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  1. sim

    The Cause Campaign

    Gotta agree there, seriously challenging! Reminds me of the resistance campaign
  2. sim

    The Cause Campaign

    Damn only just started playing this campaign and I'm already hooked! Best custom made campaign I've played for ArmA so far, really brings back that old classic ofp mission feel which has been lost somewhere in the last few years, great work mate! Will certainly keep a look out for more of your work
  3. sim

    The Unsung Vietnam war MOD

    The plan so far is to have NVA and VC missions, most likely aswell a VC mini campaign.
  4. I'll most probably buy ofp 2 but I really can't see Codemasters giving us patches with extra addons and bug fixes very often like BIS does with ofp/arma.
  5. sim

    OFP crash

    I take it your copy of ofp is legit aswell?
  6. sim

    Ww1 minimod

    I assume the unit dies...
  7. So this is what you've been up to mate! Looking very nice! Keep up the good work
  8. sim

    The best war movie ever

    Mine have got to be: Platoon Full Metal Jacket Enemy at the Gates Jarhead Apacolypse Now and Tour of Duty (it's not a film but it was a brilliant and emotional TV series).
  9. sim

    In Country

    Yeah Hawkins has fixed it now so that you won't be able to take charge in the first few missions, you camp out in a night defence position and continue to Dolly the next day Not sure when the updated version is coming out as Hawkins is fairly busy with RL things atm, I'm sure he'll let you know soon.
  10. sim

    In Country

    With all the versions I've tested i've never actually encountered this weird stopping error I'm gonna play again in a bit and report back, this is strange EDIT: Okay just beent testing and came across a couple of bugs before I got to the ville. 1. After my LT was killed and the SGT took over I got this error: '(leader _group) join GrpNull |#|': Error join: Type Object, expected Array. 2. It was an MG next to the trail and after I killed him I got a hint saying "dead", lol. Assuame that was when you were doing some testing to make sure it worked ok Have to pop out now, will carry on testing this afternoon
  11. Happy Birthday Marek! Hope you have a good one!
  12. sim

    Earthquake in UK Epicentre near Hull

    Yeah i'd just fallen asleep and it woke me up, sounded and felt like a herd of elephants was rolling down my roof, scared the shit outta me!
  13. sim


    I saw it a few weeks ago and enjoyed it If you think about a lot of monsters you see in modern films they kinda suck when you see them up close, I thought they did a pretty good job with this one, I guess it helped because you didn't tend to see too much of it. My gf didn't like the ending, much like a lot of you she wanted to know more about it, I kinda figured it would end like that seeing as what was said at the beginning about the tape being found. A sequal would be cool but they'd have to make it so perfectly as normally a sequal to this type of movie would be fairly crappy...
  14. sim

    Ross Kemp in Afghanistan

    Excellent stuff! I watched the first and last episode and thought both were brilliant, unfortunately I missed the episodes in the middle Cheers Architect!
  15. sim

    Omaha Beach obstacles

    Try this pack: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=7710 and also this one: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=6553
  16. sim

    How to start CWR mod...

    Go into the folder in which you installed ArmA, for me: C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA In there you should find a MS-DOS file called cwr or if you've installed the 1.09 fix then it should be called cwr_on_ArmA_betapatch. Just double click on either and it will launch the CWR mod, simple
  17. Glad you figured it out without much help, makes picking things up a lot easier sometimes
  18. Could you possibly paste your description.ext file so I could have a look at it?
  19. sim

    ArmA Effects

    There is a good video of the RPG being fired: Check out the last two minutes of it.
  20. sim

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    Performance is good, my machine is a: P4 2.8ghz 512mb 256mb Geforce 6600LE Runs perfectly, I don't think you should worry about performance at all
  21. sim

    Vietnam Island

    Wow, didn't notice this before mate Looks very nice, you've actually sparked up some inspiration in me for ArmA. Maybe a bit more ground veg here and there and some more grass for Charles to lay down in. Keep up the good work
  22. sim

    Can Giuoc

    Yeah you did submit it once but when ofpec had its major crash it was lost I do believe and therefore never reviewed.
  23. sim

    Average age of the "Flashpointer"

    Being playing ofp since it was released. I was 12 then, I'm 18 now... how time flies! Â
  24. sim

    ArmA Effects

    Hey matt, damn you have been busy since I last spoke to you! Normally you can never be bothered to do any work This might actually make me brush the dust off my ArmA disc and try it out, still need more ram though. You'll get an update August 1st I do believe, 4 days
  25. sim

    A brand new real life mission

    Popkas objects doesn't work Ah well, all the other downloads work bar that  Just one addon to hunt down. EDIT: Just found out that the alternate link for Popkas objects from the first post still works