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  1. That's one cool video ! Does that TrackIR logo imply 5DOF ? Maybe all "degrees of freedom" except 'roll' ?
  2. Looks great, both the screens and the latest video !
  3. Is the AI in ArmA really that bad ? IMO it's way underrated.
  4. sk3pt

    Graphics engine improvement

    Boat/ship wake... sort of like the tank tracks (only animated), would that be possible ? :) (300 posts...... ... ... SPAAARTA !) :nuts:
  5. sk3pt


    Sounds like your gfx card is overheating. Make sure you have a good airflow inside your case.
  6. The camera shake in Ghost Recon 1 was great ; it really adds to the immersion.
  7. sk3pt

    New beta patch 1.16

    Great patch ! I got some strange shadows from some of the ACE infantry units too (and only at a certain distance), but not from the default BIS ones. Thanks ! [EDIT] Apparently this is a bug in the latest ACE update and not the 1.16 patch.
  8. sk3pt

    New ArmA II Pictures!

    Another frigate/destroyer ? Pic
  9. Nooooo, I can't get enough to satisfy my greed ! :nuts: Cow specifications next !
  10. sk3pt

    Head wobble

    Yeah, that was great, especially that loud sound when you got hit ; that sound made me terrified of being shot.
  11. sk3pt

    Head wobble

    "Head movement" while sprinting should not be optional IMHO, and I hope there is a noticeable difference between walking, jogging and sprinting.
  12. I think that video looks awesome, just imagine it running smoothly ! This game will not only be the ultimate military simulation, it will be the ultimate game. :D
  13. It's sad to see these terrorists winning. :mad: Now, that both PUKF and RKSL Studios have surrendered, I guess we'll have to play with some French units in the future. Anyway, thanks for all the elite work you have done so far. RIP
  14. Is that DR noise filter a good thing or a bad thing ?
  15. sk3pt

    Head wobble

    I hope it can be controlled (forced) by the server. [EDIT] What about head movement inside vehicles ?
  16. While I despise these damn thieves and terrorists, boycotting ArmA II is just ridiculous. Some people are just retards with no moral sense whatsoever, and there is nothing BIS can do about that. Who knows, maybe they'll include the genemodification.pbo in ArmA II ?
  17. sk3pt

    Sahrani - the actual size

    I hope they included that procedural terrain they were talking about, so there will not be infinite flat terrain like in ArmA1, but I guess everything is better than the BF2 solution.
  18. Ahhh ! I had the same problem, thank you ! :D It's looking great BTW !
  19. That's something quite different than what Tiscali reported.
  20. You do require the email address for the old account, and not just the old username when you merge accounts right ? ...or people could just search for inactive accounts and claim to have been here for ages. ;p
  21. sk3pt

    Project: UK Forces

    Damn it, one of the elite addon makers surrender to those damn terrorists. :aa: These are really high quality addons, and I was really looking forward to any future releases. :mad: I hope you change your minds soon.
  22. I don't know why you people seem to think ArmA II will be buggy at release . :confused: I seriously doubt it ! A few bugs, sure, but not even remotely comparable to ArmA1. I will check out the carrier first :D, and then I'll probably be like a kid on christmas... damn, I can't wait !
  23. You're not fooling me Dslyecxi, those are real photos ! :D Actually, those Tiscali screens look great too !
  24. Let's hope they're not on some kind of evil agenda... :devil: