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    War against terror

    Thats a damn shame what happened to your pics Loss for the community.
  2. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    Talk about psy-ops
  3. turms

    Iraqi election Poll

    Who are the iraqis going to vote, when the list of the 7000 candidates is not published becouse of the security reason? Is it democratic if you dont know who you are voting?
  4. turms

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Report: U.S. Conducting Secret Missions Inside Iran
  5. turms

    Iwo Jima

    I just wish it could be more accurate, that is their job after all EDIT: By the way, I'm not taking a political stance in this if that is what anyone is thinking. The news usually just sucks in general. Ever noticed how they love reporting bad things, yet hate reporting happy things ? I see what you mean, but there are news, and there are "news" , whether you read the reuters,bbc,cnn, or in the other hand foxnews, daily mail etc. I get my news from trusted medias, everything else that I read are rumours, until picked up by several many newsagencies...Hope that cleared up my stance, but I still disagree with attitude of nowadays (and the articles above) that "its not our fault, its the medias fault"
  6. turms

    Iwo Jima

    If you dont like the news they report, is it the reporters fault then?
  7. turms

    War against terror

    Thanks for the heads up Balls, stay safe!
  8. turms


    That'll be from the OGN forums Would be nice if Catshitone (maker of the famous Afghnistan island) could hear about this, IIRC he was in Guam or some such place? Hope he wasnt in the way of the tsunami anyways... Wasnt he once allready?
  9. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    While DOD tells it tales, reality tells another story: + 2 marines dead elsewhere in Iraq today.
  10. turms

    What video card do you recommend?

    I would definetly get an 9800 pro 256mb, and put a 9800xt bios in it, so it would work as 9800xt.
  11. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    It all depends on where do you want to see the villain. How does this thing differ from the german newspapers blaming the jews in the 30´s? Replace the word arab, with the word jew, and the word islam, with the word judaism, and voila,here we have a relic of the third reich. The difference between US and Europe is that war was fought in Europe, and most of the european citys are in this day still bearing the scars of that terrible war, and people want to prevent such thing from happening in the future. Flaming a certain ethnic, or religious group doesnt solve anything, on the contrary, we see what was done in name of that in Germany back in the 30´s As for Aftonbladet, iirc its a tabloid comperable to the sun in Britain.
  12. turms

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    add -console to your shortcut, just like -nomap in ofp.
  13. turms

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    i8f you are in a prison, try to throw a grenade to a room near you..
  14. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    Saddam supported the families of the suicide bombers, Just like Saudi-Arabia, and all "friends" of usa in that region. Why isnt saudi-arabia attacked on the war on terror?
  15. turms

    Bigotry, worse now than ever?

    Chill out, go outside for a long walk, and learn to know yourself. But im not sure if this thread serves any purpouse... Strength!
  16. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    How exactly is Iraq part on the war on terror? Was Iraq supporting terrorists or something?
  17. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

  18. turms

    Iraqi Shooting

    is this your idea of self defence? Anyways, this goes to Iraq thread obviosly
  19. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    Reuters Go ahead, defend an execution of a POW, but dont wonder the next time you dont get any pity when american soldiers are being executed.
  20. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    The US military has charged an army officer with the killing of an injured Iraqi in Baghdad in August.
  21. turms

    Half-life 2 is out (and CS:Source)

    Halo 2 is a console game unlike hl2, i dont think the scale is the same.
  22. turms

    WWII based "FPS"s with mission editor

    Hidden and dangerous 2? (great coop game btw)
  23. turms

    The New FDF

    The president doesnt decide anything nowadays.
  24. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    well afaik the rebels are not surrounded...