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  1. According to Wikipedia there is over 750 BMPs(1s,2s, and 3s) in active service with over 9,057 in reverse as of 2009.

    But Wikipedia has been known to be inaccurate so who knows how many are in service today.

    But do you guys have plans to do the MT-12? It's technically the last Anti-Tank gun in service these days which it what makes it unique although it's used as conventional artillery nowadays.


    Negative, the 100mm M1977 Anti-Tank gun is still operational in Romania.

    Good to see you guys released this mod. I love the GAZ-66, nice and detailed, down to the wiper blades. What optics do you folks plan on including other than the standard assortment of PSOs and Kobras.

  2. There was no specific pouches fogr the SAW or M60 until the First Gulf War time period and those were in short supply. The ammo was mostly in with the bandoliers around them for the M60 (Vietnam Style), or in a green bag (the 7.62 Belts come in 100RND Boxes with a green cloth bag. The M249 has the standard plastic drum in a green bag.)


    7.62 Belt

    It's green cotton/nylon with a strap pretty much with a cardboard liner to keep shape.


    5.56 200rnd Box

    Same green nylon cotton bag but larger to hold the plastic 200rnd SAW box. NO cardboard


    Still made the same way today. I need to start keeping those things. Hard to find actual pictures of them full.

  3. There is so many more options with the AK now of days than there was back in the 90s and 80s. AKs are turning into lego guns much like the AR is. It would be more natural transition for those forces as well. You could even create a version that takes AR mags.

    My personal favorite is a rail that replaces the rear sight leaf with a rail


    or the Ultimak rail


    or the US Palm quad rail


    An indigenous design for the CDF would be awesome to see.

    Example of A 7.62x39 AK of an Afghan Commando


    AR Mag Adapter for AK


  4. Looking forward to it RK. I thought of another idea for the T-55. It would basically be the AM2 with BDD frontal armor on the turret and hull and cage armor on the sides and rear of the turret and hull. It was a popular modification in Chechnya for the T-62M as ERA in close quarters is hazardous to infantry, and it is cheap. The Kontact 5 ERA version would be awesome to see as well. I think you can get the models from on of the old T-72/90 mods from A1 with permission of course.