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    Lowlands Warrior Mod

    Hi, Opposing forces (bad guys (or just misunderstood)) will be the armed forces of Venezuela. Some details can also be found on our forum, which has an English section: http://llw.the-dropzone.net/forum/ Ironically in a recent study on security issues in the Caribbean Venezuela and the Netherlands Antilles are listed as one of the few neighbouring countries with an exemplary record of no current and historical disputes. The 1929 raid by the Venezuelan bandit Urbina on Curacao was a criminal enterprise, not a military conflict. Bonaire was last invaded from Venezuela in 1642 by a Spanish force under governor Fuenmayor, but then again the Dutch had nicked the island from the Spanish. Regards, Sander
  2. sander

    Lowlands Warrior Mod

    Hi, All infantry will eventually be redone, with different models, textures and classnames (so they won't break all those missions in which the current ones are used). These new versions will take some time to appear, as there are various other projects taking up sparse time. The marines and army can be readily distinguished already: the former use United States woodland pattern fatigues, the latter use a Dutch variant of British DPM. There are few differences in equipment and attire between the airmobile - and the armoured infantry in real life too. The main differences are in the berets and unit insignia. The socalled 'opsvest' loadbearing equipment which was originally a telltale mark of the KCT and airmobile brigade troops can be observed in use with other units as well. A wider selection of loadbearing gear and accessories (e.g. radio's) will be added, but airmobile - and armoured infantry will not be readily distinguishable except by soft headgear and unit patches. Regards, Sander
  3. sander

    I got bored and made a CH-53

    Hi, Lego is absolutely great fun. One of my favourite Lego sites is: http://www.brickshelf.com/ Some military themed Lego pictures that can be found there: Apache Assorted WW2 equipment Tank Tiger tank Sheridan tank Universal carrier Battleship Bismarck Large city with lots of excellent military vehicles and equipment Regards, Sander
  4. Yes, go ahead and ask. Please allow some time for us to miniaturise the sitrep to tiny proportions though. Regards, Sander
  5. sander

    Lowlands Warrior Mod

    Hi, Dutch AIFV (YPR 765) vehicles are in progress. Work on troops based on the old international infantry model was suspended in favour of the new international infantry model currently worked on. Those OPFOR may reappear in a different form after other OPFOR units for different scenario's are finished. Regards, Sander
  6. sander

    Enemy In Sight - the next OFP "clone" ?

    Excellent news! Both BI and Illusion Softworks have produced outstanding games, there must be something in the Czech water (or perhaps rather the beer) that stimulates good pc game development. Regards, Sander
  7. Hi, A tutorial for the old model is forthcoming along with a set of templates for creases and shadows, for the new it must wait a bit untill the new international soldier set is finished. Regards, Sander
  8. sander

    Military Humor

    There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this: the rate of accidents with the Norwegian army has dramatically increased after they started to wear battle helmets with the horns placed inside. Regards, Sander
  9. Hi, The chromiumplated version of the AC556 would go nice with a black van and an improvised flamethrower made from ducttape and a lawnmower, but it would require to have an IHD (improbably high dispersal) magazine defined in the config cpp. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire ... Regards, Sander
  10. Two thumbs up, very nice Fennek! Regards, Sander
  11. sander


    Hi, This is a good idea. To limit the size of a unit pack, one could even have a large part of the NATO armies represented by a single generic soldier model in olive drab fatigues and the WP units by a single generic soldier in olive drab with raindrop pattern uniform. With exceptions, many armies at that time issued camouflage clothing only to specialist units. An accompanying weapon pack could also be kept relatively small by using generic versions of the FAL, G3, MAG and MG3, variants of which equipped the bulk of NATO armies back then. For those wanting to reskin the international infantry I have a set of templates to quickly add creases, pockets etc to a background of your choice. Regards, Sander
  12. sander

    US Army gets new combat uniform

    Hi, Squarely first: US Army pixel camouflage scheme from the seventies Regards, Sander
  13. Hi, It may help limit, but not remedy entirely, your conversion problems to make the textures in a 256 colour palette. In my experience converting a .tga file already limited to 256 colours to .paa or .pac will result in fewer undesirable conversion effects than a .tga file that uses more colours. To combat blurring effects around edges of two similar, but not identical shades a solution can be to increase the contrast between those shades to a point where the side-effects of converting can be predicted. Regards, Sander
  14. sander

    US Army gets new combat uniform

    The trial batches worn by the Stryker BCT to Iraq were in the three colour desert camouflage pattern. It was primarily intended for testing the layout and cut of the new uniform. Trial batches in both U.S. woodland and three colour desert pattern were issued before the pixillated pattern was adopted. === It would be nice to see an OFP variant of a uniform that adapts to the surrounding light for it would give a new purpose to the various flare rounds: fire a red flare as an East soldier and you would see opposing ACU clad units turn red and aid in targeting. Regards, Sander
  15. sander

