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  1. Arma has a really retarded always on autopilot system where it tries to automatically coordinate turns for you among other weird and frustrating behavior. It's been in the game since opflash and can't be disabled. If you fly in third person with your hands off the controls you can frequently see all the control surfaces wobbling around like crazy. Or you can just watch the joystick jiggle around in your hands.

    While I'm complaining about things, the amount of time I'm flying with the flight path marker above the gun cross is pretty messed up, too. Planes have a crazy amount of lift in the Arma series.

    P.S. The Buzzard sounds pretty awesome.

  2. What about a system where sway is reduced across the board when you first raise the weapon to fire.I am talking the sway you have when you "hold breath" is what you start with.Then it starts to increase the amount of sway at a speed that is dependent on the actual weight/balance of the weapon itself to where after a certain amount of time the weapon is swaying the way it does when you release your breath.The only way to reduce it is to lower weapon for a bit.This could be also tied in to the stamina level from running so that heavily weighted down players will be swaying like crazy moving from place to place.

    I like this idea, but if it's implemented wrong it would just result in people scoping in and out to reduce sway again.

  3. IDK why every time something is said, even in my case where I just want the game to get as much feedback, and critique as possible to give the devs as many clues possible on how to improve ARMA3 to it's maximum potential.

    People who speak up get berated by the so-called communities in which they dwell.

    You've reminded of why I prefer to remain on the sidelines in these "communities".

    A lot of niche game communities like this one have an overabundance of defensive fanboys.

    Also, I'm pretty sure a lot of the stuff that looks like it should be BLUFOR is going to stay OPFOR because it is the future and stuff.

  4. Well, it's the difference between ARMA and say, Counter-Strike, really. Not the CS is a bad game; I like it. But in ARMA, the bullets come from the barrel of your gun and follow a realistic trajectory. Where the gun is pointing gives a rough indicator of a shot's impact point. In CS, the bullets come from the center of your screen and where your gun is pointing has no bearing on the direction of the bullets, with the expanding crosshair (and memorizing impact patterns) being the only indicator of hit location. CS feels like playing as a walking bullet hose. ARMA feels like playing as someone holding a gun.

    I assume that the goal of ARMA is to make you feel like you are inhabiting the world that you are playing in, and authenticity of weapon behavior is a large part of achieving that effect.

  5. Where'd you hear of a cone of fire?
    About shooting on medium and high distances - thats where new weapon sway mechanics should come to play. Principle is the same as in Arma2 - to simulate shaky hands, however in A3 it is smoother, reflected only by size of the corsshair, and has crapload of additional parameters. The tricky part is setting them up to produce most realistic result, which is a lenghty task. In short - mechanics for controlling precision are there, they only need to be tuned-up properly.

    "Penalty" for quick aiming (increasing sway/dispersion during fast mouse move) is pretty common and well-proven feature in fps games, so good point - I'll see if we can do something about that. (no promises though!!!!!!! :p )

    Sounds to me like weapon shake is simulated by an expanding cone of fire rather than bullets going where the gun is actually pointing, but I could be misreading it.

    I don't think there should be a cone of fire ever, even when hip firing, aside from the general inaccuracies of the weapons.

  6. I'm hearing a lot of things that sound like a cone of fire... which I'm a huge fan of - in games that aren't ARMA. Can someone (who actually knows, preferably) please tell me that I am hearing things wrong and that weapons still shoot where they are pointing?

    I know it's pretty late in the development cycle, but what I would really like to see is the weapon sights misaligning during turns/movement, making holo sights useful as the crosshair would continue to point where the bullet is going.

  7. Edit: This belongs in missions/scripting. I would erase it, but for some reason I can't do that even though the thread has no posts.

    Whenever I create a vehicle in a multiplayer game with createVehicle there is a ~10 second delay before I can interact with it (it is rendered and can be destroyed, however I cannot drive it or stow weapons to it / take weapons from it). In order to ensure that this wasn't simply the result of a buggy script, I tested it in a quick mission with a radio trigger that spawns a vehicle. This resulted in the same delay. In addition, there seems to be an even longer delay before items added to the vehicles with addWeaponCargo are accessable to players other than the host (createVehicle is only being executed on the server and addAmmoCargo/addMagazineCargo are being run on all clients).

    Is this a normal issue (I would assume not, since numerous Google searches have produced nothing) and are there any known workarounds?