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  1. You mean what Uncle Sam gives me to wear or what I would actually wear? Normally, I go with an LBE with low profile straps under ACU IBA and I carry a radio in an assault pack. I stick most of my M4 magazines on my weak side (right for me) (about 8) and 2 on my strong side (left side). Frags smokes go on my strong side as well. IFAK is attached to LBE along with two canteens and dump pouch. Also carry two ALICE M4 pouches upfront for snacks or extra ammo.

    What I have to actually wear state side is just the normal FLC over IBA.

  2. Yep LBE.


    Pretty much how I got mine set up. Except with out the dressing pouch, Compass Pouch, and flashlight.

  3. A couple of people besides myself wear LBEs. They are still issued to some units mainly to Reserve/Guard support units (ie non combat arms).

  4. Cool story bro. Merry XMAS. My internet has been down for three day.

  5. LOL, another Enad fail.

  6. Possibly. I thought you were Mexican.


  7. Awesome. Way to dig up a three year old thread now. You are now classed as a Purple Dinosaur.

  8. happiness-bang-bang-shoot-shoot-leaving-iraq-demotivational-poster-1287701921.jpg

    I demand tacticool kilts.

  9. sounds like rambo. Where do I sign up?

  10. I did last night.

  11. You got stationed in Korea? That kind of sucks unless you drink. I heard its pretty shitty sometimes. Just don't get captured by the crazy N Koreans.

  12. negative lad, I will see if my armory has one lying around somewhere. If not, I will find someone who does.

  13. Do you think you could get some airsoft guns for cheap their?

  14. Still in one piece, just been busy with school, personal life, and military.

  15. Aye mate, I'm looking for some Chinese guns made by DBoys/Kalash or CYMA. They are mostly distributed through Hong Kong. I can pay by paypal. Tried importing from Hong Kong myself but it would have cost me $60 -$100 just to ship it here.

    Models to look for:

    Kalash/DBoy RK-03S (Steel)

    Kalash/DBoy RK-06S (Steel)

    CYMA CM048

    CYMA CM048M

    You would be a life saver.

    They are all

  16. Nothing. Work, Guard, School.

  17. I love you you ATC Guru. HA HA!