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  1. Sorry - didn't see your answer. Will check it out. If there is more info - I will appreciate posting it :)
  2. Thanks Zipper, I was under the impression there is a working mod with the old campaigns, thought CAA1 and OAC are meant for it. :( patience is the answer I see. ;)
  3. Very Good!!! I was so surprised after thinking it's just another sound mod... It's NOT! I'm impressed since I've shot a few rounds in my life, and I had flashbacks from hearing this mod! Keep up the good work! I'll definitely be waiting!!:)
  4. Thanks for the quick releases! Is this version good for A2 combined ops or only OA stand alone? it is not clear 2 me...:eek: (Need one for combined ops pls) Thanks!
  5. Any progress here?? saw no reply from dev's... I'm eagerly waiting for BIS to implement what octane did back in ArmA 2 - into OA! very much needed!! My vote too for optional blur off (= eye sore off...) Cheers
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    Good! :) ...lol...
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    Just opened a ticket about it, but wanted to bring it to discussion here. When I was a soldier (IRL) and needed to talk to my HQ for example - I used my Jeep or tank radio to transmit farther than my Personal radio could. I had no need to find another type of radio (i.e. long range), just a more powerful one and we talked on the same frequency. I seldom needed a true long range radio (with another set of frequencies) for tactical comms. Short range radio IRL, can receive "long range" radio transmissions as long as they are on the same frequency. I don't know why there are 2 types of radios and a separate frequency table in A2T - I don't think there is a need for it in ArmA. there are enough frequencies to choose from. The "long range" radio has just greater power output and should simulate that (mounted on vehicles or HQ and has more power/bigger antenna) and can be received by shorter range radio, and if they are close to each other they could both "talk"... (Check below diagram) So IMHO it should be changed in this matter (you can still use different freq. inside the radio) and have the short range radio receive "long range" transmissions, or just "stronger" output transmissions, and 2 "long range" radios inside vehicles can talk all over the map. The old concept makes using 2 types of radio awkward and not very realistic tactically. Thanks 4 reading so far :)
  8. Just go here: X:\...\ArmA 2\userconfig\ACE\ace_keys.hpp open with notepad, Scroll to this section: }; class ace_sys_interaction { class Interaction_Menu { key = 219; // win l shift = 0; } and change from 220 to 219 like this example. Makes your Left windows key work. Try it next to a soldier in game - works for me. Good luck
  9. Good to hear that it's WIP Homer! Can't tell you how much time and ammo I've wasted avoiding wrecks (that looked brand new) or shooting at them without knowing they are dead already... About that T-72...well, nice bonfire there, seems it explodes on a fart.... :) Is it that bad? looks like a BMP-3 is better armored....
  10. Well, not only movies , I don't like Hollywood style explosions as well, But I have seen in my own eyes some tanks that got hit with AP and HEAT rounds. what I say is that in game there is sometimes no indication a tank or other soft target was hit by a shell or RPG after the short smoke stopped, unless you get close to touch it, I think there should be more evidence of hits on tanks and other soft targets at least to the naked eye, or when watching with a binocular, to prevent re attacking it. And yes, sometimes tank turrets are blown off, I dont know if that could be animated in arma but randomly it could be nice. nice related tank damage videos: Explosive Reactive Armor Bill2 destroying a tank cheers
  11. Sorry if hat has been discussed here already (couldn't find the post if it was), Since ACE, When I fire a weapon at an armored target, and there is a kill, very seldom I see it burnt down and really damaged. many times I see tanks or other soft targets that has been previously killed/destroyed burn or just smoke for a VERY short time and they look intact as if never hit. you have to get closer to the target and check that there is no menu (gear or other) to verify it's dead, even the textures hardly change if ever... and I mean using heavy caliber weapons like 120 mm tank cannons on a BMP (HE or APFSDS). All is installed well and I avoid using other addons that could mess it up. If it is not blown to bits and pieces, it should, not in all but in many/more cases, be more apparent that the target is destroyed or damaged without having to "touch" it... I know about destroyed tanks IRL that got hit by AP shell and just show entry and exit holes in them, and that was enough to kill the crew and the tank looked almost fine... but sometimes (more than not) it hit the ammo/fuel or just the pressure did the job and the tank got blasted, turret flew to the sky... In HE rounds it should happen more often and always show damage to the tank and ofcourse to soft targets! what is wrong here?? Thanks
  12. I find it very annoying when I try to read a message sent by a user or by HQ in game, only to see it last less than a second and then gone by the server announcing multiple "connections/disconnections" of users with all the long info of their mods.... :mad: It interrupts the gameplay and is just a pain in the eye... :eek: Is there a way to hide it, toggle it on/off?? Maybe move it to another section which wouldn't interfere with in game related messages? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the tip :) Though it is far from what I'm looking for... In MP missions in the heat of the battle it's nearly impossible to get it fast enough, and new messages keep pushing the old one's... there's a need to switch it off, or at least separate it from the chat box, so these messages wont interfere with text sent by HQ or other players. anyone here is up for the task?? or is it too complicated it should be BIS job??
  14. Hi, I was trying to follow Dead3eyz instructions on running A2 on multiple hard drives: (http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=6713&d=0) yet failed... I keep getting weired textures on load probably because the Addons folder which I moved to another drive wasn't found. I have two OS, win XP and Win7 64, on separate hard drives, on both ArmA 2 is installed. I'm trying to utilize the "Addons" folder from the Win7 installation while playing on the XP My XP A2 folder is located at : E:\Games\ArmA 2 My Win 7 A2 folder is located at : H:\Games_7\ArmA 2 I have tried to add to the shortcut this parameters: "E:\Games\ArmA 2\arma2.exe" -cpuCount=4 -maxmem=2047 -nosplash -mod=@VopSound_2.1 -mod=H:\Games_7\ArmA 2\CA No go... what is the correct method to apply multiple drives rule...?? thanks!!
  15. Thanks Dead3eyz! was hoping you'd bump into it... Well it's working now! thanks! Had to remove the spaces and put Addons in CA folder (must check further but currently I see no significant speed improvement, my other HD is a WD Caviar black edition) by the way, what does the CA stands for?? I see it all the time when joining MP games... do you have to put any folder you want to work this way in a CA folder?? And another idea...maybe if I already have 2 fully installed A2 game on both hard drives, is there a way to let them work as in true raid mode? or the maximum extent of this type of setup is like you mentioned in your article? Cheers! Ron
  16. Yea, tried that as well, Still no go... also tried addons\ca and same result... :(
  17. Hi, I was wondering if you can change the fov in A2 incrementally, like a slider movement, and not the current fixed values for zoom in /zoom out?? I'm trying to get a similar effect like in the A1 mod -"truview", where I can get the same fov with and without ironsights. I've tried changing the values in the cfg file and got close results to that mod i.e. fov nearly hasn't changed in ironsights on, but the fov was so much limited I had hardly any situational awareness. Also in aircrafts I had lost S.A. as well, though cockpit view was 1:1 life like... Is there a method to fix it/change it? I was trying to mess with cfg file cause I dont want to be limited on online servers who do not accept addons... Thanks!
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    FOV changes in ArmA2-Truview style?

