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  1. Thx Raedor, if that's the only case i think i'd stick with normal triggers. Anyway it would be interesting to have a function for that (returning only the list of known "targets" for each unit). To me looping  upon triggers lists and checking through "knowsabout" it'quite cumbersome and time consuming with many eneny units on the field.
  2. Maybe it can help: dirty script to have some soldiers sit and watch a fire ... sorry for poor code quality. create a file "sit.sqf": <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">_unit = _this select 0; _fireplace = _this select 1; _unit doWatch _fireplace; _unit setBehaviour "careless"; sleep(1); _unit playmove "AmovPsitMstpSlowWrflDnon_Smoking"; _unit disableAI "move"; Create a number of soldiers named soldierXX (XX is any number). Put on map a fire object named "fire"; create a MOVE waypoint for each soldier and put it nearby the fire. Place into each activation field: <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"> foo = [soldierXX, fire] execVM "sit.sqf";
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    Prisoners ?

    Any chanche to see soldiers having morale drop, surrendering e being captured (no scripting involved) ? Old Flashpoint had a morale threshold for fleeing, i think a morale threshold for surrendering will be nice.
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    Prisoners ?

    Yes, i do. Sorry, i'm missing the point.
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    Prisoners ?

    i would like to see some enemies just giving up, due to wounds and/or morale issues. (Wound incapacitation would be really interesting). Surrendered enemies (or friendly units! will abandon their weapons, staying in place. In think that  a few options can help the player handling easily these prisoners: 1) you should be able to heal wounded prisoners in order to have them able to walk (at least) 2) you should be able to Handcuff them (and to command any soldiers to do it)  3) you should be able to issue a "follow" command to them or command a man or a squad of your platoon to do them 4) by default the POW destination should be the final destination of the mission. You can simply lead them. The game should give bonuses or penalization points for taking prisoners or havem the KIA. I don't think that this simple kind of implementation would be impossible ... I also think that prisoners will allow for a new kind of operations, like intel harvesting missions (infiltrate enemy installation, take enemy technicians alive, escort them to destination to interrogate)
  6. I'm perplexed by the fact that people who played press demos (75% completed ?) notice that AI is on par or dumber than in OFP. I had great expectations for that, since i thought CQB AI was the biggest concern of the original game. So AI (plus physics) take less than 25% of the developement time nowadays? Should we expect a eyecandy-only game with dated or rushed AI? I'm interested in any feedback, thank you.
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    Dynamic vietnam missions

    Axek: i tried to "buy" the helis, but they were not spawned. However thanks, i'll retry that paying more attention. Bagel, are you still there ? I hope 1.80 will be released, really enjoied your "Tour of Duty", despite the minor probs... Just drop a line here! Cya.
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    Dynamic vietnam missions

    Excellent work, Bagel, really impressive. As everybody i am waiting for 1.80 and i'll give my (constructive) feedback: I own 1.75 / CE 1.22. bugs encountered: ------------------ - as stated by somebody before, sometimes helis can't extract the right group, for example i had a slick repeatedly extracting A2 instead of B1, which was the selected group. - i have an error message the first time i call an airstike/napalm strike (something about a lost pilot message); - can't have napalm strikes hit the target, can hear their explosions but can't see them and no planes appear in sight in the targeted area . Air strikes instead normally work ok. However often the planes crash somewhere in both cases. other problems (but  maybe it's just me) and some suggestions  : --------------------------------------- - LZ extraction and air strikes need a confirmation hint in my opinion; - an alert sound and a hint can be precious in case of group  geting under enemy fire: sometimes i lose an entire group without even knowing, when it's far enough from me. - body count: it feels a bit strange, sometimes the numbers shown seem not correct to me (had crew losses and heli-cargo losses not counted) . I had >80 calculated casulaties, but that was far from reality (i bet around 12 - 15)! - i just can't re-deploy a wiped out squad: i had new soldiers spawned at the base but they have no markers for them: how can i move them anywhere ? - had the three slicks destroyed (2 lost with entire cargo by the AI itself landing through the trees, 1 destroyed by a NVA strela), but was not able to replace them through the Hardware panel. Crews did spawn, helis didn't. Hope to hear of the release of 1.80 soon! BTW: Sorry for my bad english.
  9. It's something like 2 months i fiddle around with mission editing and i still can't find a good solution for a very basic problem: having a AI group defend a fixed position without running back and forth like chickens and (often) being shot in their back. Here's a better explanation. THE FACTS: 1) I set a waypoint as target (move or defend type) for the AI group that should defend the place 2) i set a formation mode for that group 3) i set "setcombatmode" to "yellow": they should open fire keeping position, right ? 4) I set "setbehaviour" to "aware". Tried the "combat" setting, but the result is that the AI members immediately break the formation and move to different positions. With the "aware" setting they just wait in place till they see the enemy, then just start happily moving, standing, crouching, running and charging the enemy. THE SUSPECT: I suspect the prob is the default range for rifles for the AI: simply too short! When a member of a AI group is automatically ordered by leader to target an enemy unit he has to move to reduce the distance to an acceptable firing range (and there's no way to stop him!: so also units that have been ordered to open fire while staying in place will move randomly. That does not apply to snipers, and this fact appears to confirm the suspect. Any solutions or workarounds ?
  10. Sorry but i don't think it has been fixed. I still can't have a decent low height quick insertion: when landing or "getting in" helis just jump high and slowly, slowly go down... as always. What can i say ? Sad.