable readings, so I went that route. Hmm. The script does not detect changes in unit type or gear (i need to fix that actually). What specific bugs are you encountering? That error is common when you try to run SQF without a handle. For example [this, 25, 1500] execVM "blah.sqf" will not work, instead use: null = [this, 25, 1500] execVM "blah.sqf"
  18. To change the text color go into: scripts\trindisplay\dialog\trin_display.hpp and edit the values there. Changing the display is a lot more involved and requires you to do some research and lots of reading. Check HERE and HERE to go down the rabbit hole.
  19. I think I understand what you mean. You're experiencing my lack of scripting prowess. If there are more than 1 instance of the script running on a single client that error will occur. For now (until I get better at scripting), you'll be better off using the script on a single diver.
  20. Hey Brian thanks for trying it out. Can you send me pics of the bugs you're encountering? The script auto-closes the display when the diver is able to breathe surface air, if you get back in the water it should continue the display.
  21. Updated first post. V1.2 now available at Armaholic.
  22. I updated the script and download again. Thanks for the help cobra and maker.
  23. Thanks for the feedback mate. I can put it in the bottom right, but the Alpha watermark would cover it up. Maybe bottom left would work better for now? Also thanks for the pointers on code/folder layout. I'm fairly new to scripting so every bit helps. I've noticed the issue. Does the bug still occur if the specific gear item is removed? Glad you like the script. It's not nearly as complicated as Feint's but it'll do until he releases his masterpiece. I'll continue to add functionality to this system.