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  1. sim

    Ashau Valley

    Lower your viewdistance a bit and add a bit of fog and it should be ok. I get about 20FPS.
  2. sim

    New campaign

    The Huey is no longer used.
  3. sim

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    Some very good looking work  Are the textures from the PC game Vietcong? They look very familiar.
  4. sim

    New vietnam campaign

    In the readme X says to make a seperate mod folder for the campaign with ONLY the needed addons, if you have done this then maybe its due to the missions overloading your comp at some points? What spec is your PC? It happened to me at one point in 1 of the later missions. sim
  5. sim

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    @Punishment Check your PM mate.
  6. sim


    @AngusSingle Hehe, yeah, that was last minute stuff, my American accent in RL is quite good, however through a mic it sucks, voice becomes all messed up Glad you liked the demo, nice to hear that the vets think we're doing them credit sim
  7. sim


    No more about the low-res bushes please, they have been explained countless times already. Everyone is working hard to bring the community one of the best Vietnam experiences ever in ofp, you will not be dissapointed
  8. sim

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    I don't think lag will be a problem guys. Trust me, out of everyones comp at WWIIEC, Sengirs probably has the lowest specs, wish I could find the convo I had with him where he actually told me what they were. I really wouldn't worry about lag, if it doesnt lag on Sengirs comp, then it sure as hell won't lag on yours!
  9. sim

    DMA Animations -UniGen-

    Damn good work Sanc!!! Downloading now
  10. sim


    Please remember that making good looking objects and veg while trying to keep the game as lag free as possible is near an almost impossible task. Everyone in the mod working on models and veg are doing their hardest.
  11. Now when we released the demo we promised that we would announce what we are doing next, well we are quiting, giving up, The Unsung is no more....  HA Yeah right!  We are now focussing on an area called Khe Sanh. This was a massive battle between Marines and NVA. It will involve a lot of the hill fights that happened in 1967 and then move on to the seige a Khe Sanh in January 1968 (around the Tet time). Map Facts We are using Actual DEMs of the of the area of interest. There will be one main map around 256x256 as well as mini maps covering the areas where the main contacts took place(eg hills 861/861a, 881n/881s).  Stayed tuned for updates and new pics soon  cheers sim
  12. sim

    The Unsungs Future

    UPDATE: Want more? Head to The Unsung Forums... Â Unsung Forums sim
  13. sim


    Press the print screen button and then paste them into paint or some program like that.
  14. sim


    There was a gulf war campaign made a couple of years ago with some old desert addons, I believe it was made by Spanky-G. http://www.opflashpoint.org/maps.php?v=483 Grab it there, the addons are quite old btw but you can still get them at opflashpoint.org or ofp.info I think. sim
  15. Looking very nice mate Shame VTE stuff crashes my ofp:( Ah well new ram and vid card here I come... Good work! sim
  16. sim

    SAS: Scud Hunters

    lol As for the 250 enemies.... they don't have to all be on screen at once... what do you think spawning is for people?! Take a look at this mission by Sengir from WWIIEC to see what I mean about constant charging of enemies... trust me you'll like I hope this is the sort of thing you're after sysdevja. http://ww2ec.3dactionplanet.gamespy.com/download.php?view.137 sim
  17. sim


    The main mod campaign will implement GB handsignals to add maximum realism when out on patrol
  18. sim


    Should be fixed in update sim
  19. sim


    Civvies and local saigon ladies... if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge ) will be in the full mod. Yes you should
  20. sim


    @[HC]Para Maybe a Meekong remake with our veg? hint hint hint
  21. sim

    FDFMOD 1.4 OUT

    Excellent... downloading now You sneeky buggers