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  1. This is absolutely awesome and very well done. Will use and follow progress. Huge thanks!
  2. tvamvarg

    [SP] Super Fun Happy Pack!

    My problem is to keep the speed of the instructor - I always overtake him or have too hard a time to bleed off speed quickly enough. Do you have a tip? Can I see if he's accelerating or decelerating? Maybe I should just mod the mission to be 150 meters instead until I get better... :)
  3. tvamvarg

    [SP] Super Fun Happy Pack!

    Good stuff, thanks! I just tried the spotter mission, using CBA v1.00 beta3 revision 7, and it gives errors when giving artillery orders (no mortar shells are shot). You're probably already aware of this. Not sure if it's a CBA problem or whether your mission needs to be updated. And I'm on the developer branch, I should probably mention.
  4. I think that Arma (3) would be potentially awesome as an engine for a RPG. What's missing most is probably the possibility for a DungeonMaster (or similar) to add stuff to the game 'live'. Consider the possibilities of having a live editor with a DungeonMaster in control. How cool would that be?! I reckon that it's no small feat, what I would like to know at this moment is whether it has been discussed at depth anywhere. Or if it hasn't, whether some people would like to discuss it a bit here in this thread.
  5. Thanks Cobra, seems like a very good starting point for what I'm looking for. And just being ported to Arma 3, very nice!
  6. The 7750 sounds like the perfect upgrade for me, low-power is an extra (for heat and noise, I have a 650W PSU so should handle most cards) Much appreciated!
  7. Have a slightly older ASUS P5N-E, Intel Quad6600 @ 2,40GHz, 4 GB DDR2, Win7 32-bit and a 9600GT 512 MB on PCIe x16 It runs Arma III, which I'm happy for, but of course I'd like to optimise a bit. The settings are pretty low, I'm currently at 1280x1024x32, Standard quality for everything, no AA, no PPAA, ATOC or AF, Low HDR, Low post process. I have a spare SSD which I can move my Steam installation to (the stupid ASUS MB wont boot from an SSD, sadly). Not expecting huge benefits from that though other than loading speeds :) Buying a new rig won't happen for a while. But I could spend $150 or so on a GTX650Ti for example. Would that give me a more beautiful game, but not very much faster in terms of FPS? Any better way to up the performance of the game while on a budget?
  8. tvamvarg

    ArmA 2 Profile player name

    Old thread, I know, but as I followed the instructions and still have a problem I'm thinking others may be in the same situation? I did the above and also copied over savefiles, as I had started the campaign and wanted to continue with my new profile. However, one thing seems to remain, and that's my callsign in dialogues (with campaign characters and with AI group members), which is still <oldname>. I think I have changed all the names of files... Do I need to edit inside a file as well to accomplish this? Thanks. Edit: Tried changing the 'name' entry in weapons.cfg, which was <oldname>, but no effect as far as I could see.
  9. tvamvarg

    CFOG Project

    Firefly - how are you doing with the translations to English?
  10. tvamvarg

    Co-Op Mission Pack

    That's wonderful! I'll go through all the unpacked files and create a full listing with all the Polish I can find (perhaps with the exception of some mission.sqs entries...) and make it available to you! Regarding 2-user coops, we often play the PMC Tactical missions, especially DownTown La Riviere and Defend Meaux...
  11. tvamvarg

    Co-Op Mission Pack

    Hey, looks like a great initiative that I'd like to make use of! But - will you translate the missions to English? Or is there anybody else that could do it (I don't know a bit of Polish and I don't know anybody that does, either - else I would have asked them...)
  12. I cannot run OFP (1.96) with EECP mod, I get error "Data file read error (config.bin)" ("Operation Flashpoint" labeled windows dialog). First, has anyone seen this error before and know what's the cause? Tried searching BI and Google but few hits and no explanations. I can run OFP with other mods or without. I could run ECP before installing EECP. I re-installed EECP. Tried using config from mirror site. Compiled own .bin from Kurayami's source .cpp. Same error. Ideas, anyone (except reinstalling OFP from scratch)? EDIT: Fixed - a .pbo from the RHS T55 pack seems to have been corrupt (had to download it from ofpbase.com instead of ofp.info) and this must have caused the error.