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  1. A magnificent piece of work, this terrain offers a lot of possibilities for mission makers. Regards, Sander
  2. The new kit, British and Dutch, will appear in missions in due time. It is just that I have been preoccupied with different content updates for CWR2. It will make Victor wonder what the hell Gabriel is wearing. Regards, Sander
  3. sander

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Somehow the quality control does seem pretty reminiscent of the Trabant in this case. Regards, Sander
  4. sander

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    It is salvageable if only there had been put some effort into proper planning, preparation and testing. As it is one can take screenshots of the contents, but the DLC is not usable for mission making through the appalling config work that fails to match up to the quality of some of the models and textures. The configs are barely sufficient to make the contents visible in the game, but no thought appears to have been put into making it work in a consistent fashion. That makes the whole package basically useless. Regards, Sander
  5. sander

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    They asked money for it, so they have an obligation to the customer to deliver a good product that is fit for purpose. What was released last year was riddled with so many bugs, ones that were moreover rather easy to detect and are rather easy to fix that a patch would be necessary to make the DLC meet basic quality standards. Having some experience with creating content it would by my judgement not require that much effort to implement these fixes. Regards, Sander
  6. sander

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    It does not really bode well that a paid for product without any support of any kind for over a year, has all work on such support on hold for another product that will require months of work to make its 'final' release actually contain something described as the heart of the game (http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/06/13/bohemia-on-carrier-command-arma-iii/#more-62046). When will BIS finally start to properly address the problems in ACR? It was released in a pretty poor state and 12 months without support has really exhausted customer patience. Regards, Sander
  7. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Overview of required contents It is a required addon that is downloadable separately from the main mod, the Cold War Rearmed² – Royal Netherlands Army expansion, as referenced in the readme.txt. Regards, Sander
  8. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Version 3.8 contains updates to a couple of missions and five new coops to bring the total number up to a round 100. New files: co04_cwr2_sand_message.intro.pbo co06_cwr2_duck_soup.cwr2_canard.pbo co08_cwr2_debit_column.cain.pbo co09_cwr2_brad_heads.adam.pbo co09_cwr2_brad_line.abel.pbo Sand Message has RNLMC special forces raid Soviet installations on desert island. Duck Soup features a raid by Dutch Marines to take out coastal artillery. Debit Column has a raiding party ambush a convoy before attacking a base. Brad Heads features an attack by mechanised infantry to clear obstacles. Brad Line has mechanised infantry clear enemy forces from two locations. Download current version Regards, Sander
  9. Those locked missions were a part of an earlier version of the Winter Kolgujev release. Old separate release thread It is still available on arma2base.de as a download if you want to get hold of the old files. Regards, Sander
  10. sander

    Development Blog & Reveals

    It might be worthwhile to actually look at the linked page before pointing fingers at people for supposedly lying: <span class="info-text" style="left: 5px;top: 8px;"><a href="http://arma3.com" target="_blank" title="Arma 3 Website">the latest installment of the tactical military simulation</a></span> That page does in fact refer to Arma 3 as an installment of a tactical military simulation. Regards, Sander
  11. This can be accomplished in several ways. If you want all the weapons of the tank inactive you might most easily remove all its ammunition using the ammo slider to the extreme left when placing the vehicle in the editor. It may also be the case that you only wish to disable one of its weapons, for example the main gun, and in that case you would leave the slider as is and add an instruction for particular types of magazines to be removed in the initialisation line of the vehicle. If it is an Abrams tank where you would just like to disable the ability of the main gun, then you would remove the HE and Sabot magazines with the instruction: this removemagazine "20Rnd_120mmSABOT_M1A2"; this removemagazine "20Rnd_120mmHE_M1A2"; or: anAbrams removeMagazineTurret ["20Rnd_120mmSABOT_M1A2",[0]]; anAbrams removeMagazineTurret ["20Rnd_120mmHE_M1A2",[0]]; In the trigger you could then add the magazine again, though there you would need to specify the name of the vehicle (for example anAbrams), by putting a text in the on activation field: anAbrams addmagazine "20Rnd_120mmSABOT_M1A2"; anAbrams addmagazine "20Rnd_120mmHE_M1A2"; or: anAbrams addMagazineTurret ["20Rnd_120mmSABOT_M1A2",[0]]; anAbrams addMagazineTurret ["20Rnd_120mmHE_M1A2",[0]]; The lists of magazines can be found on the BIS Wiki: Arma 2 weapons Operation Arrowhead and DLC weapons Regards, Sander
  12. sander

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    In that case postponement till after release of a much needed patch may save you disappointment and aggravation. Regards, Sander
  13. You are welcome. Operation Arrowhead introduced a new setting for vehicles: allowCrewInImmobile By setting this to true AI crew members will not automatically leave a vehicle which has broken tracks or wrecked wheels. A delay can be set bij specifying a value to the Min, Med and Max settings for a TimeOut type, that will ensure it will only kick off once it has been true for a specifief amount of time (in seconds). You can read more about it on the BIS Wiki entry on triggers here. Regards, Sander
  14. Yes, that is possible with a trigger checking for the damage done to the vehicle. You would first need to name that vehicle (for example: aTarget) and then have a check to see whether the amount of damage inflicted exceeds a certain value. For practical purposes 0.99 is a good level of damage as a damage value of 1 means that the vehicle is destroyed and will start to catch fire. Therefore the on condition field of the trigger should check for the following text. (getDammage aTarget >= 0.99) The type of trigger should preferably be set to End2: End1 is the default ending chosen when entering a cheat code and one should deny cheaters the satisfaction of getting the impression of mission success when doing so. The missions in A2 end automatically when there are no playable units left, but it is good practice nonetheless to add a specific check. In the on condition field of the trigger put: (count playableUnits == 0) Here the type of trigger should be set to a differently numbered End than the other trigger, for example End3. For debriefing texts one shopuld have corresponding entries in the briefing.html file. Regards, Sander
  15. sander

