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  1. sim

    New vietnam campaign

    hey mate I'm still availiable for more voice acting
  2. sim

    Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder

    Those are wicked!!
  3. sim

    Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder

    Why not donate them to the star wars mod? I'm sure they could use them in some way
  4. Go into single missions and they are in a seperate folder..
  5. sim

    UK Desert(ed) troops = BLEED 1.0

    Ok now that's all cleared up we can go back ON topic unless you all want the mods to come in here Can't wait for these BB!
  6. sim

    UK Desert(ed) troops = BLEED 1.0

    The woodland is there because they don't have enough of the DPMs to go round or so it was in the gulf war 2. Great looking troops blackblood!!!
  7. sim


    I never really got the hang of o2 but I'm currently learning 3DS Max for later on in life, might use it for ofp if i get good enough.
  8. sim

    OFP videography

    Redface damn nice video, loved the WW2 stuff at the beginning
  9. sim

    Tonal SP Missions

    He already said he had
  10. sim

    Operation Hippo

    Whoops, my bad
  11. sim

    Operation Hippo

    Can you update the link please? It's dead
  12. sim

    Dynamic Afghanistan - DELTA FORCE

    Wow looking really nice
  13. sim

    Star Wars mod

    lol he said that, go back a page and you'll see
  14. sim

    Star Wars mod

    That is amazing!!!!!!! You rock dude!!!
  15. sim

    Operation Hippo

    Kool can't wait to play this Love ofp WW2
  16. sim

    Vietnam: The Experience

    Are you a member of any of these?  Are you helping them?  Are you posting anything constructive or positive  simple answer: NO I hope this will be released and I'm sure when it is it will be very good to play.
  17. sim

    Star Wars mod

    This looks brilliant
  18. sim

    dak seang island

    Me either, my fog is about 0.5 and I don't have a massive amount of lag and my machine might be good but it isn't that great. Lower your viewdistance aswell.
  19. And this is where the arguments kick off from. Just let ECP do their work.
  20. Maybe with in the next few days... we hope
  21. sim

    New vietnam campaign

    That's ok, this campaign is really fun to play Just needs the last mission and iron out the annoying bugs and all the odds and sods but I can't talk for Warrior X.
  22. sim

    Revenge of the Sith -no thread yet?

    People people people, Jedis have always fought like ninjas! In the original 3 Obi-Wan is an old man so he can no longer do what he used to do, Darth Vader is getting on a bit and he can't do what he used to in his suit. I think yoda would kill himself or make himself seriously ill if he started jumping around like he does when it reaches episode V. That's it, there are no more Jedi.... so knowone can train Luke to learn the old Jedi fighting ways.
  23. sim

    New vietnam campaign

    He is still working, please be patient, real life is an aspect.
  24. sim

    Shoot and Scoot!

    Erm I'm not sure whether this will help but there is a script over at ofpec, soz don't have the time right now to find it, but it lets the AI fire off a shot, then move to a random gamelogic and so on, it is for snipers but maybe you could edit it
  25. sim

    Revenge of the Sith -no thread yet?

    Yup, maybe we'll see that in the upcoming cartoons they're going to make  I loved this film, I'd say it's up there with the Empire strikes back. EDIT: Lucas forgot about Qui Gon Jinn, he isn't in the force at the end of Episode VI Unless its remastered in on the DVDs, I only have the remastered vids