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  1. Are you sure it's your eyeball ? :D Now, that's disturbing.
  2. Apparently not. :eek: I did now, and I got : :nuts: edit: but that's the only bug in this awesome mod.
  3. I just tried Aimpoints pack on my ATI 4890, and it works flawlessly there too. No rays at all, and I really tried to spot them.
  4. I definitely had no problems on my old hd2900pro, but I've not yet tried them on my new ati 4890. I did, however, encounter this bug in some of the other parallax free mods. That might be a little weird, as I think they're using the same method ?
  5. sk3pt

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I've unchecked 'toggle' to allow press&hold functionality, and mapped 'precision' to my right mouse button. If you crank up the smoothing you'll lose overall responsiveness of the TrackIR unit, so a hotkey like this is the best solution for me when aiming. I do have two zoom buttons though, one with 'precision' and one without. Hotkeys are not really much of a hassle when you map them to keys you have to use anyway. :)
  6. sk3pt

    ArmA II's infinite land

    A few screens:
  7. Tiscali is just mad because their bad preview/review didn't affect other more sensible and professional reviewers. These people should find another job ; they're pathetic.
  8. With Aimpoints weapon pack for Arma1 I had no problems whatsoever on my ATI card. Too bad other people are affected by this alpha bug, as parallax free sights would be an awesome addition, both for the sights and aircraft HUD.
  9. sk3pt

    no blur mod

    Yes, bloom will be disabled too. It would be much better if bloom, blur and dof were separate settings.
  10. sk3pt

    no blur mod

    In patch 1.02 you can disable 'blur' by disabling post processing. Does this mod have any additional benefits ?
  11. Can't wait till they add grass, trees and maybe some variation to the texture. The possibilities are infinite !
  12. Wow, just discovered the new 'procedural' islands north of Utes. :D
  13. sk3pt

    slowing down my mouse?

    Options -> controls : Mouse settings
  14. No, I don't. It's just perfect on my old ATI HD2900PRO, and I really hope it still is on my new 4890 (still waiting for my CPU heatsink).
  15. It works perfectly here, so it has to be some weird stuff going on with different setups/gfx cards. Anyway, there's probably a hundred threads about this already.
  16. sk3pt

    Airplanes automatic rudders

    I can confirm this bug, and I get the same auto rudder thing on the SU-25 too. edit: It only happens occasionally. Most of the time the rudder is fine.
  17. sk3pt

    TrackIR 5 ArmA2 Thread!

    I use the 'precision' hotkey when I zoom in.
  18. Obviously something is seriously wrong there... On my current ancient computer (post above), with only a few AI and NORMAL settings, I get 25-30 fps in Chernarus and even more on Utes.
  19. The GTX 275 is faster in several games, but far from all. I just got that exact same card today as part of my new build. :) Looks like a good card for Arma2. Actually, I'm surprised by the rather good FPS I'm getting on my 3.5 years old Opteron 170 @ 2.7ghz + HD2900PRO @ 820.
  20. I've got a 1 second mouse lag when playing in windowed mode. If that's what you are experiencing it's obviously a problem. The mouse acceleration on the other hand, is a feature. Arma2 is not COD or BF where you can turn 180 degrees in 0.00000001 seconds and pwn.
  21. sk3pt

    Arma 2 - Female Characters?

    How about HouseWife3 ?
  22. I looove the HDR, bloom and blur in ArmA2, but I guess it doesn't hurt to make it optional.
  23. sk3pt

    Interface discussion

    I'm aware of that. The point is to save time and avoid unnecessary alt-tabbing when editing script files.