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  1. Here is a short clip showing LOD switching while I decrease and increase FOV.

    Maybe there could be an video option to turn LOD switching off when changing FOV, only make it change when your character is physically moving.

    This is how LOD switching was on [NORMAL] in the objects detail setting before this patch, but it would drastically improve if you put it on [VERY HIGH].

    Now there's no difference - it's like they decided to remove [very high] altogether and replace it with [normal] without changing the names. So in the pull down menu we now have [very low], [low], [normal], [normal] AND [normal] to choose from. Looks like they went way overboard when "optimizing".

  2. I ran the test again with the exact same settings, but this time with vsync OFF (forced with ATI Tray Tools).

    Second run:


    Needless to say, I'm very happy. :)

    I will keep VSync on while gaming though, as I can't stand the tearing.