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    maya question

    You can create pseudo vertices with the "CV Curve Tool" (press Enter after each click - that will create single-point curves). You can use the "Create Polygon Tool" to unite these points into a poly face (by using snap-to-point). Well, almost. They are not really united, but the vertices of the newly created polygon are practicly duplicates of your initial points. But if you want to start modeling in Maya, better forget the O2 practices. I suggest you pick up a tutorial, or read the help file to learn how to model "the Maya way". The learning curve is not that steep, and once you master it, i promise you will model or texture twice as fast & easy, compared to O2. I dare anyone to learn modelling in Maya, and then tell me it "sux". And when i say "learn", i don't mean just stick your nose in it for a few seconds, and then run off when you encounter the first obstacle. :P
  2. teacup

    Rtm animation kit for maya

    It's quite simple. Copy RtmBin2.exe into one of the directories mentioned in your "PATH" environment variable. If you're not familiar with environment variables and "PATH" in particular, read up on it. You can view/set these variables by opening a command prompt window and using the "Set" command. Or by right-clicking on "My Computer" -> "Properties" -> "Advanced" -> "Environment Varables". You can just drop a copy into your %windir%\system32 (e.g. C:\Winnt\system32), if you don't want to do any of the above. Cheers
  3. "You've got mail" This is what i did: - opened "BISman.p3d" and deleted everything (selections too). I left only a single resolution LOD with the beretta proxy in it. Saved it as "pistolproxy.p3d". - used ODOLExplorer to convert "sfbus.p3d" to MLOD. - Opened "sfbus" in O2, and used "Merge" to import "pistolproxy.p3d". - I deleted the proxy (both named selection and triangle) from Geo, Hit-Points and LandContact. - Added in each LOD "proxy:beretta.01" to "pruka". - Deleted "proxy: sluchatko_proxy.01" from all LODs (again: both selections AND geometry). - Tadaaaa.. It didn't go as smooth as the above walkthrough would suggest, but after a bit of tinkering it worked.
  4. My guess is you might have accidentally pasted it twice. Or somehow duplicated the selection. First i would make sure there are no duplicats in the named selections window (e.g. "proxy:beretta.01" and "proxy:beretta.02" or something like that). Then i would make sure i don't have two perfectly superimposed triangles for the proxy (it may look like a single triangle, but there could be two). But all this is just guesswork. If you need some hands-on help, you can post a link to your .p3d, and some kind soul might help you out with that.
  5. No need to match the LOD numbers. They're irrelevant for what you want to do. Just paste the proxy into each and every LOD, including Memory, View - Pilot, etc.. All of them. Don't paste it twice though. "proxy:beretta.01" is a "named selection". It contains a single triangle, which will be replaced by a handgun ingame. But in order for the gun to move with the hand, this triangle is also part of the named selection responsible for animating the hand ("pruka" i think). You have to watch out for this. Cheers.
  6. teacup

    Animation problem

    Do you have a single animation file? And if so, are all the paths pointing to it accurate? Because this situation only occurs when the game cannot find the anim file. And as i said, your paths don't match: file="\TFW_Anim\m19a4box_gunner.rtm"; file="\TFW_Anim\m19a4boxgunner.rtm"; This is my best guess.
  7. teacup

    Animation problem

    Assuming you only have a single, static, 3 frames long animation file, i think there's a mistake in the path pointing to it: In "m19a4boxgunner" you have "m19a4box_gunner.rtm" for file. In "m19a4boxgunnerV1" it's "m19a4boxgunner.rtm". Notice the missing underscore between "box" and "gunner". Also, if you'll only be using a single file, my guess is you can get rid of "m19a4boxgunnerV1", and remove all references to it from "m19a4boxgunner". Not tested but i think it should work. That "speed=10000000000.000000;" makes no sense if your animation is static. But it still isn't clear to me how many anim files you have, whether they are static or not, and what exactly happens after 3-4 seconds. My advice is the same as Gameer's. Use something that's already been done and it's working, for a template, if you're not comfortable with the animation config. You can look at the official Chinook for instance. Or, if you want us to talk you through the entire thing, help you out, etc.. i really think you should explain more clearly what the situation is. Make our job (and your life) easier by posting everything you can: configs, screenshots, links to the anim files, etc..
  8. teacup

    Animation problem

    Could you post a screenshot and the config? Or you'll settle for a few wild guesses? "fold back up and go straight" is just a little bit too vague for me.
  9. I voted for Hornet's "minimalistic" masterpiece For a banner it's a bit too low-key for my taste.. not visually striking enough. But it's ingenious and to the point. Me thinks. Also liked "Drow1".
  10. teacup

    Reflective water?

    I always found OFP water unimpressive, and never thought i'd see the day when this "Real Virtuality" would turn into a picture postcard game engine. I guess from now on we'll see more of them narcissistic machine gunners, gazing at their own reflections in the water. A bit of melancholy is what this game always needed. Great hack guys!
  11. teacup

    Configing animation tutorial?

