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  1. 4 hours ago, simon1279 said:

    Implementing ME is a complex task because making it console friendly it's almost impossible, at least if you're looking for something with the 3den quality level.
    I'm on the same train as the ones which are afraid for the cross platform thing, it will just not work for a game like the ArmA we're all used to since decades, let's face it.

    At least i hope reforger will become more SP friendly and not just a casual indie MP game ala Squad or stuff like that which personally i don't particularly like too much, i mean at least the possibility to be the leader of a group of AI, i mean coming at home late from job, tired and willing to get some relax and fun playing ArmA by putting a squad on the field and lead it to the task and then get to bed and restart your daily hardwork routine.
    Also because in the first time i was super duper excited to play the dear old OFP on a new latest tech game engine (and i'm sure i'm not the only one around here), now i feel a little bit frustrated with my finger crossed to see in the (near) future more love for SP on ArmA Reforger and then i can even learn how to use the workshop tools which i find not quite actractive at the moment due to the lack of AI team mates.


    So you want the mission editor to be more casual than the tools we currently have access to, but not, like, console casual?

  2. 3 hours ago, the_demongod said:


    I agree that the new game leaves some things to be desired, and that Reforger seems somewhat console-oriented (it remains to be seen which of those design choices will be propagated to A4 or whether they are just for Reforger).


    In what sense?


    It doesn't seem very console oriented to me. For one thing, it seems like it would be pretty unpleasant to try to navigate the inventory with a gamepad.

  3. On 1/1/2017 at 5:40 AM, x3kj said:

    And you obviously can't read? If you have no idea what Planetside 2 is then watch gameplay on youtube (example). Extreme verticality, extremely busy with action, fast paced, a lot of people, abundance of extreme close quarters battles but also medium and long range. It worked in that environment. I'm talking from experience and not based on paper stats. I do not care about "convincing sounds". I care about beeing able to accurately locate targets by audio. And that it (the software solutions) do completely fine in the environment of PS2. Which means it is completely sufficient for Arma that does NOT have this high verticality and busy-ness (i'm repeating myself).


    Proper 3D audio is objectively more accurate than virtual surround is. What level of accuracy is sufficient for Arma or any other game is subjective.

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  4. Haven't they been doing this kind of stuff in VBS for years?



    The military has different needs than the consumer market. I really wouldn't expect to see official VR support in Arma until or unless BIS is confident that they can get every aspect of the game to work the way they want it to in VR.

  5. However, ATW is not a silver bullet. Failing to maintain a consistent, full frame rate may produce visible artifacts including noticeable positional judder, particularly in the near field of view. An application that falls below 90fps rendering will get re-warped in time to avoid rotational judder, but while orientation latency is kept low and smooth, animation and player movement may judder in lock-step with missed frames. For these reasons we continue to recommend that developers do not rely on ATW to save them from low frame rate.



  6. Really though, its a video game. You can use mods that blow people's bodies apart and sends blood flying everywhere, that's just fine and dandy.  I can drop cluster bombs on civilian settlements, and that's cool too!




    I don't really care whether there is a torture mod or not, but the surely you understand that there is a pretty big difference between those two scenarios. Cluster bombs are not designed to lay waste to civilian settlements and they were not included in the game for that purpose. That cluster bombs can be used to do a bad thing is incidental. A torture mod is specifically designed and only useful for doing bad things. As long as you accept that torture is bad and wrong, anyway.


    Also, didn't the creator of that mod decide to take it down himself before the thread was locked?


    Edit: And for the people who are upset about the "moral outrage" over this mod: Do you actually want to torture people in Arma or are you just mad that people are mad about people wanting to torture people in Arma?

  7. Are you planning on publishing any documentation for the CUP team (or any other map makers/porters) so they can achieve similar lighting on non-official maps?


    I haven't really looked into it but I really doubt that the brightness of light sources is configured on a per map basis (I guess maybe except for light poles and stuff). I would imagine that the brightness of a light source is determined in the config for the light source.

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  8. Regarding the Marksman DLC it mentioned 7 sniper weapons but none of them show up anywhere except on wiki as an A3 weapon.


    The Mk14 is an M14, the Navid is an HK121, the SPMG is a General Dynamics LWMMG, the Mk1 EMR is a Sig 556 DMR chambered in 7.62 NATO.


