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  1. don't think the M16A3 has a detatchable carry handle (the military one anyway), the airsoft version which i assume that is does or AFAIK anyway.

    Can that be confirmed?

    Either way it would be pretty easy to make, the problem is that i dont know if it would be possible to add the extra eye candy ARMA 2 supports yet.

    M16A3 does have the picatinny rail beneath the detachable carrying handle, many people mistake the A3 as a "A2 with a rail"

    This is True for both military and Airsoft

    Happy to help

    I would also love to see this weapon in arma2 also... been waiting for something like this for a while!

  2. Hey everyone,

    As some of you may know, or work out from our forums.  We are a new clan in the community and need to raise our profile, so when i return from the middle east i am planning on holding a coop game for all to come and have a game, the main effort is to prove to ourselves and the community that we arent going to sit around, and let the clan die.

    I dont care if you want to bring your own clan and have your own squad, however the idea is to work as a team and have fun against those cheeky AI.

    More information will be given on the forums so get on and get signed up!




    Ps. Jungle will more than likely give you answers to any questions you need answering and his email is : uniformkilo@live.co.uk

  3. ya sure, what ive noticed vegetation wise is that... its sand eveywhere until u come across a town or even a single farm house... some house out in the middle of the desert have lush green grass much like on a rich european estate... few palm trees... again, only close to houses though...

    uploading another vid atm... when its done ill post it

  4. yes it is a plantation, however i dont have a clue exactly where it was... all i know is that it was coming from basrah airstation on the way to safwan...

    there were lots of them on the way atleast 1 every 2k's

    also there were lots of random mounds of dirt... hard to desribe... it seems they used dirt to make a wall that showed where their land started...

  5. a few pics from the hill...




    first vid is of me in the chopper...


    this vid is a very short vid i took when waiting for chopper to come back and get me


    That is all... Pm'd this to Bravo already, just thought i would put it here for the other people interested in this map

    edited so its a link to a pic, cos u cant hhave anything larger than a pixel here :P

  6. notworthy.gif very good, i was on safwan hill a couple of weeks ago, however i only seen it from the top as i got a chopper there and back, but did have a good look about, from the screenshots it does look very accurate, especially the road leading off down the hill... cant wait to get home and play on that bad boy

  7. Hi!

    i am just wondering if someone has made a sound item, the kind that you can place on maps that you are building. the sound item i am looking for is off gunfire in the distance... just purely to give a more wary feel on my maps smile_o.gif



  8. discussion and not completet

    they have some bugs

    kneepads have the camo on it.

    get rid of the IBA texture... make a proper british vest

    or wyvern full assault or all arms vest

    but overall pretty cool

    For a start the british desert troops do use camo desert knee pads, all you need to do is check on google,& they may also use other types but the ones i saw were camo.

    And thank for pointing out the obviuos as i think every one all ready knows that,& if bis release a good 3D modding tool then ill be able to change that, although i have received your comment well, & will take note of that cheers buddy your a star. lol

    Ps so what modding tools do you use,because ill download them from some where & use them.

    Here is a pic.


    Yours forever G_H_PLAY_AKA_BOSS

    and to finish. since when was it a rule that british troops wore desert camo knee pads