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  1. I think a Tu-95 Bear would be more fitting ... and its pretty freakin awesome.
  2. A cold war warrior: Centurion Tank
  3. Hi guys, Every time I try to create a shape in O2, such as a cylinder, it creates a single point or a plane with only two points. I'm kind of baffled here. Regards, Jacob M.
  4. suhsjake

    Greek NATO/CFOR

    Good to see that you are at work Aplion. I can't wait to see what you guys do with HWM.
  5. suhsjake

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    It looks cool, but sucks to wear.
  6. suhsjake

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    [/color] That set up is used for SimRound Training (Wax bullets) in MOUT Training.
  7. suhsjake

    US Army 2009 Units

    Except the Army and the Marines use two different style rucksacks and assault bags, therefore unrealistic. But hey its up to Bink.
  8. I'm sure someone around here would be willing to help you. I would help but I fail at textures too.
  9. suhsjake

    US Army 2009 Units

    We are in no way shifting to Multicam pattern for the main stream US Army. Rangers and SpecOps have the choice of buying Multicam for deployment. Even if Congress decided to order the switch, we just don't have the money to do it and it takes time to switch. In the future (like 4+ years out), we will be switching camo pattern, that is true, becuase ARPAT doesn't work anywhere and it was a flop, but the Army has too much invested in ARPAT equipment.
  10. Now we just need an Eric Cartman Character.
  11. Officially Requesting: UH-72A Lakota -Light Transport, MEDEVAC, Search and Rescue Armed Scout 645 (OH-72A) -Possible replacement for the OH-58D http://www.uh-72a.com/index/index.asp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UH-72A_Lakota#Armed_Scout http://www.armedscout.com/index/index.asp
  12. A self propelled 240mm Mortar. Hey NZXShadow, where you the one working on the M1117?
  13. M2A2 Bradley (though we should have an A3) http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=addons&id=965 M1117 ASV was an ArmA I WIP, I wonder if it is still being worked on. M1126 Stryker, some one should be converting this to ArmA II shortly (ACE mod probably) Don't know about MRAPS AH-64D, not a very good addon but should work until the Greeks release their 64A model into ArmA II http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=6780
  14. Only problem is, no one has the source models to change the Russians. So we are going to have to deal with it, unless we import an ArmA I model.
  15. Looks like some sort of radar. Hmm.
  16. Rygugu's T-55A Waiting on permission to release.
  17. Working on bringing one of my favorite APCs into ArmA2. Its the BI model, with parts from CH Abrams. Still a WIP. BTW, CFOR stands for Chernarus Force, kind of like KFOR and IFOR.
  18. suhsjake

    MH-53E addon released

    The MH-53E is pretty much the CH-53E, just with a few minor differences. I wish we did have the CH-46E, it would be freaking sweet.
  19. Hey you, work faster. JK. I should be able to help you sometime this week if you need it.
  20. Wheres the CH-46 Sea Knight? I know one of you is hiding it somewhere.
  21. Modernized BRDM-2 like the BRDM-2M-97 'Zbik' or BRDM-2M-96 'Szakal'. Pretty much turning the BRDM into a mini APC.
  22. Hey USSRsniper, are you going to convert your Zaz-968m to ArmA II?