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  1. Just wanted to say what an excellent job you guys have done! Been playing this and having more fun than I have had in a long time. Whatever projects you guys will be doing in the future, I am sure they will be awesome. I'll go back into the boonies now...

    Glad to see you still around Hawkins! Getting back into modding or just playing for the time being?

    Could this be hawkins da jungle feva man?

    It's been a few years Sav but surely being in the boonies for that long hasn't wiped out your lovely memories? :)

    Great job on the mod though! Need to upgrade my rig so I can enjoy it properly but from the little I've played you've all done brilliantly. Glad The Unsung lives on!

  2. So been a little while since I've been on here (about 5 years) but had the urge to play Ofp/ArmA again recently. So tonight I installed OA, hopped on these forums and lo and behold a new Unsung release :)

    Congrats Sav, glad to see you are still going mate with a great new team. Am very much looking forward to messing around with all the new content and checking out the missions (to see if they hold up to the classics we made way back when :wink:).


  3. thanks for the reply bud! and before i wrote this response i had called up my uncle to tell him i passed on what he told me too, and i read to him your responce and i can swear i could hear him choking up a bit! and he said, even tho he doubts he will actually come and join us on here and play, he said he will always be happy to help out in any other way...just pm me with any questions or anything you may need, may you need his or my help!

    OnTopic: thanks for the reply on my questions...glad to here! and if we get them csar birds...rest ashored there will be tons of nicly made missions using them, and hell i know of actual accounts inwhich i can make missions from, that would include nearly everything(units\air\ground) in the uns mod!

    btw love the layout of the airbase on fob..one suggestion for the airbase if i may! it would probly be nice to including "parking zones" for the aircraft...maby sumthing like this http://www.gingerb.com/VIETNAM%20Binh%20Thuy%20Seawolf%20322%20on%20Flight%20Line.jpg meaing the area to the left that has the sign on it that says "26B"! and since them things are already in your mod it should be easy to implament along the open area near the left end of the airbase(by the 2 hangers or adjacent from the hangers next to the housing area? but again its just a suggestion it looks perfect how it is now!

    good luck gents, and thanks again for this alsome mod!


    Thanks for the input mate. We really do appreciate it, as PGI said, it's comments like this that make it all worth while! :)

    ---------- Post added at 05:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:41 PM ----------

    Yes, really. You can roll your eyes all you want but I'm talking about the ambient sounds overriding ocean sounds and disregarding the Music slider in the options...the authors asked the community to report all bugs to help them in being squashed so that's what I'm doing. If you aren't experiencing this issue, be thankful about it and enjoy the mod, but don't be dismissive just because you don't know what I'm talking about.

    Thanks! We'll look into it and add it to the bug list. :)

  4. as for fighting in the jungles im ok most of the time but generally its really confusing to know whats going on, yesterday when i was doing a patrol my squad and i got into a contact and we killed 3 vc and i pounded them a bit with arty now when we advanced a single vc got up our rear so we killed him, but as i was worried there might be more vc up my 6 we moved up there and when we got there we were attacked from both flanks, now here it got messy, there were vc running in our postion from both sides and arty shells exploding all around, in the end me and some other guy from my squad were the only ones left alive and we got a kill count of about 30 guys.

    Welcome to Nam ;)

  5. about missing footstep equipement sounds...

    i have extracted uns_sounds.pbo, every sounds are there and even bonus, love those soldier speeches, enviroment, battle, gunfire, equipement sounds, but it seems they are not configed into the mod :)

    sorry for my curiousity... ;)

    If you want to have a go at getting the footsteps working feel free ;)

  6. Can it be compatible with stuff from VTE Mod?

    No I'm afraid it isn't compatible.

    very nice mod, lots of lag though , but still fun to play

    You tried lowering your overall settings?

    Also there are some files that are not signed in the release, like madmatts effects, rain & sky addon.

    Yup, we realised a couple of hours ago, that will be sorted :)

    Thanks for the kind words all, as you know it has taken a hell of a long time to get this out and as you can all appreciate it is an Alpha so there will be some annoying bugs, however these will be fixed down the line :)

  7. Hi,

    This is not to bash your work (nice vehicles) but to carry the title

    "The most realistic Vietnam Mod" does simply not fit.

    That title for me has always been about missions, terrain and uni accuracy, which is actually very realistic. Everyone on the team is a complete "Nam buff" and just because the weapons aren't really detailed and the terrain lags like hell for you doesn't mean it isn't a realistic mod.

    My system spec isn't great but it runs every other mod with 30+fps. My system is: Quad core Q9550, GF 9800GT TOP, 4GB RAM. What sort of spec machine do you need to run this mod?

    This is really strange? You have a better spec than me and the mod doesn't lag like that. Please tell me you have cut down on other settings rather than just View Distance? :)

  8. This + ACE = sex

    Yes mate it would be, you boys thinking of making it ACE compatable?  whistle.gif  smile_o.gif  And if you are dont change my sounds please tounge2.gif .....

    " Ladies & Gentlemen, The Timer has been set,  The countdown has begun"  wow_o.gif

    The countdown ends when?  biggrin_o.gif

    When we eliminate the bugs that are appearing in testing pistols.gif

    and when we are satisfied that you lot will be satisfied, well most of you lot, can't please everyone these days goodnight.gif

  9. Maybe not a "Forrest Gump" feel, but will certainly have a "Platoon" or a "Full Metal Jacket" feel to it. We read about a lot of battles and life out in the field so we try and get it as close as we can for a game. Expect PLENTY of classic songs from the 60's  wink_o.gif

    Erm as for before the summer, a fair amount will have been released, not sure about everything though. Things take time and I know I speak for myself and a lot of the team when I say free time is not a thing we have lots of, most have exams or uni work and others have full time jobs to attend to, unfortunately  banghead.gif

    Oh well, we try as hard as we can  thumbs-up.gif

  10. Speaking of the JU52, I've noticed a lot of swastika's on the tails in photos. I'm probably going to leave that off. I don't want to offend anyone with that.

    Hmmm I wouldn't worry about that tbh. There were a lot of swastika's in ofp WW2 mods and I don't think anyone was offended. As long as you don't start preaching about it you should be fine smile_o.gif It adds to the realism of the mod and from the shots I've seen it is starting to come together nicely, keep it up wink_o.gif

  11. the mod looks just too good... Hope you'll be willing to port this project over to Arma2 once its out, the mod deserves it! The models look great, I can imagine porting it shouldn't be too hard give its just the same engine enhanced in some factors... It was already my favorite on ofp!

    Willing to throw in some new teasers? whistle.gif

    Maybe... maybe not wink_o.gif

    Maybe ArmA 2 depending on the way it runs, most of us are only just getting our comps up to a good standard to be able to run AA decently. Only time will tell confused_o.gif