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  1. Yes, I sadly agree with you...



    About the aperture: is it possible to change it outside the camera ?


    I doubt it. The aperture is adjusted dynamically based on light levels and desired exposure value.


    edit: You could do what defunkt suggested above, but it would only look right for a given range of light levels. Setting the aperture to 140 will make day look okay, but night will be literally completely black.

  2. *EDIT... roshnak's post above sums it up pretty well just in two screen shots. The first is bight and over exposed, the second is pretty much 'how-it-use-to-be'.


    Sure, but it's worth noting that I achieved that with a pretty simple change. It didn't require a major rollback or anything. I feel like the visual update has been a huge improvement overall. There are just some minor issues with exposure values and some rvmats might need tweaking.

  3. If all of this has purely affected custom made maps, that alone is not cool, as I would imagine a lot of map authors are not going to be inclined to go back and fix stuff when they have more/less walked away from their finished projects.


    This is the nature of modding.

  4. That's the thing I do want to buy APEX but I am not confident at all that it is going to be value for money, I am not confident it is going to work and I am not confident it is not going to break the shit out of my game.


    Then wait until you are confident. You don't have to buy the expansion on release day. You aren't going to miss out on anything if you wait until a few patches are pushed.

  5. Because he has. If the server is running a units/vehicles mod such as RHS, everyone on the server needs to have it.


    That's not true, though. PuFu already said it's because they are introducing new systems, dummy classes, and event handlers.


    Galzohar politely asked a question about whether certain behavior was expected, and he based his expectations on how other mods that add content to behave. I don't understand why you would make fun of someone who is politely seeking more information.


    I'm afraid that in practically all, or at least most of the games, if you don't have the content DLC or content mod / addons the other server players are using, you'll have issues. The OFP / Arma series among them.

    So unfortunately, to play as the mod as it was meant to be used, all the server users will need to have it, and with the same version.


    Right. No one is disputing that there will be issues when people are running different mods. I've had plenty of issues where people were running mods they weren't supposed to be or not running mods that they were supposed to be. In Arma, though, if someone isn't running a mod that simply adds new guns or buildings or vehicles, those items just don't show up for them. Vanilla content is often unaffected.


    I can completely understand why RHS might cause different behavior, since you guys are doing more than just adding cars and guns, but I also don't think it was unreasonable for galzohar to have expected the things to have broken in ways he was familiar with and to have questioned why it wasn't.

  6. Am I they only one who is quite shocked that someone


    I'm quite surprised someone of your standing and experience in the community is making such an elementary error. Either that you're getting windup of the month award.


    Are you seriously suggesting that you're wondering why players not running a wide ranging mod that supplies a LOT of extra units joins a server that does run such a mod and then gets unexpected results? Seriously?


    A higher post-count â‰  a higher IQ  :lol:


    Most mods that add vehicles, units, or weapons would not cause this issue, no matter how much content is being added, so I'm not sure why you guys are acting like galzohar made some kind of heinous mistake.

  7. I know, but I often do it, e.g. when fog scripting I change position on map at any time.


    I don't really understand why you would need to go back to the editor for this. Can't you just use the debug menu to adjust fog paramaters or call your script and the splendid camera (or the debug menu) to move yourself around the map?


    And if you want to use the simpler editor fog slider then you can just do that in the 3D editor and the changes are reflected straight away. No need to preview the scenario.

  8. I remember reading a thread somewhere stating that with some countries not having women in combat situations they didn't want to create controversy for those people. Basically for those people who might have trouble shooting a female even though it is only a game.


    I do agree though that they need to do it to add authenticity.


    I feel like it was probably added workload due to the uniform system.

  9. His issue is specifically about ACE3-RHS interaction, though. Notice that he said that when the two bindings are different, everything works. Both mods would probably work fine on their own, but their interaction is causing trouble.


    Aniallator is being told to ask the ACE team about the ACE-RHS compatibility PBO because that PBO is packaged with ACE, not RHS.