    This is no little surprise. Not every day i find out that i post on some foreign forums in some foreign language. It's true, English is not my maternal language (that would have to be Hungarian or Romanian), but afaik, the only forums that i've ever posted in, are OFPEC and this one. Unless.. Â there's some Jekyl & Hyde scenario unfolding. Make that "Fight club". Â Anyway, about the configs: Hide's right. You can't have a soldier use different animations everytime he picks up a different weapon. You can only have one cfgMoves class per unit, and it can't be changed mid-game. As for creating new cfgMoves for soldiers, it's fairly simple. You just derive your classes from "cfgMovesMC" (or "..MCWoman"). You automaticly inherit all subclasses and their properties. So you only have to config the modifications you're planning to make. And unless you're making radical changes, this should come down to modifying only a few paths, to point to the new anim files (and the speed values when applicable). Hope i'm making sense. Cheers
  12. teacup

    Maya or ofp anim?

    I just dropped in to say: my kit won't work with PLE. Because PLE has it's (MEL) disk-writing functions disabled. To prevent it's use for commercial purposes. I'm thinking, you could modify the export function of the script to print the output to the script editor or a window, instead of a file. Then you might be able to copy-paste all that into a text file and convert it into a binary form by running rtmbin2.exe on it. If this would work, then you could use PLE as well. Not tested though.
  13. teacup

    Mod folders and animations

    I wouldn't take this to the bank, but i think if you copy the original Anim.pbo to your mod folder and replace a few animations, it should work fine. Watch the length of the animations though (number of frames), because if they don't match it will affect the speed of those animations ingame (even this can be fixed, but you'd need to tweek your config). You might need to copy the entire Anim.pbo. Me thinks. Take a look at how the others (FDF, CSLA, etc..) did it.
  14. teacup

    Mod questions

    A bit OT here, but i've been itching to say this: The thing i like most about FDF Mod is the "annoying" voice pack. And the muddy boots. But specially those "sotilas, kaksi sata"s and "haavoittunut"s. They crack me up. Wouldn't change it for the world..
  15. teacup

    Rtm animation kit for maya

    If you're talking about Maya PLE, i don't think you can use the script to export animation.
  16. teacup

    Rtm animation kit for maya

    If you're comparing it with that makeshift thingy, the answers are: *yes *partially (the setup that comes with it has the weapon accurately positioned; for the rest you'll have to do it yourself (it takes me ~15 minutes of tinkering) per weapon) *nope
  17. teacup

    Importing p3d into maya?

    I also use Maya for OFP modelling and animation. It is much more versatile then O2. I can tell you for sure that it imports OBJ. It also exports OBJ, but you have to load a plugin (ships with Maya) first. Go to Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager... > load objExport.mll (the plugin). I use Right Hemisphere's "Deep Exploration" to convert the resukting OBJ to 3DS, so i can feed it to O2. You should be able to export to O2 your geometry, normals and UV mapping. Anyway, there are plenty of file formats you can use to transfer data from O2 to Maya and viceversa, all you need is a file translator like "Deep Exploration".
  18. teacup

    Real world

    Found some pictures of my head.. here goes nothing. Â Â me.. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â ..with a friend, on another friend's (the guy taking thepicture) PC. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â leaning over a HP scanner. Â Â Â Â Â Come on people, let's see those flapping ears.. Post your pictures..
  19. teacup

    Real world

    Fifteen seems to be a popular age amongst OFP fans.. Can't even remember being fifteen. I'm 26, from Romania, and love rambling about myself. I did Art-Highschool(drawing, painting, sculpting, etc..), but my main interests were philosophy (don't laugh) and literature. For mysterious reasons, i did not pursue any of the above. Instead, being the offspring of a true proletarian family, i eventually got a job. [Flips page] For the last 4+ years, i've been making a living as pixelpusher. Doing mainly character animation in Maya. This summer i also got a part time job as graphic designer, for a company that makes digital slot machines. So i have virtually no spare time. Really funny.. Also, yours truly is a convinced draft dodger. To keep my sorry ass out of them army barracks i did 2x2 years of computer school, so guess who's a certified computer technician and programmer? (big deal ) Right now i'm kind'a tired of this working for a living routine, and thinking of taking a big break in the spring, maybe flip another page. Time for a breather. If i wasn't this lazy (don't let the 2 jobs thing fool you), and had a bit more money, i think i wouldn't mind spending a few months, kicking back in Cuba. There's nothing like a crumbling communist tropical paradise to bring back one's "joie de vivre". That's about it. If you're in for some consistent reading, you can check out the afterburners on Walker, back on page 9. I almost forgot: this thread reminds me of a similar one on CGTalk, where the members were invited to post pictures of themselves (now that i looked it up, i can see there's a series of "Don't be shy.." threads). I don't have one handy, but i could find one. What do you say? If there's one exhibitionistic bone in your body, show yourself.. Â
  20. teacup


    To my amazement, that's my e-mail. And i didn't register at OFPEC as OFPInternals, with this address. I was briefly a member of OFPInternals, just before the website went down. And to my knowledge there were 3 members: OFPInternals(the guy), Iskander(in charge of the website) and myself. Not really a crowd. For me, "OFPInternals" signifies a person (the author of P3DEdit, WRPEdit, etc..), rather than a group. And i have no idea where he is, what he is doing or if/when he'll be back.
  21. teacup

