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    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    What do you mean by this, do you have a screenshot? It's the custom face texture being mis-aligned, parts of it appear on the helmet and hands instead. Also the viet face textures have a face within a face. Like This Isn't the reason for this because its a Llauma face mapped onto a BIS face? When playing with standard VTE troops it shouldn't appear like that.
  2. sim

    Liberation 1941-45 Mod patch 1.09

    What you need to do is create a seperate folder for each mod... here is how: Creating Mod Folders by Hawkins Very simple and makes your ofp run a lot smoother Btw good job Lib team. Will be checking this one out
  3. sim

    Vietnam: The Experience v0.4

    That campaign never reached a decent state before it was released, probably why you are having a problem with it.
  4. sim

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    Glad to here that mate. Can't wait
  5. sim

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    Looking good mate. This island will make for some very interesting MP missions
  6. sim

    official complaint to BIS

    People really need to chill with the constant sarcy comments! Okay ... good. I understand what many of you are saying, the state of the game, no it is not perfect, then again neither was ofp. Was it playable? yes it was, is ArmA playable, yes it is. Did ofp have bugs on the first release? yes it did. If i recall correctly it had some seriously horrible bugs that put me off playing the game for around a month. One day I randomly picked up ofp and felt like playing it and since then I have loved it. All these patches then came out and turned it into a brilliant game. I believe ArmA is going to be exactly the same. To the people who are saying they feel ripped off, how the hell have you been ripped off?! When ofp CWC came out it was pretty much in the same state as ArmA. Just have some trust in BIS, they do not ignore their community despite what you may thing at the moment. It will all be good eventually. Unfortunately you DO have to be patient... trust me, it really isn't that hard!
  7. sim

    Vietnam Bunkers Addon

    Erm.... *drool*
  8. The thing is what we released was an ALPHA DEMO. Dude what we have to come is a hell of a lot better than the demo except this time we are not gonna let people rush us into releasing it.
  9. I know this might be to push it, but i think it is constructive, maybe it was overreacting, I even asked some friends to see if it would be within reason (they said no so i presumed it was close enough). Anyway, I think it was constructive since it did point on the issue, also showed i done some creative for the CWR goal.. (to import OFP stuff to ArmA). I would say it was a post that had some humour, was creative and constructive, helped people with a vision on how the final result can be and inspired a discussion about the CWR information sharing policy. Now, I might be wrong here, but I dont see so much other posts that are so constructive but more a team with "we might do this, or that.. just be sure this will be cool we let you know when its done". Â It just remind me of a number of projects that all failed. OWN (the swedish mod), "Unsung" and before that the vietnam mod from seventh. Normaly there is a saying that the most dangerous a leader can surround himself with is people that only says yes. Think about that next time someone criticize. And I would totaly understand if you warned me that the language was bad, but don't say its not constructive, it is. Hmmm I might have not have understood you correctly but Unsung... failed? As for not carrying over the Red Hammer campaign, thank you That was not the best campaign ever made for ofp...
  10. Atm I said ofp1 purely cos ArmA lags a fair bit (not too badly, but just enough to annoy me). Also in the last few days I've had ofp inspiration! Very... very... very rare these days!!!
  11. The Unsung is released people  Yes after years of hard work we finally have a demo for you all to show you all what we are about. In this demo the following is included: US Early War Marines Vietcong NVA Ghostland Island 3 Mission demo campaign and thanks to the following for letting us use their great addons - OFP.INFO for hosting our site and Cervo for his great testing SEB - for his great work and letting us use some of it CSJ - for his kool Hueys Sanctuary - For his great patrol anims Maddmatt - for teaching me a lot about scripting and his great burn script! TOW Mod - for letting us use their chopper Fab (for his guru advice ) Drow for starting this mod Offtime for the work he did on the models and textures as well as Sgt. Stryker for his great textures! and everyone for their support in this long process. Soon we will release details of the main mod features. Download here ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/mods/unsung demo.rar Required Addons: ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/mods/unsadditionaladdons.rar ftp://www.gamezone.cz/ofpd/mods/unsadditionaladdons.rar The Unsung Team: Addon Makers: CJ525, Minorthreat Missions: sim, Warrior X Scripting: CJE, CJ525 Textures: CJ525 Once again thanks a lot ofp.info Enjoy and don't forget the feeback!!! After a lot of peoples comments CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism only, otherwise don't bother posting at all. cheers sim EDIT: ALSO REQUIRED, ICP RPG: ftp://www.gamezone.cz:8021/ofpd/unofaddons2/icprpg.rar EDIT 2: <span style='color:"red"'>After people were getting a crashing problem with the campaign I looked into it and thought it may very well of been to do with the icprpg7. So I updated the campaign files and here is the new version, let me know if works. Thanks to Maddmatt for helping me go through the files</span> http://hawknam.net/Charlies_Jungle_Update.zip EDIT 3:<span style='color:"red"'>This update concerning the AI line of sight is really polished since it doesn't give you any advantage or disadvantage against the IA, which is something really great on a dense environment like there is on these islands! If you never tried this mod or if you gave up at the first mission it's really the time to give this great mod a second chance! You just replace the old files with the new files in the rared file. We've decided to release this fix so the community wont have to wait and there is no need to wait for the missions pack to be ready .. which should be ready very soon,with the mission update the weapon mag fix will be included.</span> Island Fix: Island Fix Download Link 1 Island Fix Download Link 2
  12. sim

