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    troopersbugs are coming !!!

    Damn Rapidshare, only 10 downloads allowed ? I think you need to upload again
  2. A fly-by view, if that's even possible (?).
  3. sk3pt

    Military Humor

    Watch FX German soldiers improvising winter camouflage, during the invasion of Norway in WW2. Â This is one of several newly rediscovered German pictures from the Norwegian campaign.
  4. sk3pt

    troopers bugs

    Where ? Â Would it be a lot of work to make them cast shadows ? If anything, maybe the colors are a little too saturated ? Nice work !
  5. sk3pt

    troopers bugs

    Now, THAT was fast ! Will it be possible to shoot them, and will they attack ? Awesome ! Keep whistling...
  6. sk3pt

    Best time to release A2 ?

    What do you think would be the best time for BIS to successfully release ArmAII, before or after OFP2 ? I'd say 18 days after OFP2...
  7. sk3pt

    Nevada Terrain 0.1

    Great fun flying on this one, it's almost REAL ! Opteryx, God of worlds.
  8. sk3pt

    Giant Ant

    That would be great !!   "The great strange addon" ...nice work !
  9. You can do this yourself, by mapping TrackIR "Pause" (TrackIR profile) to any key you wish. You might even map it for the same key you use for iron sight (e.g. right mouse button). That should work, but I haven't tried it, as I've mapped "center" to one of my mouse buttons. [EDIT] ...I forgot you still want to lean  When I think of it, maybe this really should be a feature of the TrackIR software itself. The ability to disable only selected axes with a hotkey. As for the topic, I want to remove the fact that you can't run nor sprint while even slightly in a TrackIR lean (I have to keep pressing 'center' all the time). Basically I want run/sprint to automatically cancel lean, TrackIR or not. [/E]
  10. It would be ubercool if the carrier is indeed playable, and if wind does affect the aircrafts to some degree. Â Imagine having a crosswind landing... Â on a moving carrier ! ...nahh just dreaming. [EDIT] I hope they somehow make the ocean (surface/underwater) "ready" for future navy addons, including submerged units (like being able to be submerged beneath another unit). I know this is probably pretty far down the list of priorities, but I can't help thinking of what an insane game A2 might turn into. The scale of it all... (CROSSWIND landings on a carrier is not really realistic ).[/E]
  11. sk3pt

    Believability in the missions

    I heard it was 33 T-72's.
  12. sk3pt

    Graphics engine improvement

    - Heat effects for engines (up close), would be great. http://www.afotec.af.mil/shared....901.jpg http://www.richard-seaman.com/Aircraf....rey.jpg http://www.russian-victories.ru/su_33_d.jpg ...and Harrier 'smoke' while hovering                  Other planes... (in this case a SU-33 landing): [EDIT] - Some sort of optional water/ocean reflections would be nice. - Possibility of greater waves (than A1). Stormy sea, white foam, and the possibility to set wind force in editor separately from overcast.
  13. sk3pt

    General suggestions.

    More of a wish list: - Add fly-by view (THAT would be GREAT). - Statistics after every mission (and editor preview) including number of ppl killed, tanks/planes destroyed etc. Could be detailed like ; killed 2 machine gunners, 4 riflemen, 1 deer, 1 dog, 5 sheep. In addition; fired rounds, hit ratio etc. - Include the VBS2 "After-Action Review (AAR)". Just saw a clip on Youtube, and it's awesome. - An option in settings to "record/buffer" last minute (or so) of gameplay, and the ability to spawn camera while playing single player (option to rewind/forward within that minute) . Wow, what movies I could make.
  14. sk3pt

    Animations for Arma2.

    - Smooth transition on the move WITHOUT HALT, from upright to crouch position, while walking. No sudden stop in movement. When aiming you obviously should lose accuracy, but not drop out of aim mode. This would really make the game even better for me. I REALLY hope they fix this, like they did with reload ! --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Double tap [W] in direction of obstacle to automatically climb over. - Maybe some sort of "auto lower weapon" could work in situations when you "get stuck" in doors and such. The weapon should pop back up when there is enough space (these animations should be really fast). - Run and sprint, should automatically cancel lean. - Improve that static non-animation when you fall down from 1-2 m, and make it look like someone trying to regain balance. - Separate suspension anim for all wheels on planes/helicopters. - Head shaking in vehicles. - Yeah, more stances (five ?) would be awesome (could be controlled by e.g. ALT+ scroll wheel). Thx for a great game.
  15. Is it somehow possible to set wind force and wave height in the editor, apart from moving the weather slider ?
  16. I was hoping it would be possible to set wind force separately from overcast, but I guess that's not possible then. I would really like greater waves than the current max as well. Thx for your info !
  17. sk3pt

    How will the "border" be generated?

    If that IS the final map, I hope they include a few smaller offshore islands , in addition to those already there. Maybe a couple larger ones far from the coast ? Would really add to the feeling, when you know there is something out there, somewhere...
  18. sk3pt


    That would be nice, and it would free up the 'E' key. Leaning (with the mouse) while you press AND HOLD 'q', and it stays in "desired lean" when you release... until you press it again right ? That would be awesome. EDIT Maybe it would be better if it stays in "desired lean" when you release, until you double tap 'q' (no lean). That way you could keep adjusting your lean by pressing/releasing/pressing, without snapping back to center (until you double tap).
  19. sk3pt

    alien scorpion ready !

    ...loads of fun in the editor  Â
  20. Anaglyph or... ArmAglyph pictures (photo). Red/Cyan glasses needed. http://img253.imageshack.us/img253....MG] http://img119.imageshack.us/img119....MG] http://img234.imageshack.us/img234....MG] The pictures are nothing special, but the 3d effect is quite extreme.
  21. sk3pt

    Interface discussion

    I would prefer if we had the OPTION to use the mouse, in both the action and the command menu. Why not just have a "show cursor" key ? Press and hold. Disappearing when releasing. Would be a great way to manipulate the GPS as well (markers, zoom...), and even drag the watch, compass and GPS around in the GUI. The cursor would have to spawn in the last active menu, and one would need the option to "show entire action menu" in settings (I want that option anyway). ___ I love the flexibility of the current 'controls settings' (hot keys), as you can map several functions to the same key and so on. Would it be possible to improve on that by adding the possibility to map ; ALT+scrollwheel up/down, SHIFT + right mouse button and so forth ?
  22. sk3pt

    ArmAlib v1.0

    The 6DOF support is PERFECT ! So much fun driving vehicles now... thanks a lot !!! One thing that "could" be cool, at least visually, is 6DOF when in aim mode (infantry). This one should be included in A2 for sure.
  23. sk3pt

    V-22 Osprey Tilt Rotor

    Wohaa! , this addon is king ! Pure quality. Thank you !
  24. sk3pt

    How will the "border" be generated?

    IMHO it would be better if they removed the north/west mountains, and replaced them with a coast line, to complete an island. Don't know, but it seems strange to have an endless randomly generated straight coastline (?). Anyway, ocean is a must !
  25. sk3pt

    V.I.R.U.S. - AR - Winter

    Now maybe Jonny will say: "Thank you Tomahawk1" in October 2009 ! ^^