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    CWR2 coop pack

    There is a zero chance of these missions being ported into Arma 3. From the CWR2 readme: Besides I cannot be bothered with a Steam only game. There will be additions and updates to this pack for some time for Arma II though. Regards, Sander
  2. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    You're welcome. --- Version 4.2 contains a couple of updated missions to correct minor issues as well as three new coops to bring the total to 145. New files: co04_cwr2_dragon_beam.drachenfels.pbo co08_cwr2_bear_claw.cwr2_eilte.pbo co09_cwr2_sudden_yank.cwr2_david.pbo Dragon Beam features a raid by a commando team against a Soviet radar installation on Drachenfels. Bear Claw has a Spetsnaz team ambush combat engineers before raiding a command post and securing a bridge. Sudden Yank features a Ranger squad rescuing a prisoner before destroying a bridge and eliminating a traitor. Download current version Regards, Sander
  3. Wonderful news, just as I was restarting work on expanding my mission pack for it. Regards, Sander
  4. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Version 4.1 of the coop pack contains 17 new missions to bring the total of included coops up to 142. Please note that the newly released Saint David and Eilte terrains (Armaholic) are needed for many of the additions. New files": co04_cwr2_degrade_crossing.cwr2_david.pbo co05_cwr2_touch_base.cwr2_david.pbo co06_cwr2_alternative_denial.noe.pbo co06_cwr2_current_resistance.adam.pbo co06_cwr2_level_crossing.cwr2_eilte.pbo co06_cwr2_misguided_missiles.cwr2_david.pbo co06_cwr2_stop_dead.cwr2_david.pbo co06_cwr2_trade_secret.cwr2_david.pbo co08_cwr2_fal_prey.cwr2_david.pbo co08_cwr2_para_gone.cwr2_eilte.pbo co09_cwr2_brad_october.cain.pbo co09_cwr2_bushmaster_stroke.cwr2_eilte.pbo co09_cwr2_hedge_creeper.adam.pbo co09_cwr2_mech_daddy.cwr2_david.pbo co09_cwr2_star_track.eden.pbo co10_cwr2_a_bridged_edition.cwr2_eilte.pbo co10_cwr2_dushman_friday.cwr2_david.pbo A short summary of the missions is provided in the readme.txt file, which is included in full in the first post of the thread. Download current version Regards, Sander
  5. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Actually, they can. Some cause the initialisation period to be extended to such an extent that missions fail to initialise properly because of all the non integral scripting being processed at the expense of the init statements in the mission file itself. They can cause such a delay that missions that feature an imminent attack on the player group have the players slaughtered well before initialisation has finished and players actually get into the mission. It has been observed how various AI mods also cause AI to behave very differently when they are to move over large distances. Units that in vanilla A2/OA would be proceeding flawlessly become hopelessly confused and fail to cover any ground at all. Especially vehicles with long distance waypoints can gain inordinate amounts of delay with AI mods activated, deciding to halt and recalculate routes repeatedly instead of deciding on the route and then sticking to it. For these reasons no other addons except for CWR2 are supported. Regards, Sander
  6. In case the regular methods with buildingpos statements and waypoints do not work, use simple setpos statements to place the units manually at specified heights. If a group of AI is given a move waypoint to a specified position in a building, this tends to cause them to occupy the very same spot. It is not only the AI leader occupying the position, but also his subordinates. Regards, Sander
  7. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Thanks for the feedback. Regards, Sander
  8. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Thanks for your feedback. Use of addons can influence missions, so please report issues occurring with a clean CWR2 Beta R6 install. I do not vouch for any other addons. Regards, Sander
  9. Should not interfere and do not interfere are not in fact the same thing. Please provide only report errors that occur when running the bare CWR2 mod and make sure you are running the latest version of the campaign, the one referenced in the link provided by Marcomio. Regards, Sander
  10. Version 1.3 contains an update as well as four new missions to bring the total number of included coops to a round twenty. New files: co05_cwr2_contra_rotation.trinity.pbo co08_cwr2_personnel_column.trinity.pbo co09_cwr2_take_five.trinity.pbo co10_cwr2_wing_tracked.trinity.pbo Contra Rotation has resistance fighters ambush Soviets before stealing explosives needed to destroy a bridge. Personnel Column involves an ambush of Soviet vehicles and reaction forces by a resistance group that proceeds to attack an enemy base. Take Five features an attack by British light armour with the aim of clearing rebel forces from five villages. Wing Tracked has a guerilla band attack an enemy airfield in order to destroy aircraft, air defences and radar installations. Download current version Regards, Sander
  11. Current version: 1.3 with 20 missions The Trinity CWR2 coop mission pack contains a number of coop missions that can also be played in SP with the player taking on the role of squad leader. The initial release contains five missions set on the Trinity island using the Cold War Rearmed 2 mod. Files included: co06_cwr2_heat_signature.trinity.pbo co06_cwr2_specific_charge.trinity.pbo co08_cwr2_maine_effort.trinity.pbo co08_cwr2_marine_engineering.trinity.pbo co09_cwr2_bear_losses.trinity.pbo Heat Signature features a defence against armour and infantry followed up by a counter-attack. Specific Charge has an infantry patrol raid a radar site and ballistic missile launcher. Maine Effort has British troops lure out and destroy Soviet armour before attacking a village. Marine Engineering features an ambush of a Soviet column and subsequent attacks on enemy positions. Bear Losses has infantry clear out Soviet troops from three locations on Statton Island. Download current version Regards, Sander
  12. sander

