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  1. Some political parties are banned in europe, based on the hate they spread. These parties in Israel were banned becouse they were arab parties, see the difference?

    "The CEC voted overwhelmingly in favor of the motions, accusing the country's Arab parties of incitement, supporting terrorist groups and refusing to recognize Israel's right to exist."

    Exactly the same reasons as why parties in Europe are banned as you said, for inciting hatred. Neither you or I have the evidence to either confirm or rebuttal this claim, which is for a proper judicial process to decide.

    Of course it might (well) be a trick to have these parties miss the election, but without more to go on than this summary article, any conclusion would be based on prejudices and wishful thinking, rather than any evidence (and therefore the truth).

    So you are saying that the arab parties in Israel are spewing hate? Id like to see something more about that.

  2. Israel bans Arab parties from running in upcoming elections

    From Haaretz

    Some "political" parties are banned in Europe too, ranging all the way from far left to far right, so it's not that extraordinary. Also the ban doesn't say that all arab parties are banned per se, if it had, that would indeed have been pretty undemocratic, but the truth is in the details.

    Some political parties are banned in europe, based on the hate they spread. These parties in Israel were banned becouse they were arab parties, see the difference?

  3. Quote[/b] ]

    Nonsense. Arab Israelis make up about 25% of the total population of Israel, and they are just as much full citizens as Jewish Israelis are. They have parties representing them in the electoral system, can't be much more integrated than as a part of the country's democratic society.

    Israel bans Arab parties from running in upcoming elections

    From Haaretz

  4. Quote[/b] ]That`s why he likes the slaughtering of like 90.000 Osettians better

    Pretty much people to be slaughtered, considering that SO only has 70 000 people living there. Whats the 20 000? Maybe russian peacekeepers, or russian volunteers for the rebelforces?

  5. Quote[/b] ]To me it is disgusting how people start to romanticize communism.

    I am not trying to romanticize communism in no way, im just stating that SU wasnt a communist system, in order to critizize something, one has to know the terms, and use them properly.

    Quote[/b] ]

    To me it is disgusting that some people here in Finland want me to be sorry for the fact that my great grandparents were among those who choked the red (socialist) rebels in 1918. I'm never going to apologize that to anyone. There is an overwhelming amount of heavy evidence around the world to support the stance my great grandparents took. They did the right thing, they can rest in peace.

    There are 5.5 million people in Finland, im sure that there are some people among them that "want you to be sorry". I am not one of them.

    Your family in all likelihood had soldiers in both sides, some of them red, some of them white. There were 90 000 red troops and 90 000 white troops, Finland was divided in two.

    Im very happy of the outcome of the civil war also, but it would be quite naive to assume that your family was only in the white side.

    the white army wasnt so noble as you portray it to be as you can see from the charts of the aftermath of the civil war: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_Civil_War#Bitter_legacy

  6. I completely support this arest!!!.

    and allso i'm waiting for General Ratko Mladić too.

    This way at some point and in some way Serbs, as a nation, will not be hostages of a hadfull of people who did things in a name of nation but not asking them.

    As a Serbian i'm tired of every single war in a past decades and nationalistic shit!.

    Whatsoever i'm for cleaning your own yard and garbage disposal as a first thing to do.

    Great post! Nice to see that serbian people are ready to denounce themseves from the acts performed by the former regime.

    An interesting detail in the arrest affair was that a new chief of serbian intelligence service was appointed day before the arrest took place, and the old one was sacked.

  7. Another witness statement opposing communism/<insert here whatever you like to call it, spokesperson> came from Bohemia Interactive Studio.

    It was a rather popular statement. People bought it a lot and made them Španěl boys become true capitalists! Having slaves etc. rofl.gif should we report them to the Human Rights Watch.

    You are thinking that soviet union was a true communist state, which it was not.

    Im not trying to take anyones side here but you will need to apprehend the facts, before making statements like these.

  8. COD4 sold like ass on the PC, maybe a few hundred thousand copies, meanwhile millions of copies got downloaded.

    The game sold millions on consoles.

    How can you guys still argue about piracy not effecting anything?

    It's often the publishers fault if we're talking about EA games and such, but most of the time the people who dl don't want to pay, it's that simple.

    Anyways, you can argue against it all you want, the fact is most devs are going to consoles and canning their PC versions.

    The low sales of cod4 and crysis can be explained in simple: common people using pc dont have the hardware required to play them unlike console users.

    You sound like there isnt piracy in consoles. That is far from the truth. Go check a torrent site and you will find everything that has been published to consoles as pirated versions also.

  9. The movie is originally made by a commercial agency to distribute it to their clients as christmaspresents. The actors are quite famous here in Finland.

    When i will have kids, it will be obligatory to wath these 2 films every christmas.

    have fun on holidays!!


  10. So what are you trying to say here? What would you like to discuss about in this thread? Using computer games as a tool to recruit people isnt a new phenomenon. Just look at americas army.

  11. Quote[/b] ]what is the real difference between them and the insurgents in Iraq?

    The difference is that nazi germany was an invading, occupying force, thus the attack on nazi germany was justified.

    The werewolfs were not a popular resistance, whilst the iraqi resistance is

    Iraq on the other hand has not attacked united states, did not have weapons of mass destruction (the ones that Donald Rumsfeld sold him did no longer exist) Iraq was a sovereign country that got attacked without any proper reason, without any plans of future.

    Was the french maquis in the second warld war unjustified in their actions? Were the killings of nazi collabarators justified?

  12. I've heard that switching from a 32 bit(sempron) to a 64-bit(Athlon) would ruin the files on my HD and possibly cost me Windows as well

    This is not true at all.

    It doesnt matter if you switch from any 32bit CPU to any 64bit CPU. Your files remain the same and untouched. You can still run 32bit Windows on a 64bit CPU. I do it and I assume most people with a 64bit CPU run 32bit WinXP. Not much to gain by going to 64bit Windows yet. Its rather the opposite right now with reduced performance in games. This will probably change over time when driver-support matures.

    You're in a pickle with that budget and current HW. A new mobo might most likely require a new videocard (PCI-e) but on the other hand, that 6800GS wont do Arma too much good either. If you absolutely cant afford a new videocard but you can buy a new CPU and motherboard, I'd go with a s775 motherboard with AGP and a Core 2 Duo E6300. But I'm not sure if any C2D-compatible motherboard support DDR RAM. I think they all require DDR2.

    The very same mobo (Asrock PT880PRO 775DUAL-VSTA) supports both ddr, and ddr2 (2 slots each). It also has agp and pci-e ports.

    A good mobo for a person who is upgrading in a slow pace, just like me

    Current compilation E6600c2d, 9600xt, 1 gig of 333mhz ddr :P

  13. Oh so he wasnt directly involved in the operation? Why did he get sacked then? Was it just random?

    You talking about sharon ? he didn't get sacked, he got Coma, fell asleep and never woke up

    if you cant follow the conversation, its better not to comment.