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  1. sim

    Falklands mod progress

    Both mods have said that
  2. Then I suggest that you make your initial release as planned and then redo what you have to
  3. These look really good, What % would you say they are? Can't wait sim
  4. sim

    Operation Black Mamba - UPDATED!

  5. sim

    How to?

    Audacity and Goldwave are basically the same thing @macca Yeah that was a good tut in the beginning, but now there are simplar ways of converting etc sim
  6. sim

    How to?

    You'll need to convert it to .ogg as that is the format ofp uses. To do this goto http://www.goldwave.com. Grab that program then load up your whatever file into there, save it as blah with the extension as .ogg Now you are ready to stick it into the game, you need to do the description.ext for this. Grab an example one from here http://www.ofpec.com sim
  7. sim

    Ardennes WWII maps

    There isn't a completed one out yet, and Johns is full of bugs as olemiss said. Winter Kolgujev is good for Winter ww2 missions though
  8. sim

    Blackblood's desert grunts

    He's probs been really busy but hopefully
  9. sim

    WWIIEC Operation Hexenjagd

    I don't think so actually. I used the bangalore to blow up that massive horde of zombies that came after you just before you met the dogs for the 1st time
  10. sim

    WWIIEC Operation Hexenjagd

    You really should Barron, it's worth it
  11. Erm... Hawkins released a mission recently called Dak To and in the mission he had the choppers hovering and the men jumping out, maybe you could have a look at how he did it, I'm sure he'd let you, he's a good guy really   Does that work, I swear the command is <table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td>Code Sample </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE">this switchmove "combattocrouch". sim
  12. sim

    joke :)

    That lives in Drury Lane?
  13. Seb Nam pack is bigger than that is it not? No there arn't any other ones, you could always use a download manager
  14. This mod is not going to die!!! We won't let it!!! Â Well once again good luck mate, wish you the best Keep in touch if you can
  15. sim

    Pope Given Last Rites

    R.I.P He was a good man...
  16. sim

    A message to Catholic/Italian members

    Which means?
  17. sim

    Best Jungle Island

    Dak Seang works perfectly if you lower the view distance in the mission and add a bit of fog, which also adds to the atmosphere
  18. sim

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    Hmmm someone hinting there?
  19. sim

    WWIIEC : Caen 1944

    Yes they will be getting a bit more muddy in time to come, these guys look like they are fresh out of training. Later on they will look like the toughest muddiest S.O.Bs ever!! sim (wwIIec Staff)
  20. sim

    Real life spidermen

    I have a mate who's good at this sort of thing I personally love it, it's amazing athletasism and they put on a great display
  21. sim

    Bushfires Mod

    I'll test the new config in a bit matt, i really will this time
  22. sim

    Ia Trang

    It's Ia Drang not Trang btw That was a mistake made by the Select This when he first made the original island.
  23. sim

    M34 "Willie Peter" Grenade

    Did he borrow any of your work? I really like the idea of a WP, love the 'nam era, would make a nice edition to ofp nam players. Maybe PM a scripter such as general barron or someone like that
  24. sim

    The Lost world Mod - jarrasic park

    Yeah nice gory wound textures Some very good pics Aahz and oh btw, welcome to the forums