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    JUMP please!!

    I guess I'm not sure what is difficult to understand. Relying on scripts to implement a feature that should be an in engine mechanic is not a viable solution. Scripted jumping is just as clunky as vanilla vaulting - just in different ways. Jumping and mantling are the kind of core game mechanics that need to be taken into account in the design stages of a game, not added as an afterthought, which is how both jumping scripts and the vanilla vault feel. If you are referring to my response to Programer, that was a sarcastic statement made in reference to the fact that he likely has no experience either in the military, or jumping in heavy gear in a situation when people are shooting at him. Thus his statements that everyone else is "just speculating" while then going on to state what is or is not practical in combat is hypocritical.
  2. roshnak

    JUMP please!!

    And you're a combat jumping expert? P.S. Scripted jumping is not a solution.
  3. roshnak

    JUMP please!!

    A lot of the movement options in that mod were pretty great, and would work much better with engine support. As for vaulting in its current implementation: it's terrible and needs to go. You have to stop and slowly step over a knee high obstacle. There needs to be some sort of smart mantling system (there won't be). I also don't see any problem with being able to make a small jump at the cost of a lot of stamina. Sometimes I want to get over an obstacle really fast and I don't care if I can shoot straight when I get to the other side.
  4. roshnak

    SOC WIP Thread

    I'd be more concerned about VRAM.
  5. roshnak

    SOC WIP Thread

    Wait, are you guys using 4k maps for your normals?
  6. roshnak

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    It should continue to make flying sounds with this method, too.
  7. roshnak

    [WIP] USAF Air Asset MOD

    I was under the impression that the F-15 SE was not being sold to the USAF. Also, there is no reason to think that the F-22 won't be around in 20 years. There are older airframes than that in the USAF. As for animated thrust vectoring, don't you just have to set up the nozzles to the same animation bone as the elevators?
  8. roshnak

    Bomb physics.

  9. How is this helpful? Or at all a response to what tinemem said? Passive-aggressively putting people down who don't agree with you will not further the discussion. I'm also not sure why we are discussing Arma 2, or why this thread is even still being commented on, really, since the meaning of the OP has apparently been completely rewritten to something that no one ever has disagreed with.
  10. roshnak

    A-10C for Arma 3

    I thought Arma still used a simple hitpoints system?
  11. roshnak

    1st Infantry Division - BCT

    Why are you posting in the Addons and Mods: Discussion section if you don't want input?
  12. roshnak

    Non-enterable Buildings

    But can they be moved underground? The metal building seems like strange one to be non enterable, since most of the interior is modeled. It's definitely not for performance reasons.
  13. roshnak

    Arma 3 FPS optimization thread?

    View distance and object distance are not going to make a difference in multiplayer. Those settings are overridden by the server. If you're looking to increase multiplayer performance, those are some of the settings that aren't going to help. There isn't a lot of documentation on increasing performance in Arma because the isn't a whole lot of config editing or anything that can increase performance. Pretty much every setting is exposed in the option menu. Besides which, many of the performance issues are CPU related, so turning down graphics options doesn't help a lot. Certainly not enough to bring you up to a playable frame rate with your GPU, which is more than capable of handling the graphics processing side of Arma.
  14. roshnak

    An Honest Review

    At what point did I make anything personal? Also, you did not provide an answer to my question, but tinemem did. Furthermore, what BIS needs to do to be successful was never a topic of discussion. Arma hasn't become more dumbed down, though, and no one has offered any evidence that it has been. Also, the titles that you are talking about that have been dumbed down were created by development companies that were bought by huge megapublishers with a long track record of making their game as appealing to as many people as possible at the cost of game complexity. Only after they were bought off did the nature of the games begin to change. Edit: I see it now. I corrected your use of the word pedantic. I'm sorry, the only way someone could confuse Battlefield and Arma is if he or she completely ignored game mechanics and I don't understand why you insist on arguing otherwise.
  15. roshnak

    A-10C for Arma 3

    How much can penetration vs heavy and light armor be simulated in Arma?
  16. roshnak

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    Wait- this thread is old. Has this not been changed yet? Edit: Just checked. Still a thing. I don't understand the logic behind CPU shadows. No one has a CPU so good and a GPU so bad it's worth offloading shadows onto the CPU in this game.
  17. roshnak

    An Honest Review

    Reread my post more carefully. You haven't addressed any of my points and your understanding of game mechanics is shaky at best. You cannot run indefinitely. You slow down as you get more tired and your aim becomes less stable, this has been a feature since Operation Flashpoint. Until the armor simulation was implemented, it took a relatively realistic number of shots to kill an enemy, and even now that aspect is being worked on. Helicopters fly more realistically than any game that is not a flight sim. You appear to have missed my description of someone who can tell the inherent differences in Arma and Battlefield as anyone with even a modest amount of experience with video games. BIS has never attempted to lure players away from Battlefield in its entire decade plus history of making video games. The question is why did they decide now to enter that market. I don't think you know what pedantic means. Pedantic is what you are being in a desperate attempt to continue to defend your ill supported claims.
  18. roshnak

    An Honest Review

    ACE is far more comprehensive than a simple realism mod, which probably leads to some of its divisiveness. TMR doesn't address half the stuff that ACE does. Weapon resting and firing from cargo positions are things that people have been clamoring for since Operation Flashpoint. They're also things that are answered with "We'll see" every time a new Arma game is announced. If you're going to say stuff like this, you are really going to have to come up with specific examples.
  19. I'm just amused that this "I told you so" thread was made while there are like 5 or 6 threads on the front page complaining about stuff. Edit: I kind of see what you are saying, but this sounds like a recipe for a stagnant game series. I just don't understand this mindset. If everyone just goes along like they are satisfied, then nothing gets changed or improved upon.
  20. Yeah I don't see SQF as being a huge problem for performance. It is terrible, though.
  21. Ok, I have never used Blender, but does that say that your model is 460,000 tris?
  22. roshnak

    An Honest Review

    Ok, but what does any of this have to do with the game itself?
  23. roshnak

    An Honest Review

    Ha ha, no, it wasn't. I can explain the difference in 30 seconds. One is supposed to be realistic, one is not. Alternatively, Arma is trying to be an open-ended military simulator with extensive sandbox elements and a great deal of user content creation, BF is trying to be a highly structured, balanced, competitive multiplayer game that delivers a cinematic experience. Are you honestly telling me you can't tell the difference between Arma and Battlefield almost immediately? Anyone with even a modest amount of experience with video games can do that. Do you think you would have a hard time trying to explain the differences between DCS and Ace Combat? First of all, why, in your opinion, are BIS just now deciding they want to get a slice of the action FPS market? I said it before, Battlefield 1942 was released only a year after Operation Flashpoint, and has been more popular than the Arma series throughout it's entire lifespan. Arma is a niche game and BIS knows it. They've never tried to capture that market before. Second, what is it that you think makes Arma 3 more casual? Improving the interface and making the movement feel less janky doesn't mean that BIS is trying to compete with Battlefield, it means that they are improving their game.
  24. Honestly, it might be a little ambitious to try and release the model that you are learning modeling on. You don't seem to know a lot about the process yet and you still need to unwrap and texture the model. Give me a bit and I will link some tutorials and stuff. Edit: Tutorial stuff Youtube playlist, full weapon creation tutorial by Millenia: Tutorials by Racer445: http://cg.tutsplus.com/author/evan-racer445/ Some good resources: http://wiki.polycount.com/ http://www.polycount.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=43 There's more stuff but I got lazy. This should get you headed in the right direction.