    Army of the Czech Republic DLC

    Today marks one year since this bug riddled release for ACR, still without any support at all provided for this rather poor quality paid for content. When can the customer expect the DLC to be finally brought up to a decent standard? Regards, Sander
  16. Troop trial vehicles of the Warrior, with the original rear door arrangement later changed as a result of feed back from the trials, did particpate in the Exercise Lionheart in 1984. They featured in the SSVC reports of the BAOR exercise at the time. Regards, Sander
  17. My money would be on a file that overwrites a default base class that the CWR2 content inherits from rather than a specific replacement config for just the XM177E2. Please try for example the Rifleman (XMS) and see if it is affected by the same problem, then try out the default ARMA II crewman, which is equipped with an M4A1. If the latter also display the animation for a carbine with a vertical forward grip it would indicate that a base class is overwritten. Regards, Sander
  18. Are you absolutely sure about that? Perhaps you may have some files left in the default Addons folder instead of an activated mod folder. The grip animation for a weapon is determined by the config of a weapon. Therefore all units carrying that weapon will use the animation for that weapon. No doubt when you use other units equipped with the XM177E2, for example the CWR2 US Army pilot or any unit provided with it in the init line, it will display the same grip animation. The fault situation strongly suggests that you have a replacement mod of some kind still present that overrides a default game animation. Regards, Sander
  19. With regard to lights being on it is usually better to use the safe or careless behaviour setting for vehicles that are supposed to move to a certain location, as it may take significantly longer for them to arrive should they be set to stealth or combat mode. At night this will involve AI crew turning on all lights on the vehicle. To avoid the boat being lit up like a Christmas tree, both by itself and the opposing forces, one could deliberately damage the lights to achieve a more reliable approach provided by the safe setting without the atmosphere breaking lights advertising its presence. Regards, Sander
  20. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Version 3.7 contains updates to the majority of missions for compatibility with the current CWR2 Beta release as well as five new missions to bring the total of coops in the pack to 95. New files co04_cwr2_bear_head.eden.pbo co06_cwr2_unsound_track.eden.pbo co08_cwr2_red_zone.abel.pbo co09_cwr2_flank_stake.abel.pbo co10_cwr2_square_shooter.adam.pbo Bear Head has a sniper team gain intelligence in order to track down and kill an enemy commander. Unsound Track has mechanised infantry acquire a repair vehicle to bring their Bradley back to running order for an attack. Red Zone features a raid by Spetsnaz to destroy electronics, liberate a prisoner, take out a comms post and eliminate air defences. Flank Stake has light infantry defend the village of Arudy against Soviet probing attacks. Square Shooter features an attack by British mechanised troops to gain and hold the village of Saint Adam. Download current version Regards, Sander
  21. A nice scenario indeed, enjoyed it a lot. Regards, Sander
  22. It might be helpful to provide the name of the mission if you wish to get some help. Regards, Sander
  23. Don't get too comfortable on the water, after all the Soviet patrol boat made it into CWR2 only recently. The lack of trust in woods is partially due to the LOD configuration in this game series: every form of plant life must mandatorily have at least one LOD resembling a crouched enemy cradling a weapon. Regards, Sander
  24. Current version: 2.9 with 64 coop missions The BAF coop mission pack contains a number of multiplayer coop missions that can be used with Combined Operations (Arma II and Operation Arrowhead) and the British Armed Forces downloadable content. Files included in the initial release: co06_baf_crash_tackle.Takistan.pbo co06_baf_high_beams.Chernarus.pbo co06_baf_travel_restrictions.Chernarus.pbo Crash Tackle is a mission in Takistan in which a recce patrol has to inspect and destroy a downed coalition UAV High Beams is a mission in Chernarus featuring a parachute unit dropped behind enemy lines to gather intelligence on a new radar Travel Restrictions is a mission in Chernarus in which an infantry squad has to ambush enemy reaction forces Download current version Regards, Sander
  25. sander

    BAF coop mission pack

    Then it was probably a fluke. It should not matter at all whether the backpacks are carried by players or not. Once the distance between the ammo crate underneath and the backpack exceeds a value the variable is set and once both variables have been set to 1 the helicopter will proceed from its hover towards the extraction zone. The chopper will not run out of fuel as a patrol loop of an AI on the map will ensure its automagically topped up every time it passes a waypoint. The Wildcat helicopter has a strange tendency to occasionally go berserk on certain parts of terrain when flown by AI, but that has not (yet) been observed on Takistan. In the Withdrawal Symptoms mission it can happen once in a while that the helicopter pilot starts to make a roll and may crash into the trees (this can cause destruction of a helicopter even when it is set to allowDamage false) when it is flying from the Guba inlet towards the LZ. A backup trigger should kick off in such circumstances to end the mission regardless, but this is to cover a rare eventuality linked to a particular spot. It does not seem to affect the flight path of the Wildcat when flying through the valley from Gospandi to Mulladost. Regards, Sander