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  1. Copy that. your next update should be terrible ! Just one bug detected during my test concerning the driver of M113 's view texture problem when you pass your head out of the vehicle... But, very impressive sensation when you encounter enemies in deep forest... You know they are here... but where... Sometimes you see a movement... a shadow... you shoot... they shoot... And situation is turning quickly to nightmare... Where 's my colleague... Where's my enemy...? Confusion and friendly fire are at the party...
  2. Great job !!! Just one question, is it normal to heard Vietnamese Fighters speak Russian ? Did I miss something during the setup of your good mod ?
  3. HELLO DEAR ALL, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! SO, I'M LOST... I'M TRYING TO USE 2 ANIMATIONS TOGETHER: ActsPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_ArrestingMan & 'ActsPercMstpSnonWrflDnon_ArrestingSoldier' I USE THESE PROCESS: trooper1 PlayMove "ActsPercMstpSnonWrflDnon_ArrestingSoldier"; and civilian1 PlayMove "ActsPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_ArrestingMan"; writed in one marker for each unit... I tried also to synchronize markers togethers... to move markers and units on editor map... but, something is wrong... the two units play anims but they are not enough near... the soldier doesn't grap the hand/arm of the civilian and perform his anims alone... in order to rope his hands... Does somebody got a solution to synchronize in place and time this kinf of anims?
  4. sachasemtex

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    thank you very much with your promt answer... Hold strong for your mod creation !!! (I feel so small rooky one with my Duo Dual Core E6750 @ 2.66Ghz / 2.00 Go Ram only because I removed 2.00Go more due to too much troubleshootings-bugs when ARMA's running / Geforce 8600GT 256Mo) Happy new year to everybody and Gun Ho for UNSUNG's modders !!!
  5. sachasemtex

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    AMAZING !!! I played too many hours OFP's UNSUNG mod and now you are making my dream comes true on ARMA system... Thank you Warrior X but just question what is your grafic card or configuration to get these so nice pictures of jungle vegetation? Awaiting for your mod release !!!
  6. sachasemtex

    RealTimeEditor 5

    Thank you Mr i0n0s. I'll try it right now... so keep hold down shift when double-click .... "the green wire linked with the blue wire... the yellow wire linked with the red wire...??? or maybe the blue wire linked with the yellow one...???" (a famous french demolition specialist from 7th company WW2 making his bomb)
  7. sachasemtex

    RealTimeEditor 5

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! it 's so great !!! I am trying to link unit and waypoint like in traditionnal editor... but i did not succeed in linking a unit with a waypoint... I have tried the manual way... but maybe I forget something or touch to press... ....?
  8. sachasemtex

    RealTimeEditor 5

    Ohh...I will have to wait that Mr i0n0s release the full version... Â I'm so hurry..."RANGERS SHOW THE WAY !!! ALL THE WAY !!!" but I think that a lot of people is waiting for it too... I have to stay alert
  9. sachasemtex

    RealTimeEditor 5

    Hello, RTE is so amazing... but I should have missed something....? When I launch RTE I have all "sliding-pannels" on top/bottom and left/right of my screen... but, I only see F1 and F2 on top ? No F3, F4, F5,etc... Even if I select a created unit or group of units...? I've seen on your very good youtube video that you have special units markers on map... something like USMC markers from OFP... is it included in this version of RTE? Awaiting for your instructions Commander... A F***ing Froggy Grunt
  10. Hello dears all, I found the solution !!! Before let's see my configuration: 1) First problem was a conflict between my MB ASUS P5K integrated sound device realtek and my videocard... When I was playing, I was ejected from Arma to windows Xp, to find the REALTEK connection detection panel opened which told me that a new jack was detected... The solution is to disconnect from BIOS this audio device and install a new sound card. 2) Second problem was freezes due to small serial fan provided with Geforce 8600GT... The solution is to remove this small fan and buy a bigger one as a ZALMAN VF 900 or VF1000led... In conclusion, now I can play many hours with no problem, in high definition with lot of AIs, etc... Some crashes continue to occure, but that's another story... I think is due to latest beta patches 1.14 or some addons. I will investigate...
  11. sachasemtex

    Adf mod core pack v1.0 released!!

    Great job, thanks a lot!!! Just one bug report...concerning transport chopper's rotor. They are fixed and don't turn... Have you got any patch in order to resolve this small problem?
  12. sachasemtex

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    dear sgt anderson, your job is always so perfect... just tell me what kind of graphic card,I will need in order to have the same resolution as your demo... so incredible water-effect... and just tell us when your mod will be released on our screens... too many months we are dreaming about it... work hard or "bon courage" as we said in France Â