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  1. Very nice. I am glad to see more of the international mods other than the UK, US, Germany, etc. I know they were deployed to Iraq, but have you seen any action in Afghanistan?
  2. suhsjake

    HMMWV pack (circa 2003)

    Outstanding sir.
  3. I don't see why it wouldn't be. I'd think most of us would welcome a new addon. You just have to follow the terms and conditions the modeller has set.
  4. suhsjake

    HMMWV pack (WIP)

    Very nice sir. Maybe after the hillbilly armor HMMWVs maybe you could do some HMMWV with Vinyl Soft Doors and Tops? They still plague the Guard. Maybe some Marine Corps Gun Trucks would be awesome as well. Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Example 4
  5. suhsjake

    fox's small projects

    Yay for the ugly web-y fabric thing.
  6. suhsjake

    8800GTS 512mb SLI

    Is there such thing as more than 100%?
  7. suhsjake

    8800GTS 512mb SLI

    8800 were known to run hotter than previous and current cards. Just the way they were built. In other words, it normal. If you are concerned about it, you could increase your fan speed using Riva tuner.
  8. suhsjake

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Hey Lennard, you know that you are using the old school M1956/M1967 LCE Belt. The ALICE uses a duck bill buckle or fastex buckles and doesn't have the middle row of grommets.
  9. suhsjake

    Project RACS

    A bit of a critique on the Skyhawk (Scooter). Looks like an A-4F Skyhawk from the general body style. Unfortunately, it looks like it has intakes smaller than the A-4B (which had the smallest) and is fush mounted on the fuselage. The refueling prob is that of the A-4B, straight instead of curved like on the A-4E/F. Also, the A-4 could never mount a fully loaded TER (Triple Ejector Rack). The inside ordinance rack would clip the landing gear doors. Also looks like the end of the fueling probe could use some metal texture along with the rest of the probe (usually painted the base color of the aircraft in this case tan). Other than that, it looks pretty good.
  10. suhsjake

    DLC of Spanish Forces.

    Common Guys, why are you attacking each other in every damn thread. It getting to the point of stupidity. @Gossamer - I think it is mainly not due to a lack of laziness, but BI implementing so many features so quickly and lack of reliable information (yah I brought up the A2 sample models again). With ArmA, modders had two years to master the system. With A2, OA, and both DLCs, modders have had months.
  11. suhsjake

    Emita City

    nom nom nom nom Very good work bracer.
  12. suhsjake

    Lennard's WIP thread

    They be missin ALICE packs. Maybe for the TL or PL include ALICE LBE.
  13. suhsjake

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Don't you mean DCUs? I also know the Corps was transitioning to the Digis in 03/04.
  14. suhsjake


    See that little Red Triangle, use it. @Rexehuk If you want to post a dumbass comment like that, go do it in the proper thread at least.
  15. suhsjake

    Project: AK-C

    There are real world conversions to left side charging handles. AK Lightning bolt is one ($250 USD), Dublin Ratchet Charging System, and Davis Tactical Solutions Dust Cover. BTW, love the project. I think this might help you DaMan3. Don't forget the cool notched fire selector that doubles as a bolt catch/safety. http://www.ak-47.us/AK-Mods-001.php
  16. suhsjake

    CIA SOG/SAD units

    Ooooooo, Chicom vest and tiger stripe.
  17. suhsjake

    Trackir 4 vs Trackir 5

    In my opinion, TrackIR isn't worth it unless you have more than one screen. I would recommend Free Track, as it is free (the software at least), the rest you can build from parts found in any Radio Shack relatively cheaply.
  18. suhsjake

    Knife proposal

    If you or your comrades are low on ammo, some one f**ked up. You should never be low on ammo or have to fight hand to hand. Not saying that it doesn't happen, but it should never happen.
  19. suhsjake

    Arma2 OA Patch 1.55 problems

    Its great and all that you are posting up the issues, but we need MORE information like your computer specs.
  20. suhsjake

    W.i.P. Island Cicada

    Well if you could slide the hanger next to the fuel tanks over to the current fuel tanks position, you could fit the tower. Then it would look proper as you would have the admin building right across the street.
  21. suhsjake

    W.i.P. Island Cicada

    Very nice Island. The only comment I have is the Airport Control tower located next to the runway and the fuel tanks. The control tower should be moved back away from the runway and the fuel tanks in an isolated area of the airport.
  22. suhsjake

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    To hell in a hand basket on a rocket ship.
  23. suhsjake

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    Instead he is on the hunt for a GF.
  24. Might help if you post in the correct area. http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?f=95