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  1. This is how LOD switching was on [NORMAL] in the objects detail setting before this patch, but it would drastically improve if you put it on [VERY HIGH]. Now there's no difference - it's like they decided to remove [very high] altogether and replace it with [normal] without changing the names. So in the pull down menu we now have [very low], [low], [normal], [normal] AND [normal] to choose from. Looks like they went way overboard when "optimizing".
  2. I get some extremely annoying LOD switching with this patch. There is no difference at all between 'very high' and 'normal' in the objects detail setting anymore...
  3. DayZ has shown that people really do want a realistic pvp game - face it, DayZ is essentially 95% Arma2. Make the pvp in Arma3 better and it's all gold.
  4. Parallax free red dot scopes and aircraft hud.
  5. sk3pt

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    It seems like players who launch the game from the Six Launcher (which I imagine most who play DayZ do) won't show up in the Steam statistics.
  6. sk3pt

    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    According to google trends, DayZ has brought the search volume for "Arma 2" back (almost) to what it was at launch! That's just insane. Last 12 months: Last 30 dayz... when will it end?!? For the last few weeks - online players have multiplied by a factor of 10+
  7. sk3pt

    The Hunter

    New hunting simulation. Nice screenshots
  8. sk3pt

    War with Iran.

    v1UPG7XwhWw There's no doubt whatsoever that these new subs, like the German Type 212 (practically undetectable), are able to sink a carrier.
  9. sk3pt

    So - what's changed between 1&2?

    Sahrani (including all islands) is 120 square kilometers. Chernarus has an infinite landmass. :) (225 square kilometers)
  10. sk3pt

    Dragon Rising has been released

    A little comparison. Both running at 60fps (VSync). Skira vs Sahrani : (1600x1000 TinyPic max ; in-game 1920x1200)
  11. sk3pt

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    Double tapping the F-keys to select fireteams.
  12. I love the blur effects (when running/injured...), except that "head motion blur" in 1st person. I wish that one would be disabled when post processing is set to low.
  13. Multiple choices allowed. I left out the Hercules. ...:)...
  14. sk3pt

    Tactical view

    3. If you add the High Command module.
  15. Well, I deliberately left that out. :) The poll is about which aircraft you think got the best flight model (of the ones available), not about how good the flight model in Arma2 is (that's a completely different poll). Obviously, the FM doesn't even remotely compare to LOMAC. Can anyone compile a list of other non-flight sim games with a better flight model ? (just curious).
  16. sk3pt

    Graphics engine improvement

    Texture detail - normal Texture detail - very high: (a tiny improvement) Objects detail - very high: I agree, the LOD switch for these trees are a little too close now. I think they changed it in one of the first patches to gain some performance.
  17. sk3pt

    Graphics engine improvement

    Set 'texture detail' to a higher setting.
  18. sk3pt

    ARMA 2 operation Arrowhead Website

    I agree but I. Think you misspelled the. Word. Itself.
  19. sk3pt

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    Great ! No more lag when flying over the ocean and the larger coastal cities.
  20. sk3pt

    What Else Can I Do?

    I've got an i7 920 @ 4.2Ghz, 6GB 1600MHz OCZ ram, ATI 4890 on Windows 7 RC x64 and I get 60-150 fps (usually around 70-80 fps) on normal/high settings. No tweaking and no crashes.
  21. sk3pt

    Missile Speeds...

    The Kh-29 actually decelerates until it stops and starts flying slowly backwards.
  22. sk3pt


    I ran the test again with the exact same settings, but this time with vsync OFF (forced with ATI Tray Tools). Second run: Needless to say, I'm very happy. :) I will keep VSync on while gaming though, as I can't stand the tearing.
  23. sk3pt


    i7 920 @ 4.2Ghz ATI HD 4890 @ 1Ghz 6GB RAM Windows 7 x64 RC Resolution 1920 x 1200 Vsync ON (max 60 fps)
  24. Amazon.co.uk Play.com edit: this should be in the Arma2 forum though...