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    Romanian infantry: are there any references?

    Hey. I'm from Romania, but there's not much I can help you with. However: You could go to www.mapn.ro. It has links to several military schools. They have some crummy websites, with few or no pictures, but you could get in touch with the webmasters, maybe they can help you. Wait a moment! There's a guy here, peeping over my shoulder, who says he's got some ancient issues of a military magazine called "Pro Patria", with color photos'n'everything. So, if you're still interested, I could ask him to bring them in tomorrow, and have a scanning party. Cheers.
  2. prospero: I think that's a very interesting thing you're doing. If you could add real(istic) interior to it and everything, we could have something like a carrier sim in OFP (I'm drooling..). Please bother with those resolution LODs. Maybe now, untextured, it works fine on a GeForce3, but once you're done, and you have all the man and aircraft on it, any graphics card will have a hard time rendering it. Why should it render in detail the front of the boat, when you're at the rear (bow and stern, is it?)? You could consider getting someone to help you, if you don't have the time. Thanks for the encouragement guys. At the moment am working on creating new animations for the game. Hope i'll have something done this weekend. Once that's done, i'll get back to the Yak.
  3. Imagine my horror, upon seeing this model. Â I had this thing on my shelf since before O2 was released: Yup, it's supposed to be "Baku", the last of the Kiev class. The one with the funny radar on top. Anyway, i'll probably finish it someday, so that we could have a lower res Kiev too (at the moment it has ~1400 faces). The other thing on my shelf is this Yak-38, undergoing texturing. So, by the time you'll release your carrier, you'll probably have something to populate the deck with. Good luck texturing that beast.
  4. teacup

    Viewing animations

    We can't make .RTMs with complex character animations. At least not yet. 'Cause we don't have a translator from some animation software to .RTM. And making complex animation with a hex editor is impossible. But if someone will write those translator(s), yes, I think you guys could have even your Alien vs. Predator mod. As for this: </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">1) Lean left/right.<span id='postcolor'> ..It's unlikely. Not that you can't have the animation, but you would have to assign some keys to trigger those moves, and I doubt you can do it. I imagine, that animation addons, will be much like vehicle addons: a .PBO with a .RTM and a config inside, and would mainly be used with the "playMove"/"switchMove" commands. Although, with Oxygen out, and animation working, you could rip OFP as we know it, to pieces. Turn it into something completely different. :thumbsup FlipeR/Ofpinternals