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    Aircraft carrier

    it is a good idea to split it in three parts. i have no idea to check the size in O2, if you find that it is too big so resize it. don't make arrestor and catapult lha and lhd don't have. the harrier take of verticaly(no ramp) but if you want make some script why not the side and the rear lift, the phalanx turret (that i haven't done), some light for the night mission, add some rescue boat, the rear door and the big cargo bay for the marines landing ship,the air bay with the lift a lot of idea. i have a question is it possible to put unit and car on the deck if yes i'll make the typical navy tractor.
  2. spad

    Aircraft carrier

    but... it is a LHA uss tarawa class : the belleau wood and the tarawa but it is almost the same as a lhd an amphibious assaut ship
  3. spad

    Aircraft carrier

    if you want to give me news use my mail : milletol@wanadoo.fr
  4. spad

    Aircraft carrier

    please waffendenis upload your work, i release it for all people who can improve it upload and release their improve variant. I just want that the ofp community can play with a workable aircraft carrier. and if someone can resize it or split in multiple section do it, it is a free addon and you can make what you want with it. I just want that you release your work for the community that's all have fun
  5. so nobody try to resolve the path problem, so i decided to release in it's actual state. grab it here: http://uploads.the-spectrum.org/spadgift.zip
  6. Pbreachler if you know how resolve the path lod and the roadway lod i'll send it to you
  7. yes is mine and it need more work on the path lod and the roadway but if someone want it now to help me i can send it
  8. you want something like that: