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    Balkan war mod w.i.p

    Very nice super rat. Keep it up.
  2. suhsjake

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    I would like to see some 2003 Marines with some MARPAT/DMARPAT/M81 mix. Maybe some 2001 Army Rangers/Airborne ala invasion of Afghanistan. An update to your 04/05 Army Transitional Units. 2003/2004 CU/CCU uniforms used for state side (Woodland) and Iraq (Desert) by 2nd ID. Some fictional stuff would be cool too, just no more Special Forces/Mercenaries. We have way too many of those addons as it is.
  3. suhsjake

    Which guns do you own

    I would like to own a Ruger Single Six for some Cowboy Action fun. My dad just bought a Taurus Judge .410/.45LC for snakes. It is a hoot to shoot as well.
  4. suhsjake

    Which guns do you own

    Mafia hitman?
  5. Very nice trucks. Does the German Army have a dedicated refuel version. I would imagine refueling a Leopard II by Jerry Can would suck.
  6. No, the yellow/tan in the pattern isn't standard, it is supposed to be a light tan. Usually, that is a sign of cheap Chinese knockoff, or substandard materials.
  7. suhsjake

    Which guns do you own

    I own FNH FNX-9 - Brand New (less than 200 rnds) - Fiber Optic Sights in the Mail Remington 870 - Speed Feed Stock (Short LOP) - S&J Hardware Follower - S&J Hardware Side Saddle - Specter 2pt Sling - Specter Butt Stock Saddle -- Going to add Millett Rail and Primary Arms Red Dot, maybe Bayonet Lug (why not?) Winchester Model 1894 30-30 - Built in 1959 - Kicks Like a Mule - Receiver needs to be re-blued Winchester Model 62A - The best .22 LR I have shot - Smooth Crisp Bolt Action Ruger 10/22 - Just plain fun to plink with - Fiber optic sights I would like to own a 7.62 AK or 9mm AR, but those will be in the future.
  8. It's from the A1 sample model. MTV texture by Johnny (only temporarily until I a can make a new one).
  9. 143rd Military Police/Gate Guard M1911A1 is the current side arm of the TX Army. New camouflage I am testing. A blend of Vegitato and Multicam. Custom made through custom brushes. http://panzerfire.deviantart.com/gallery/6105925 Thanks to PanzerFire.
  10. Oh lawdy. Chuck Norris is the Senior Captain of the Texas Rangers (duh). I wrote that description very fast, idk about the rest. I do know the Texas Military Rifle is the M18. The M18 (M16A2 re-designated in 1984), uses a shortened 16.4" barrel, S-1-F trigger group, and collapsible stock in the M18A1 onwards. The rifle is currently manufactured at the LaRue Armory outside of Austin and the Fort Worth Arsenal. Texas is a rifleman's society, so you will only see in with armor crew, secondary troops, officers, and SOF.
  11. A Lance Corporal of the 143rd Airborne Regiment, showing off the new Army Digital Uniform (ADU) Republic of Texas After the turbulent 1960s and the Vietnam War dragging on into the 1970s, the Texas Legislature put before the people the option to secede from the United States. The people voted 71% to remove themselves from the Union with United States. This caused a great disturbance in the US as well as NATO, almost turning into a second Civil War, but due to technicalities with Nixon's impeachment and recognition from countries inside NATO, this was avoided. United Nations Resolution 81, officially recognizing The Second Texas Republic on August 24th, 1974. Texas is currently a member of NATO and the UN. It maintains good relations with the US, especially after 9/11. Texas currently has deployments in Kosovo, Afghanistan, Takistan, and Chernarus.
  12. OSUT D. Co. 1/19 28 Apr 2009 to 15 Aug 2009 Fond memories of rucking around the Malone loop.
  13. Martin, this is one of the most thought out planned island I have seen thus far. Keep up the amazing work.
  14. suhsjake

    Red Republic - Multigaming clan.

    The Red Republic ArmA II Platoon is looking for new Conscripts Squad Leader - Mil BMP Crew Crew Member A - Open Crew Member B - Open Team A Senior Rifleman - Open Machine Gunner - Open Grenadier - Open Team B Senior Rifleman - Open Machine Gunner - Open Assistant Grenadier - Open Medic - Open Since we are new, we are looking for people willing to help us move forward. Currently in need of a good mission maker. The mods we will use will be in discussion once we get more players. http://redrepublic.enjin.com
  15. Very nice. I hope someone helps you out.
  16. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=4795 What about talking to Coldfuse about using his SUV. Might need some work, but it would be more accurate than the OA:PMC SUV.
  17. suhsjake

    Lennard's WIP thread

    Well, that is what is being fielded to Afghanistan currently. The first 50 went out in mid to late 2010, with production in full swing this year.
  18. suhsjake

    Lennard's WIP thread

    When you say they updated the M240, I believe you are looking for the Army's new M240L. http://www.flickr.com/photos/peosoldier/4276670691/
  19. I would like to see some units like this: Croatian/US Woodland BDUs US DCUs SSh-68 Helmets Patrol Caps for NCO Black Beret for Officer Boonie Hats for Marksmen/Scouts OD ALICE like gear No Body Armor OA compatible
  20. Black is the total absence of light. Even at night, unless there was zero moon light and ambient light, black will stand out more than a camouflage with black in it. Blue would even be better than black Last time I check, the Guard wears ACU FLC or ALICE gear as standard. Black vests are never issued to them, more than likely, they are personal bought. SWAT is not a military force either, they are a policing force. The reason they wear more neutral colors such as Olive Drab, Black, Blue, and Tan equipment, is to make them less "militaristic". Although lately, more and more police agencies are turning towards a militaristic tendency.
  21. suhsjake

    Player moves like a drunken sailor.

    After he mentioned ROTC in his second post, I stopped reading.
  22. suhsjake

    RH wip thread