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  1. Prosecutor: Beslan attackers were druggies
    Quote[/b] ]MOSCOW (AP) - Forensic tests have shown that some of the militants who took more than 1,000 people hostage in a school in the southern Russian town of Beslan last month were drug addicts, a senior prosecutor was quoted as saying Sunday.

    Nikolai Shepel, Russia's deputy prosecutor general, said forensic experts found traces of drugs in the bodies of some of the militants that exceeded normally lethal levels, indicating they were long-term drug addicts, according to a statement carried by the Interfax and ITAR-Tass news agencies.

    Tests also revealed that "some of the terrorists had run out of drugs and were in a state of withdrawal, which usually comes with aggressiveness and inadequate behaviour," Shepel said. "This allows us to assess the situation before the tragic outcome."

    After seizing the school in Beslan on Sept. 1, the militants placed bombs around its gym and held hostages there in sweltering heat for three days without food or water.

    The standoff ended Sept. 3, when an explosion inside the school sent children fleeing and their captors began shooting them in the back, prompting the forces gathered outside to return fire. Nearly 340 hostages died.

    Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev took credit for the attack, saying it was part of the rebel struggle for independence from Moscow.

    The article says that some of them were, your title gives a impression that all of them were drug addicts..

  2. Quote[/b] ]The bold part says it all. Why are British citizens supposed to have a say in American elections  ? What if the Washington Times had made it official policy to ask Americans to write letters to Australians saying "Please vote for Howard"  ?

    When USA starts to mind its own bussiness, instead of invading countrys, then it is not anyones elses bussiness.

    EDIT: Akira said it better smile_o.gif

  3. Well you said that halo2 is the most hyped game, which it is not. Now you are saying that its a most hyped video game. I dont know much about videogames, ill admit that, but when talking about games in general, halo 2 is definetly not one og most hyped games.

  4. Quote[/b] ]US tackled on al-Qaeda suspects

    The suspects are thought to held outside the US

    A New York-based human rights group has challenged America's treatment of 11 al-Qaeda suspects it is thought to be holding outside the US..

    Human Rights Watch said prisoners were being denied access to the Red Cross and protection under international law, and it suggested torture had been used.

    A spokesman compared their treatment to the 'dirty wars' of Latin America when people 'disappeared' while in custody.

    A spokesman for the CIA declined to comment on the report.

    Now [disappearances] have become a United States tactic in its conflict with Al-Qaeda

    Key al-Qaeda figures like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected planner of the 11 September 2001 attacks, are among those being held as part of the US-led "war on terror".

    Human Rights Watch, which based its 46-page report largely on news reports, acknowledged the need to bring terror suspects to justice but questioned the legality of the detainees' treatment.

    The BBC's Jeremy Cooke reports from New York that the well-respected group has delivered a damning indictment.

    HRW highlights a number of areas in which the US appears to be violating international legal standards:


  5. Quote[/b] ]Sacarsm... In Michael's warped mind the republicans are very evil.

    We have seen theyr dirty tricks and tactics repeatedly during this campaign.Lies after lies.

    Quote[/b] ]So, Micheal can read people minds and he found out that all moms will vote for Kerry

    No, it says Attention all mothers: Begin planning now. It means that from all the readers of the website, all moms (from the readers) should pay attention to the upcoming nationwide Moms For Kerry Rally.

    Quote[/b] ]If he read all of the story, he will knew that there are other groups that will helping that are not consider "anti-feminist" "conservative women". Also, Moore failed to mention, the National Democratic Institute (NDI) (chairwoman: Madeleine K. Albright) is helping.

    What has this mumble have anything to do with anything? You call that a evidence of beeing biased?

    Unlike your Precious Drudgereport, wich lies to the public on purpouse, michaelmoore.com is basing its writings on the truth. If you dont like the truth, thats your problem.

  6. Quote[/b] ]Whats the bias in mikes article? those are just facts  
    Quote[/b] ]SHOCK: Republicans in Florida up to no good!!!

    SHOCK: Michael Moore is a bias idiot...

    Quote[/b] ]

    Attention all mothers: Begin planning now to take part in the nationwide Moms For Kerry Rally, October 30th, 2004.

    So, all moms vote for Kerry...

    Quote[/b] ]Our latest chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq has given us a definitive account of Iraq's WMD capabilities--1,000 pages summed up in two words: FICTITIOUS WAR!

    That is what you believe...

    Quote[/b] ]Bush's State Department wants to train Iraqi women in political participation and democracy and so they choose an American group founded by a host of anti-feminist, conservative women... including Dick Cheney's wife, Whatshername.

    Woooo.... they are conservative women... RACIST...

    There are links on the page, which explain them, here, let me help you.

    SHOCK: Republicans in Florida up to no good!!!

    1,000 pages summed up in two words: FICTITIOUS WAR!

    anti-feminist, conservative women

    Those are all proven facts, like it or not.

    EDIT: Moms For Kerry Rally,

    Next time use some of your time to click the links you are provided with.

  7. Quote[/b] ]Wednesday, October 6th, 2004

    Our latest chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq has given us a definitive account of Iraq's WMD capabilities--1,000 pages summed up in two words: FICTITIOUS WAR!

    New video of an American airstrike on Fallujah shows the killing of thirty people who may very well have been civilians--and the Pentagon can't explain why the pilot was told to target them.

    Back at home, military families are breaking their silence and are going public over Iraq.

    Bush's State Department wants to train Iraqi women in political participation and democracy and so they choose an American group founded by a host of anti-feminist, conservative women... including Dick Cheney's wife, Whatshername.

    Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz says that Bush is dead wrong--but is Stiglitz simply jealous of George's accomplishments?

    SHOCK: Republicans in Florida up to no good!!!

    Attention all mothers: Begin planning now to take part in the nationwide Moms For Kerry Rally, October 30th, 2004.

    Check out the CBC's unauthorized biography of Dick Cheney, in honor of his failure to advance the administration's case in the debate with John Edwards.

    Michaelmoore (some good links in the article)

  8. Think small mobile phones. Is there any reason why a wireless device, with a far smaller required range would have to be so big? Especially since it's only a receiver.

    Hmm heavy encrypting?

    Or then again those might be duracell batteries for thye bush doll :o

    then again its a common practise to wear earpieces as a monitor while in tv.

  9. More lies from liberal commie media follows:

    Iraq Had No Stockpiles of WMD - Duelfer

    Quote[/b] ]WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraq had no stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons for military use before last year's U.S.-led invasion and its nuclear program had decayed since the 1991 Gulf War, a U.S. weapons inspector said in testimony on Wednesday.

    His report contrasted with statements by the Bush administration before the invasion, when it cited weapons of mass destruction as the main reason for overthrowing Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

    "I still do not expect that militarily significant WMD stocks are cached in Iraq," Charles Duelfer, the CIA special adviser who led the hunt for weapons of mass destruction, said in testimony prepared for the Senate Armed Services Committee obtained by Reuters.


    CIA Report Finds No Conclusive Zarqawi-Saddam Link

    Quote[/b] ]WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A CIA report has found no conclusive evidence that former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein harbored Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, which the Bush administration asserted before the invasion of Iraq.

    "There's no conclusive evidence the Saddam Hussein regime had harbored Zarqawi," a U.S. official said on Tuesday about the CIA findings.

    But the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, stressed that the report, which was a mix of new information and a look at some older information, did not make any final judgments or come to any definitive conclusions.

    "To suggest the case is closed on this would not be correct," the official said in confirming an ABC News story about the CIA report that the network said was delivered to the White House last week.

    ABC quoted an unnamed senior U.S. official as saying that the CIA document raises "serious questions" about Bush administration assertions that Zarqawi found sanctuary in pre-war Baghdad.

    "The official says there is no clear cut evidence that Saddam Hussein even knew Zarqawi was in Baghdad," ABC reported.

    The CIA report concludes Zarqawi was in and out of Baghdad, but cast doubt on reports that Zarqawi had been given official approval for medical treatment there as President Bush said this summer, ABC said.

    Earlier on Tuesday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan reasserted that there was a relationship between Saddam and Zarqawi.

    "He was in contact from Baghdad with Ansar al-Islam in the northeastern part of Iraq. He had a cell operating from Baghdad during that period, as well. So there are clearly ties between Iraq and -- between the regime, Saddam Hussein's regime and al Qaeda," McClellan told reporters.

    Before last year's invasion to topple Saddam, the Bush administration portrayed Zarqawi as al Qaeda's link to Baghdad.

    Following Saddam's capture in December and waves of suicide attacks on U.S. and Iraqi security forces which followed, Zarqawi quickly became America's top enemy in Iraq. The United States placed a $25 million bounty on his head.

    The Jordanian-born Zarqawi and his militant Tawhid and Jihad group have claimed responsibility for a string of suicide bombings, kidnappings and hostage beheadings.


    So why did the invasion happen? "The world is a safer place without Saddam" ? Terrorism is on the rise,highest than ever. Iran has a nuclear program, USA is isolating itself from the rest of the world.


  10. BBC For 1 example.

    BTW, this is a classic example of the BBC's dishonest reporting against Israel. The article's title is "Israel puts Iran in its sights", once again making Israel sound like the instigating aggressor, which has not been the case.

    Putting something in your sights doesnt mean that they are attacking, it means that they are ready to attack/threaten to attack, like the article says. You not liking what some politic of yours said doesnt mean that the media that telss what he said is biased. Talking bout biased medias, where are your Jerusalem post stories?

  11. Quote[/b] ]"Israel has many, many capabilities," says Danny Yatom, a former head of Mossad, Israel's international intelligence agency.

    "And in the past Israel has carried out long-range military operations, like when we bombed the nuclear facility of Iraq [in 1981]. And since then one can imagine that we've improved our capabilities."

    BBC For 1 example.

    Wow. You're talented.

    Tell me, did Mr. Yatom call a press conference just to say this out of the blue or was a question posed to him by a reporter (possibly the BBC's own Jerusalem correspondent, James Reynolds - who wrote this article) about Iran's prior threats to offesively attack Israel?

    Try contextualizing your arguments.

    I'm too tired. Can anyone find the old old pic of the Iranian missiles on parade in Teheran ages ago, with Israel's name places on the missile's payload? Then you'll get a better idea of what's been going on here years back - not just this past year.

    Amazing how all of a sudden, Israel pipes up in response and everyone knows how to twist the facts. Never fails.

    I dont know about all that, but you asked somebody to post alink (or give information) about when has Israel threatened Iran. This is the first I found. Are you saying that Israel is not threatening Iran in that article?

  12. Quote[/b] ]when we bombed the nuclear facility of Iraq [in 1981].

    Well that wasn't such a bad thing after all, thinking of it afterwards. Except for some french engineer that got killed in that strike. I bet the ISAF has same kind of plans drawn out already if disarmament talks come to nothing.

    Im not talking about was it right or wrong here.