    Hi everyone!

    No, it is not possible to play with user mods, as indicated on the overview on the BIS site. A2F allows you to try out the game and if you like it enough, you could buy the full game and gain the additional advantages of HQ texturing and the ability to use mods. Regards, Sander
  13. Nice work on these missions, keep it up. One suggestion for the Rangers mission is to make binoculars available to the group leader, either by defining it in the init line of the character (this addweapon "Binocular";) or by making it available in the weapon selection. A commander's task is to direct the other team members rather than to handle weapons himself so the field glasses are an essential piece of kit to exercise group command. Regards, Sander
  14. As one mission contained a fault that made it too easy, version 1.21 contains a fixed version as well as a single additional mission. New file: co04_cwr2_stock_control.trinity.pbo Stock Control features a raid by Army Rangers to track down and eliminate guerilla caches of MANPADS. Download current version Regards, Sander
  15. Try attaching invisible objects that are destructible by small arms fire to a tank and make the AI target those objects instead of the armoured vehicle to give the illusion of small arms fire aimed at heavy armour. Use the hideObject to make an object invisible to players. As the objects might be destroyed too soon for your purposes, you may consider making them indestructible for a while with allowDamage statements. Regards, Sander
  16. sander

    RCIR coop missions

    Thanks for the feedback. The pack is in need of overhaul to take into account changes made with Operation Arrowhead that have influence on a Combined Operations set up. One of the unfortunate results of apparent lack of regression testing by BIS is the fact that the inheritance structure of boats is affected which results in the CRRC not able to store magazines. This makes the spare ammunition in the boats in this particular mission not available to apply the second rule of universal problem solving (*1* any problem in the world can be removed using explosives *2* if use of explosives did not make the problem go away, add more). In case the objective does not tick off it might be that indeed the truck is destroyed, but not the machinegun or AA launcher. In that case putting a magazine or two into the attached static weapon might do the trick. --- The 117 includes duplicates, as the pack was intended for use with the addons I made right after release of A2. There were near identical default versions added for use with vanilla A2. At some point in the future an update will be released as the missions are slowly reworked to incorporate lessons learned in the intervening years (eg bullet proof briefings that do not result into duplication of briefings for players on respawn) and to counter the effects of changes in AI (making helicopter extractions more dependable as assignAsCargo statements at some point were no longer sufficient to make AI mount up, but absolutely required an orderGetIn statement to make them actually board the chopper). Regards, Sander
  17. As my addons are intended for use in missions instead of screenshots, I created a number of missions using the RCIR addons. Three of the coops are conversions of original missions released by W0lle, who permitted reuse in the readme provided he received due credit for his original work. From the readme.txt: Current version: Download most recent version --- Download at Armaholic Regards, Sander