    War against terror

    Hi, UNITAF, the force that initially went in in Somalia was predominantly composed of US forces. Despite the letters UN in its title this was no United Nations force, but one composed of a coalition of the willing. UNOSOM II which replaced UNITAF on the other hand was a UN force. Many of the contigents from other nations went from UNITAF into UNOSOM II, but this was not the case for the majority of Americans. Only a small part of the US presence was placed under UNOSOM II, mainly the logistics support command, and the bulk of forces was withdrawn. The remaining US QRF was placed outside the formal UN command structure, though its commander doubled as the deputy force commander of UNOSOM II. The QRF was only placed under UNOSOM II tactical control when committed, it never was under the UN's operational control. The task force ranger was again outside the QRF command structure as well as outside UNOSOM II. Most American forces in Somalia were thus at no point UN forces and were operating under national command structures, despite what the posturing by Americans afterwards might seem to suggest. Regards, Sander
  16. sander

    Invasion 1944 Info Thread

    Nice to see a Dutch island of such great quality. The village is called Wolfheze though, without the 'n'. Regards, Sander
  17. sander

    War Quotes/Sayings

    Hi <act as ancient history freak> The quote Oderint, dum metuant (let them hate, as long as they fear) is attributed to Caius/Caligula in the biography of Suetonius (text can be found here). However the expression is not an original statement by that emperor, but a general saying (appearing for instance also in Seneca (here and here), current before his times as well (it can also be found in surviving work of Cicero (1st century BC) (here)). The correct Latin would be: Si vis pacem, para bellum (If you want peace, prepare for war) This famous expression is a paraphrase of what is written by Vegetius, who in book 3 actually writes ... Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum. ... (... Therefore he who desires peace, let him prepare for war. ...). Vegetius was not a Roman general, but an official (though the Roman 'civil' service was technically a militia (military service), it was distinct from the militia armata or armed military service) who composed a book on military affairs combining material from various periods of Roman military history blended together with some fabrications of his one imagination. He never held a military command. </act as ancient history freak> Regards, Sander
  18. sander

    Military Humor

    Not the Javelin, but the Jafelin (Joint Anti Feline) launcher Sander
  19. sander

    What mod do you want

    Hi, What is needed is a Roman themed mod, eg Flashpoint 385AD, with Roman forces as the west, some barbarians as the resistance (Germanic foederati or other even Romans given the penchant for internal conflict), other barbarians as the east. Regards, Sander
  20. sander

    Lack of missions in Operation Flashpoint

    Hi, The OFP mission editor is a great tool and certainly one of the main enduring attractions of the game. It can be used for relatively quickly setting up a situation for an enjoyable 'fast food' game. A good mission though is more like a decent meal and takes considerably more effort and time preparing, time and effort I prefer to put into making new troops. To get around the lack of decent missions for them, I tend to unpack existing mission files and replace the units to those of addons of my choice. The resulting mission might not be entirely original, but it provides a better gaming experience with new addons than I am likely to get when building an entire mission (as opposed to a momentary snapshot editor only mission) from scratch. Regards, Sander
  21. sander

    Theo van Gogh murdered

    Hi, This is rather close to where I live, only just outside the perimeter. I could leave for work this morning with no problem, but I am curious whether I can get back when I return. Regards, Sander
  22. sander

    Bonaire island

    Hi, Jungle troops (marines, army and Antilles defence force) are planned, but not for the immediate future. Jungle and arctic figures are long term goals, as are the OPFOR for the Antilles (some modern day Urbina). Aside from work for BFS and CZM taking up part of my available time, other Dutch units (combat engineers, military constabulary, airforce ground defence) to complement the LLW interim release figures and the desert OPFOR need to be finished first. Regards, Sander
  23. Hi, A good OFP mission should in my opinion make the player feel part of a larger whole, a cog in the machine if you like, not Rambo saving the world on his own. While the player must be set objectives to accomplish, he should not necessarily be entirely at the center of things. The AI should to some extent be given certain tasks to do irrespective of what the player himself is doing. That enhances the sense of being involved in a war, an event that lies largely beyond the control of a single soldier. There should be lots of other things occurring, whether within the player's own view or even just suggested by radio traffic. Regards, Sander
  24. sander

    Lowlands Warrior

    Hi, There are no updates planned for the current addon and there will will be no change in label. In many Slav countries police forces carry the name of militia. In English however militia is commonly defined as irregular armed forces and it is in the latter sense that the word is used in the category designation. Beret badges include the word militia in Cyrillic as an authentic detail because various armed thugs would indeed label themselves as such even if they were more practiced in breaking the law rather than upholding it. It was not the intention to depict regular forces, as that would require a bit greater uniformity in appearance and the provision of more specific weaponry (eg M70 Kalashnikov clones or M53 machine gun). Portraying militia, ie irregular fighters, would allow for greater variety in appearance and equipment reflecting the lack of proper logistical support available to regular armies. The generic category 'KMM - Yugoslav militia' is used instead of a more specific name, such as for instance 'KMM - Bosnian-Serb Irregulars', because there will eventually be other Yugoslav factions grouped under that header as well, all a mixed ragtag of Southern Slav irregular militia. Regards, Sander
  25. sander

    Generic OPFOR

    Hi, Your work looks very promising too. In the near future I intend to release a download with the templates I use to reskin the kmm international infantry. That should make things easier for people who want to skin soldier models. Regards, Sander