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  1. I know the GAZ-66 looks like its close to being done, so that one might come shortly. As for the MTLB and BTR-60/70/80, I second that motion.
  2. suhsjake

    Isla Duala

    Before posting a question that has been answered several times before, please read. Page 107 will answer your question. Derp.
  3. I believe there is one WIP by BW Mod and Vilas has one also, but I always welcome more vehicles as it means more competition. Please ignore insensitive posts.
  4. I think I just had a heart attack and arrived in heaven.
  5. suhsjake

    Project RACS

    1) Knowing Wld that he is a stubborn old vet, you can expect some quality, detailed stuff. 2) BIS released sample models.
  6. This is from Binks US Army Troops
  7. suhsjake

    US Army HMMWV program is dead.

    And we still have a ton of unarmored HMMWV.
  8. Soul Assassin, nothing you make is for fun. They are all pieces of art.
  9. Derp. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=86719
  10. suhsjake

    Bye bye UCP - US Army adopts Multicam

    Airsoft Rangers! I agree with you Clavicula, every time I go airsofting, everyone is wearing MC with stupid morale patches or an obnoxious amount of them. I still wear my ACU, becuase I absolutely detest MC now.
  11. suhsjake

    US Army 2009 Units

    Redirect and Lock?
  12. suhsjake

    Bye bye UCP - US Army adopts Multicam

    Faceplam. MC is only a temporary issue for soldiers going to Afghanistan. UCP isn't going away anytime soon. The Government has way to much invested into the ACU and it would cost the US Taxpayers a fortune to get out of the current ACU/UCP contracts and to license the MC. Not to mention it would be a waste. I personally dislike (not hate UCP/ACU), but I hate MC even more. I do believe the Army needs to change the colors, but not the cheap cop-out of the UCP-D.
  13. suhsjake

    US Army 2009 Units

    I knew that the 173rd BCT was deploying with MC, but I was surprised that they made all US troops deploying to Afghanistan with MC. I am all for a new working Camouflage, but I wish the Army did what the Marines did, two camouflages, one for desert (two/three tone based of DCUs) and one for woodland (three tone based off BDUs/no black). There is never a one solution fits all scheme, but I do understand the Army's reasoning, becuase it makes logistics a hell of a lot easier.
  14. suhsjake

    US Army 2009 Units

    ACU is still the official camo and will be for some time. The Army has way to much invested in ACU to actually change it Army wide, plus the Army still has contracts with companies making ACU products. It would cost so much to get out of those contracts, that it would be detrimental to tax payers. So until those contracts are up, ACUs are not going away. Like Rhodesy said, MC is only being issued to troops going to Afghanistan, but I think units going to Iraq will still use ACUs. Plus the only people I see wearing MC is Airsoft Rangers. I vote no MC.
  15. Same really very few are actually working on Russian Equipment and Soldiers.
  16. I wondered where my Communist car went.
  17. I would like to point out the lighting in the game and in the photo. And if you are nitpicking about how the color is a bit off, then you have bigger problems. And yes, you are a NOOB. So quit yelling.
  18. I think I just jizzed in my pants.
  19. About time the OPFOR get a decent cargo plane. Great work.
  20. suhsjake

    BIS: It's already time to FIX the M136!!!

    By chance, what was the range used to test?