    [update] ofpanim 0.981

    Woops.. it seems Dschulle has something we all want    Profound knowledge of ODOL Can we hope for a disclosure of them dark secrets in the nearby future? People are itching to make some ODOL->MLOD convertors..
  22. teacup

    Maya is now for free

    I will try to make the new version compatible with PLE. Gameer: yup, setup.ma is the one to use. But i can see you're not familiar with selecting objects in Maya. Hypergraph is the hard way; you can select directly in the 3d view. I would suggest picking up some tutorials on Maya basics: stuff like rotating, panning, zooming in all views; selecting objects and selection masks; moving, rotating and scaling objects; grouping and parenting; maybe a bit of NURBS/poly modelling. Once you're familiar with that, you can move on to animation. Keying, Graph Editor, etc.. Jumping in head first will only make things harder. Also you won't be able to take full advantage of the software. And as you go, you have to make up for the imperfection of my converter, with your knowledge of Maya, find your own answers, figure ways out of situations. Take it slowly. Nobody becomes Maya animation wizz overnight. Oh, and those blinking lines, they're exactly what you would use, to animate.
  23. teacup

    Maya is now for free

    Wheeew.. now that suc|<s (pardon my language). Those are the commands you use to write to disk or pipe. Also, i can see it doesn't accept plugins neither.. But i already thought of a way (the hard way) to export animation from it. It might work.. Just give me some time. I don't think A/W would mind, it's not for commercial purposes. Rtmbin doesn't belong in "others". "C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya 5.0 Personal Learning Edition\bin" is the perfect place. But you can't do anything with it unless you have the script working right in Maya. No point running it. A.V.-s in a nutshell: they are variables (you should know a bit of programming to understand better), meaning data, stored by the OS, which helps applications and the OS itself find it's way around the system (i know, that's vague). Let me give you a concrete example: the "PATH" e.v. If you're familiar with good old DOS, you know that in order to run an executable, u have to navigate your way to it's location or, in front of the exe's name you have to type in the path where the binary is located. Otherwise you'l get something like: "'program.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." Suppose your current directory is "C:\". And you have a "program.exe" binary you want to execute in "C:\MyProgs" folder. In DOS there were two ways to do this: 1. C:\>cd MyProgs C:\MyProgs>program.exe (two steps: change dir + run exe) 2. C:\>MyProgs\program.exe (one step: run exe with path) Using only "C:\>program.exe" would have failed (with the above mentioned error) to start yer prog. Unless "C:\MyProgs" was a member of your "PATH" e.v. When you simply have: C:\>program.exe ..the OS looks in the current dir ("C:\") to find "program.exe". If it's not there (and it's not), it will take the first dir from your "PATH" e.v., which in your case is "C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya 5.0 Personal Learning Edition\bin", and try to find "program.exe" there.. If it's not there (and it's not, it's in "C:\MyProgs", remember?), it will trey the second ("C:\WINDOWS\system32") and so on up to "C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem", which is the last path in your "PATH". If it fails to find "program.exe" in any of these, it will give you an error. Obviously, it will fail, unless you copy "program.exe" in one of the dirs specified by "PATH", or add "C:\MyProgs" to this e.v. When you typed "set path", it returned 2 e.v.s: Path [e.v. name] =C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya 5.0 Personal Learning Edition\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem [values] ..and.. PATHEXT [..name]=.COM;.EXE;.BAT;.CMD;.VBS;.VBE;.JS;.JSE;.WSF;.WSH [values] If you have "C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya 5.0 Personal Learning Edition\bin" in your PATH (you do), and copy rtmbin into it, you're all set. The PATH value doesn't have to be "C:\Program Files\AliasWavefront\Maya 5.0 Personal Learning Edition\bin\rtmbin.exe". It needs to point only to the dir, not the exe itself. hope i was clear
  24. teacup

    Maya is now for free

    The only bad thing i found with learning Maya before any other 3d package, is that when it was time to switch to something else (3DSM, GMAX, Rhino, O2, you name it..), i often felt like pulling my hair out..  But maybe that's just me. Modelling and poly texturing in Maya is not hard to learn. The tools are named suggestively in my opinion (though prior knowledge of Maya-English helps  ). It also has a superb workflow. But don't take my word for it. I'm obviously biased .
  25. teacup

    A working dog yayayayay

    Hi all Thanks for your encouragements and suggestions. Both will help transform this test into a fully fledged addon. We (Colonel Klink is helping me with it) don't have a deadline, but i hope we can make a decent addon out of it by Christmas I don't know if there are any freely available animation libraries with dogs for Maya; i kind'a doubt it. But if you know such resources, it might be worth giving it a try. As for animating other things (humans, cows, crocs and Godzilla himself), i really don't have the time. All i can do is share the tools (give me a few days) i used to animate this pooch. After all, what i like about this modding community, is it's "do it yourself" attitude Â