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    The Middle East part 2

    Oh so he wasnt directly involved in the operation? Why did he get sacked then? Was it just random? Nemesis said , which he was obviosly not, otherwise the report wouldnt say this:
  2. turms

    The Middle East part 2

    Nope, Shraon was held personally responsible. quote from the Kahan comission: Get your "facts" straight. Report
  3. turms

    The Middle East part 2

    you mean the occupied territories?
  4. turms

    The Middle East part 2

    And why exactly did Israel enter that place to begin with? By the way: Hizballah were there - No HizbAllah, huh? What's more is - That's a picture from the outpost in question. The flag on the right is the flag of HizbAllah. Source for the claim that that pic is from the murdersite of 4 UN soldiers? Pic taken when?
  5. turms

    The Middle East part 2

    Talking about warcrimes: The UN's Jan Egeland has condemned the devastation caused by Israeli air strikes in Beirut, saying it is a violation of humanitarian law.
  6. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    Hello nemesis, could you please provide your sources for the quotes you provided? i allready asked them once, and if you cant back up your "article" , then i will report your post to a moderator for flaimbaiting.
  7. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    Couldnt find it on the second page either. Do you really have a source for this or are you making this up? EDIT: the page 2 link works for me..
  8. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    Nemesis6, when has xavery said that Iran is an arabic country?
  9. turms


    Using norton, scanned the computer, found nothing...
  10. turms


    What antivirus are you using?
  11. turms

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Its funny that amnesty international doesnt mention the boy who was supposedly captive in guantamo, alltough they mention this: Source: Amnestys report (a littlebit extensive thatn department of defence´s EDIT: im confident that guardians "article" is bull.
  12. turms

    The Iraq thread 4

    Before Fallujah was besieged, there were estimated to be 4,000 resistance fighters - after word of the events in Fallujah spread, the numbers multiplied to over 100,000. Source that. http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/ops/iraq_insurgency.htm That article said no such thing.
  13. turms

    CiA co-op night

    Nice games!
  14. turms

    Funny Cartoons

    Gimme back my 4 minutes!!
  15. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    On the top of my head, i remember the time was half years...
  16. turms

    AP Mines

    Well there are tripwires in the fdfmod allready...
  17. turms

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Who does now days? LMAO Most of the civilized world.
  18. turms

    Liberation 1941-1945: Barbarossa

    Try adding parameter -nosplash after your shortcut icon.
  19. turms

    War against terror

    The slideshow is pure propaganda, and not any good one. From where the slideshow was taken from, there is a whole section of forum where you can bash UN, and make allkind of conspiracy theories regarding UN and Israel. If Israel doesnt like the UN, then why is it part of it? <a href="http://www.mideasttruth.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=15" target="_blank"> The Danger of the United Nations Forum</a>
  20. turms

    European Politics Thread.

    donnervogel: Thats a fact!
  21. turms

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    Welcome to the thread!
  22. turms

    New title for FLASHPOINT2

    When I hear the word "poseidon" I think its something to do with water, and operation poseidon sounds like a navy sim of some kind, so no, poseidon wont do.
  23. Any BIS stocks on sales? ;)
  24. turms

    OFP2 and "armed assault" - what's up?

    Community is living exiting days right now...
  25. turms

    World Hockey Championships

    Sweden - Canada was definetly the best game so far..