    First thanks for the helpers! I actually was looking for a slider like control, meaning I can incrementally change view on the fly in game, BUT my slider on the joystick is taken for throttle... any other way than actual slider?? @Dead3yez, I was looking at your optimization guide to change fov, my problem is, as I mentioned, the fov becomes very narrow for s.a. and I can hardly zoom out any more after the changes, and I need that option as well. double tapping on num + or - works in some mp games, not all. I don't know if it's server related (though I guess it is) so I cant count on it. also it does not work at all in planes (in offline/sp mode) I've changed these figures to 33% less than the default : fovTop=0.5025; --> default was 0.75 fovLeft=0.89333302; --> default was 1.333333 I'm using a 16:9 widescreen. what is that gui option you've mentioned again? what does it affect in game? mine (I think that's the right one) is : IGUIScale=0.85000002 Thanks
  19. Hi, I saw in a thread here a link to ArmA servers stats http://arma2.swec.se/server/list there I saw different version numbers or patches i.e. 1.05.58008 1.05.62014 1.05.62017 1.05.62021 Personally I have 1.05.62017 and I did connect to other servers with different numbers (I see now). What do those version numbers mean? I though Patch 1.05 is identical to all users (maybe different only to CD or Steam downloads??). How can I get the latest patch version? Thanks for the answers
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    Version numbers explained?

    Straight and simple.... Thanks :)
  21. Tanks definitely needs to be reworked and not neglected, as appears to be today. I use to play them allot once but they got so useless now I lost the fun there. I wish it would be fixed even for those who do not use the tanks themselves but for the ones you are playing with. If you get tank support in MP, you would like to know that tank can handle the job and act at least as realistic as BIS does things, and they've just messed it here. Just to be clear, I love BIS work , but I know they can do better, they once did...
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    Ai thread

    HI, Don't think I've seen this suggestion here, but would very much like to see the command "Hold Fire unless fired upon/detected". Many times I try to sneak with my AI team to an enemy position but can't get close enough because my AI detects a man 1000m away and start shooting and gives away my position... If tell them just to "Hold Fire" they wont fire even if detected and get shot at... I can't always hear the shots if I tell a group to flank and they are behind a hill, and it's never fast enough to prevent them getting murdered... So to "fix" the realism and create "Smarter AI" and not Kamikaze AI - Let them hold fire, but fire back if detected and/or fired upon to self protect without me having to give them any further order... Let me know if this is implemented in any way which I don't know about... Thanks
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    Bis attention: 1.05 list of problems!

    Just checked the AH-64D. This Helli is armored and can sustain on some locations hits from 23mm canon rounds, the cockpit glass also should survive at least small arms fire, and yet I can shoot and kill the gunner and/or the pilot with a few rounds from the small HK gun from outside the cockpit through the "armored" glass. Taking out the pilots of the AH-64D with a slingshot is next?? :) Anyway - I think this should be fixed. (I think the Super Cobra's cockpits glass should be armored as well from small arms fire, as in real life). Cheers S3ETUP
  24. Thanks, it worked. too bad it's not realy built in the game. maybe in next patch...:D