    VBS-Style Markers

    Think about the amount of stuff that has been converted by the community for ofp, I really doubt you will get in trouble ... just for a few markers
  13. As far as I am aware HWTL is required because a custom sky has been used in this mod. I once turned off HWTL to try and get better performance but my current Unsung folder ran unsung custom sky, so it would always CTD and I couldnt for the life of me figure out why. Then I turned it back on just fiddling and it worked straight away. Â
  14. sim

    Armed Assault is missing quite a few basics

    Jeez, the amount of offensive posts is rather shocking, especially from the more experienced members... I first started playing ofp the day it was released and you know what, I thought it was shite. Then I played it again two weeks later and for some odd reason fell in love with it For someone who was used to games like Half Life then, it was a big changeover to have to think tactically about what I had to do. This is exactly the same as for someone new who is used to CoD, MoH, BF, etc etc. It will take them time to adjust. @.:50Ca_}{_Fe(A)R:. (blimey that's a name to type ) I say play the full game first mate, trust me, you have to play it for a while but soon you'll be chucking Moh and CS out the window Don't let some of these responces push you out the community. sim
  15. sim

    Peformance on demo compared to full game

    Oh come on! You call that a video card? I'm a student with barely any free time, so apart from the couple of days at the weekend where I can work I don't make an awful amount of money so I can't afford a top notch card, I also run a car... and yes I do call it a video card as it is classed as one... How about adding something constructive? Also I'm getting better perfomance with it than a lot of guys who have better so I think it works just fine.
  16. sim

    Peformance on demo compared to full game

    So is the demo giving better performance? I really cannot understand how you are recieving such a poor performance from the game when your system is superior to mine. What are all the settings you are running it on?
  17. sim

    Peformance on demo compared to full game

    The thing is a lot of people haven't played with their settings enough, I spent a good hour on mine trying to get it perfect.
  18. sim

    Peformance on demo compared to full game

    20 - 25fps   That aint bad at all really, hell its not ideal but at the same time there are a lot of people out there who would love that sort of performance from ArmA (EDIT: For example Danny252 replied as I was typing my post, perfect example!  and as for 30 - 35fps My fps is probably around 25-30 in open and 15 - 20 in cities. It's not ideal (actually I quite like it) but I've tweaked the best I can and my machine is: Emachines P4 512 ram (that's right!  ) Geforce 6600LE It's a two year old machine and if I can get that sort of perfomance out of it with settings on low and normal, viewdistance 950, then i'm sure others can as well. Â
  19. sim

    Best camaign ever made?

    @Hamis, you got the link wrong I'm afraid mate. Retaliation ^ is the right one sim
  20. As ProfTournesol said all you need to do to get a unit to start with the weapon on their back is in the init field type: this setBehaviour "SAFE". Or if you want to do it from the missions init.sqs type: UnitName setBehaviour "SAFE" sim
  21. sim

    La Drang Valley map released!

    *COUGH* Unsung Mod *COUGH* Downloaded this now, off to have a play!
  22. sim

    La Drang Valley map released!

    Looks very nice dude. Will download it when I get home. oh btw, its Ia Drang, not La. Simple mistake though
  23. sim

    Combined Arms Engine

    I haven't actually played this but by the sounds of things tacrod hasn't used CoC because he wanted to create his own Command Engine, a far more easier to use one. I might download it and give it a try.
  24. sim

    Tonal Update

    Wow! Awesome work Ebud, simply stunning Good job dude!
  25. This is not an official Unsung Project but is made by one of our very talented team members, Hawkins. Ashau Valley... dare to walk in it?  Hope you enjoyed that lot  sim