  18. The existing missions have been revised and three new missions were added in Version 1.2 of this pack. New files: co06_cwr2_ambush_league.trinity.pbo co08_cwr2_sixtyfours_field.trinity.pbo co09_cwr2_echo_ranging.trinity.pbo Ambush League has British soldiers intercept an enemy column and destroy ammunition supplies while withdrawing back to their own lines. Sixtyfours' Field features a raid by Spetsnaz to locate and destroy helicopter gunships. Echo Ranging has light infantry attack and hold a town in expectation of reinforcements. Download current version Regards, Sander
  19. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    You are welcome. Regards, Sander
  20. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    The 4.0 version of this coop pack contains updates to numerous missions to correct minor problems as well as 20 new missions, many of which take advantage of the updated FIA units available in beta release six of CWR2, to bring the total of included mission files to a solid 125. New files: co04_cwr2_gunship_wreck.cain.pbo co04_cwr2_smoke_colum.eden.pbo co05_cwr2_route_pressure.abel.pbo co05_cwr2_storage_track.noe.pbo co05_cwr2_wet_work.noe.pbo co06_cwr2_plaster_saint.eden.pbo co06_cwr2_rounds_incomplete.cain.pbo co08_cwr2_post_op.noe.pbo co08_cwr2_rebel_rousing.abel.pbo co08_cwr2_repellent_behaviour.eden.pbo co08_cwr2_route_66mm.eden.pbo co08_cwr2_tasmanian_exorcism.noe.pbo co08_cwr2_tel_time.abel.pbo co09_cwr2_bear_hug.noe.pbo co09_cwr2_brad_punch.noe.pbo co09_cwr2_louis_seize.abel.pbo co09_cwr2_support_band.eden.pbo co09_cwr2_wood_shots.noe.pbo co10_cwr2_home_front.adam.pbo co10_cwr2_impassive_aggressive.abel.pbo Full details can be found in the readme.txt file reproduced in the first post of this thread. Download current version Regards, Sander
  21. sander

    Best Vietnam War FPS?

    Vietcong was the best I have played. It was highly immersive, had some unique gameplay features and the way camouflage really worked in the game was outstanding. Regards, Sander
  22. sander

    Best war RTS game?

    The Conflict Zone RTS game had a nice twist where one had to win the information operations/propaganda war as well as do good on the battlefield. The two sides had to fight in an asymmetric conflict, so one could either pursue a decent fight in line with strict ROE or be a conniving bastard using underhand methods. Regards, Sander
  23. sander

    shooting a moving tank

    Practice makes perfect: lead the target, observe the fall of shot and adjust accordingly. Use the editor to set up a situation for training where you have a vehicle or weapon with nearby ammo supply of the right kind and fire away a lot of rounds and missiles to acquire a feel for the weapon system. Initially you might wish to use a this setCaptive true statement to acquire experience without too much pressure, then remove it to make it a two way range to see whether you have acquired the speed necessary to find and obliterate targets under adverse conditions. Regards, Sander
  24. The acronyms for the DLC (BAF, PMC and ACR) pretty much sum it up: Best Additional Faction, Pretty Mediocre Content and Appallingly Catastrophic Release. The British Armed Forces DLC is high quality work, with the models, textures, configs and missions all setting a standard that the subsequent DLCÅ› unfortunately failed to match. The state in which ACR was released was abysmal in quality, with a stupendous amount of bugs affecting just about every single item in the package. Regards, Sander
  25. sander

    CWR2 coop pack

    Yes, and they will be released in due time. For the next few weeks I am tied up in creating some CWR2 units and expanding the pack to make use of the new content. There will be several dozen new coop missions in the next installment of the CWR2 pack. Regards, Sander