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    No women at all

    This is weird because you have made a really good argument for why women should be in the game and some really, really bad arguments for why they shouldn't. Two points. First, this is kind of an old way of dividing workload. There are a ton of artists these days who at the very least model, unwrap and texture their own models. Second, the vast majority of content put out for the arma series is either retextures or content that was originally created for Operation Flashpoint or ARMA 1. There are few models that have survived in this community for a disgustingly long time. Then again, BIS set the example, the rest of us may as well follow it, right? P.S. Before anyone gets mad, there are indeed several people in the community who put out high quality, brand new content. Edit: And furthermore, when one of the main selling points of your game is how much great community made content there is, you should try to make it as easy as possible for people make more of that content, not rely on the community to teach each other how to mod your game. And also I think women should be in arma 3 I am totally on topic right now.
  2. This doesn't sound very plausible to me since there hasn't been an improvement in the fixed wing flight model since, like, ever.
  3. Since when is an average of 40 fps with dips to 10 good performance?
  4. I don't understand, was I supposed to be surprised that Spelunky was a good game?
  5. roshnak

    Where is the Game?

    Except that I don't believe that anyone from BIS has said that the game is anything but "finished." With the exception of the campaign, no one from BIS has made any indication that more content and features are going to be released. This isn't an indie game, and it certainly isn't being sold at that price point. When a game costs as much as any other triple a game, you shouldn't be surprised when it gets held up to a high level of scrutiny.
  6. roshnak

    Where is the Game?

    I think it's hilarious how many people on these forums defend terrible business practices. I'm not saying that BIS specifically is guilty of any of this stuff, but attitudes like these are the reason that the video games industry is full of such terrible customer service. Maybe if more people felt entitled we wouldn't have to deal with things like day 1 DLC and preorder bonuses full of content that should have shipped with the game, codes to download content online so that games can't be resold, etc. As for the comments about there being plenty of resources to find out what you were getting with ARMA 3 ahead of time: last time I checked, there are several announced features, including in the "confirmed features" thread right here on the forums that are not in the final product.
  7. roshnak

    Java: Post-Release Edition

    This is the part that bothers me. It's been half a year and we still don't know if it's been postponed or cancelled, and it's not like people stopped asking about it in that time period. And we've had tons of updates about almost every other aspect of the development throughout the alpha/beta phases. If they ran into trouble and need more time, or it just turned out to not be feasible or whatever then that would be fine (I would be disappointed), but it would be nice to have at least some idea of what is happening on this front and not feel like we've been completely forgotten. Edit: Ironic last post to this thread.
  8. Hey, now! Let's not exaggerate. It's only 12-13 years old.
  9. roshnak

    Java: Post-Release Edition

    I was considering making this thread as well. Any kind of official word one way or the other would be great.
  10. roshnak

    Mods and ARMA 3 on the same level as FSX?

    You mean like happens in every community outside of flight sims? Making mods is a great way to break into the industry and build your portfolio. Here's something else to consider: The minute you take people's money is the minute you are obligated to them. The customer is always right, and you have to answer to them.
  11. roshnak

    Potential DLC Ideas and Proposals

    How about DLC that adds more than one airplane? Or DLC that adds more than one car per faction? Man, that would be cool.
  12. roshnak

    Arma3 Videos

    Ha. Seems some physics stuff still needs tweaking, huh?
  13. roshnak

    KEYS: No action menu

    If you are referring to the action menu it has actually been with us since 2001.
  14. roshnak

    More control over tank turret please.

    Not that it excuses the problem, but you can also just move the the gunner seat and still give the driver commands.
  15. I had a pretty large reply typed up but it's pretty much been discussed to death so I'm just going to address this point. If you want a limited turn rate, maybe you should force people to start playing with gamepads. It will never not feel terrible with a mouse.
  16. roshnak

    we really had a fantastic game

    There was a time when people would have been shocked at the idea of paying for more content for a game that was released less than a month ago instead of begging for the chance to do so.
  17. These are not the default controls. Q/Z are altitude and X/C are yaw.
  18. roshnak

    Unified Addon Standards

    Well, that's not true. The very guy you are quoting said that something like JAM might be a good idea again.
  19. roshnak

    Unified Addon Standards

    A certain level of standardization to keep from having a million similar or duplicate classes, but I feel like a great deal of creativity would be stifled if people had to think about which box their addon fits best into before they started working on it. Also, paid community content is terrible and I want no part of it.
  20. roshnak

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Anything is better than .sqf. I'm just waiting on any kind of official word on what is happening either way.
  21. roshnak

    ARMA 3 Alpha - Java Virtual Machine

    Yeah, I'd like to know if this is even still happening. I don't think we've had an official comment in months. I know a couple people who are waiting on java implementation before they purchase.
  22. roshnak

    PLease forget content for a moment

    Oh, and vehicles, including tanks, still don't have enough torque to climb moderate inclines. I can't believe this has been a thing since OFP.
  23. roshnak

    PLease forget content for a moment

    The point is that complaints about core features and engine issues are getting lost in complaints about there not being enough cars. More cars isn't going to fix everything.
  24. roshnak

    PLease forget content for a moment

    Java. What happened?
  25. roshnak

    When is this game going to be good?

    I really think people should clarify if they are talking about game performance, e.g. framerate, or server performance, e.g. lag/latency.