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  1. roshnak

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    It wasn't like two years ago when they announced it as a feature.
  2. roshnak

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    I'd be happy just to know if Java is still going to be in the final release.
  3. roshnak

    Weapon Sway Tweaking

    I like this idea, but if it's implemented wrong it would just result in people scoping in and out to reduce sway again.
  4. roshnak

    Taking the scroll menu to the chopping block

    Be careful that you don't accidentally detonate explosives instead of opening the door to your car?
  5. roshnak

    Why is my head so woobly?

    ARMA has a bad animation system? This is news to me!
  6. roshnak

    Request- Gore Mod

    Hey, remember when there were mass graves in Arma 2? Edit: Oh yeah, and a severely beaten woman. It's cool though, because she couldn't hold a gun.
  7. Is the air tank not strapped to their chest?
  8. A lot of niche game communities like this one have an overabundance of defensive fanboys. Also, I'm pretty sure a lot of the stuff that looks like it should be BLUFOR is going to stay OPFOR because it is the future and stuff.
  9. roshnak

    Is Arma III gonna shape up?

    Looks pretty great for a flight sim engine. Also OFP was way uglier than that.
  10. roshnak

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    I was more replying to the guy's implication that he would rather wait and get a bug free release, which is pretty much the opposite of what an alpha is.
  11. roshnak

    Cone of Fire and Iron Sights

    Just to be clear: Not one single piece of information in this thread has been confirmed by anyone that actually knows anything, right?
  12. roshnak

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    It's an alpha, dude. It's not supposed to be polished.
  13. roshnak

    Mouse Acceleration in ArmA 3

    Well, it's the difference between ARMA and say, Counter-Strike, really. Not the CS is a bad game; I like it. But in ARMA, the bullets come from the barrel of your gun and follow a realistic trajectory. Where the gun is pointing gives a rough indicator of a shot's impact point. In CS, the bullets come from the center of your screen and where your gun is pointing has no bearing on the direction of the bullets, with the expanding crosshair (and memorizing impact patterns) being the only indicator of hit location. CS feels like playing as a walking bullet hose. ARMA feels like playing as someone holding a gun. I assume that the goal of ARMA is to make you feel like you are inhabiting the world that you are playing in, and authenticity of weapon behavior is a large part of achieving that effect.
  14. roshnak

    Mouse Acceleration in ArmA 3

    Sounds to me like weapon shake is simulated by an expanding cone of fire rather than bullets going where the gun is actually pointing, but I could be misreading it. I don't think there should be a cone of fire ever, even when hip firing, aside from the general inaccuracies of the weapons.
  15. I would love to have an option to COMPLETELY disable head bob, because when I run things do not shake around like that. Also, it makes me feel kinda sick.
  16. roshnak

    Mouse Acceleration in ArmA 3

    I'm hearing a lot of things that sound like a cone of fire... which I'm a huge fan of - in games that aren't ARMA. Can someone (who actually knows, preferably) please tell me that I am hearing things wrong and that weapons still shoot where they are pointing? I know it's pretty late in the development cycle, but what I would really like to see is the weapon sights misaligning during turns/movement, making holo sights useful as the crosshair would continue to point where the bullet is going.
  17. You don't need the server keys unless you're running a server, but the files from that folder go in they go in the "Keys" folder.
  18. roshnak

    CreateVehicle woes

    That's exactly what I needed, thanks for the help.
  19. Edit: This belongs in missions/scripting. I would erase it, but for some reason I can't do that even though the thread has no posts. Whenever I create a vehicle in a multiplayer game with createVehicle there is a ~10 second delay before I can interact with it (it is rendered and can be destroyed, however I cannot drive it or stow weapons to it / take weapons from it). In order to ensure that this wasn't simply the result of a buggy script, I tested it in a quick mission with a radio trigger that spawns a vehicle. This resulted in the same delay. In addition, there seems to be an even longer delay before items added to the vehicles with addWeaponCargo are accessable to players other than the host (createVehicle is only being executed on the server and addAmmoCargo/addMagazineCargo are being run on all clients). Is this a normal issue (I would assume not, since numerous Google searches have produced nothing) and are there any known workarounds?