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  1. Thank you all for your quick response yesterday. I was able to change the name but I’m still having some trouble. Whenever I made a new pbo file, I renamed it to “USArmy_CH47m†along with all the paths inside the “configâ€. I then loaded it up but now I get a message saying its “unable to load Pracs_ch47 \CH47\Textures\ ch47_co.paaâ€. So I can see the helicopter but now it is white with no textures. Where does the path for the textures too load located? I already looked through the “config†with no success. Is there a tutorial somewhere on renaming pbo’s? Also I did not change the name to the “PRACS_CH47.p3dâ€. But I did change the names to all the classes display names and all the paths.

    PS: I could not find the “$PBOPREFIX$ file. Sorry guy’s im new too skinning in ArmA. But I greatly appreciate your help!




    Look here for the config --> http://pastebin.com/f2a128730 ######

  2. Hello

    Im having trouble renaming and packing a PBO. I repainted a ch47, I used "cpbo" to pack the file and then i drop it into the AddOns folder. When I start Arma up im able to place it on the map inside the editor, however when I load the mission it says "cannot open <xxxx>.p3d"

    Can someone help find out what im doing wrong.