    With the older Arma versions the ballistics could be modeled accurately based off real weapons and sights and later mods such as ACE allowed more realistic application of real world computations for accurate weapons use. For example the bullets trajectory with factors such as wind, tgt movement, beaten zone, rotation of the Earth could be modeled pretty close to the real thing. So modeling of weapons that don't exist IRL sort of moves away from Arma being considered the most realistic FPS, so its not that other games have different weapons its the modeling of weapons that exist IRL that are not fictional that would be a nice addon for A3 or future versions of Arma. For ACE2 there was the Kestrel and also range tables etc for certain weapons I recall and that's where the content of the sim becomes a lot better and the realism is the best thing about Arma.


    First of all, I am almost positive that previous versions of ACE did not factor the rotation of the earth into ballistics calculations. Everything else is still in Arma 3 and ACE 3. 

  9. I'm sorry, but this is not reasonable. It's not reasonable to not promise this will be fixed since the impact on gameplay is so dramatic. If night gameplay (without turning your screen green) is not possible, then this whole new lighting should be reverted back. It's really not worth it without being able to play at night.


    It's entirely reasonable. BIS seems to have (rightfully) learned not to promise anything until it's either finished or very near finished.

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  10. You can do OK with much less than 90 fps...of course more = better.





    You can get away with less than 90, but asynchronous time warp will start introducing artifacts, such as those shown in this video.


    Personally, I'd be more concerned about locomotion. Using vehicles in VR will probably be okay for a lot of people, but I suspect that traditional locomotion with a mouse and keyboard for infantry play is likely to make a majority of users feel pretty sick.

  11. Could you please post your tutorial how to revert to 1.58?

    Anly link to existing content on the web?

    Thanks in advance!


    Steam > Arma 3 > Properties > Betas and enter the access code Arma3Legacy158


    Developers of A3 - thanks in advance for giving us an option to disable new lighting!!!


    I don't think this is likely to happen and thanking them in advance is probably not going to trick them into doing it.

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  12. New Lighting anomaly found, the wire mesh lights up if an mobile objects is behind it.


    I'm pretty sure that has nothing to do with lighting and is just a transparency issue with the gate texture. It's an issue that was present before the patch, although I don't know if it was present under those specfic circumstances.


    Edit: Also vehicles have shadows for me.




    The only way I can get them to not have shadows is by disabling shadows. Are you sure you have shadows turned on?

  13. The wierd thing was that I had to enter "setAperture 90" while it was daylight, doing the same while it was dark did not change the lighting, instead it became pitch black no matter what value I used, maybe this is part of the bug?


    It's because that's how aperture works. The aperture of a camera is the opening through which light passes to hit the sensor (or film). A wider aperture (in Arma 3 this is setting a lower number) allows more light into the camera and creates a brighter image. A smaller aperture (higher numbers in Arma) allows less light into the camera and creates a dimmer image.


    It's like a dilating pupil. When it is dark out your pupils dilate to allow more light in. When it's bright your pupils constrict to limit the amount of light that gets in. What you were doing in this example was basically walking around at night with super constricted pupils, which is why it was so dark that everything appeared black. You need to set the adjust the aperture for the current light level.


    By the way, this is why I posted earlier that I didn't think messing with the aperture through scripting was a viable solution. The game is supposed to automatically adjust the aperture for current light level, but by using the scripting command you are bypassing this.

  14. Snow you say?


    Lets see 1.60 do that ^ ain't gonna happen.


    How often are you going to keep posting about an issue the devs have already said they are going to look at. It seems like every one of your posts is about how you don't like the way night looks. The devs have acknowledged your issue. You have been heard.


    Although I have to say, your videos don't look very much like night to me. The nights in your videos are really bright.

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  15. And this is the wonderful moment where we agree to disagree. If that was true then Day Z would never exist.


    Cool. But now you're just arguing about personal preferences and not the objective qualities of the patch, which is pointless since everyone has their own individual taste and expecting BI to cater to yours specifically is unrealistic at best.


    I mean, I could say I prefer a cartoony TF2 look over an attempt at realism, but who cares? I'm not the art director for Arma 3 and I don't get to determine the art style of the game.

  16. That awful feeling when 15 years ago headlights were more advanced  :D




    In what way were the headlights in OFP more advanced? Brightness? Guys, this is crazy. You can't judge the quality of a rendering technology by the brightness of headlights.


    I'm sure it's not the case, but it really seems like there are a lot of people posting in this thread who really don't understand what they are looking at. It's probably just people being absurdly hyperbolic, though.