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    Bigfoot...has anyone found him?

    I saw him too, and I immediately started recording with FRAPS. When I later watched the FRAPS video however, it only showed the trees, like he never was there at all.
  2. sk3pt

    Think ive triggered FADE

    While standing still in crouch position there is a slight weapon sway, and due to the non parallax free sights the reticle will become offset. This does not happen while standing. It might be unlikely, but could this be the cause for a few of the FADE paranoia cases ? :)
  3. sk3pt

    Think ive triggered FADE

    I'm quite sure the language files will not trigger "FADE". It must be something else.
  4. sk3pt

    The tanks are a lot better!

    It's one of the first things I noticed actually. :D It really adds to the immersion IMO. They could make it even more noticeable on the tanks if you ask me, like on the AAV and MLRS, those are perfect !
  5. sk3pt

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    E3 gameplay video
  6. sk3pt

    Interface discussion

    A text editor (like notepad) in the in-game editor would be great, for loading and saving *.txt files.
  7. sk3pt

    Please, report on 2 core usage.

    With lots of AI it can reach 100% ! Windows XP, on my ancient dual core.
  8. It's like these reviewers base their reviews solely on how many bugs they find. A much simpler game than ArmA will have less bugs, but does that make it a better game ? Rating ArmA2 4/10 is beyond retardation. I don't even remotely understand those of you who say that ArmA2 is just ArmA1 with upgraded textures. I've been playing the German version for a few hours now, and I've already discovered tons of new features and improvements. The game is just mindblowingly awesome ! Ten times better than ArmA1. :D If this game doesn't become a major hit, there's something wrong with the universe.
  9. I would rather have a few bugs in an open game like Arma, than facing all the restrictions in most other games. Agreed. :) Oh...
  10. This is the downside of having such an easy to use in-game editor (with practically no limits). People jump right into the editor on a quest to seek out bugs. Maybe the editor should've been locked until they've completed the campaign...
  11. I just ordered from Metaboli. Too bad I have to wait 6.5 hours for the download links though. :rolleyes: :D
  12. sk3pt

    ArmA II's infinite land

    The distance from the North Pole to equator is 10 000 km, so it sort of makes sense.
  13. sk3pt

    ArmA II's infinite land

    We'll never run out of parking space. I'm sure it will look great in the final version.
  14. sk3pt

    FP : DR - News & Discussion

    At least they moved up the hill a bit. Maybe next time we'll see what's behind the hill...
  15. sk3pt

    What helicopter is this?

    According to that Wikipedia article 925 Mi-6s were built , as opposed to 276 Mi-26.
  16. sk3pt

    What helicopter is this?

    It's the Mi-6 "Hook" heavy lift helicopter.
  17. Interesting thread. If someone could make a few good video tutorials, ArmA2 might see a golden age of addon making. :D Making such video tutorials is probably extremely time consuming though... edit: like this one on Vimeo by James Thurber.
  18. sk3pt

    Arma mouse lag

    I've had the same problem in windowed mode, but never in fullscreen.
  19. sk3pt

    Island Panthera (WIP)

    I'm really looking forward to it ! Thanks.
  20. It's a good suggestion... but according to the sidhellfire equation : G15+ G51= ----- 666 :icon_rolleyes:
  21. sk3pt

    AZLK-2140 Moskvich

    Nice car ! Is it even possible to make ArmA1 cars lean over like in that picture when turning (most ArmA cars will only slide/drift) ?
  22. sk3pt

    Arma 2 Expansions/DLC

    I'm mostly interested in new features - like being able to walk on/in moving vehicles. As for vehicles, I would like to see a high quality BIS Mi-28 "Havoc". Excluding the rotor, it looks like something straight out of Star Wars.
  23. sk3pt

    ArmA II's infinite land

    It's called freedom.
  24. sk3pt

    ArmA II's infinite land

    If you bring infinite fuel, you will eventually reach the end of infinity. It's a little funny when people make such statements, when no one really knows exactly what we're discussing. A procedural terrain doesn't necessarily have to be 'random' of course, but BIS has stated that they are working on some sort of dynamic/random terrain generation. I think that includes trees and towns ; at least, I hope so.