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    64-bit Executables Feedback

    x64: x86: Specs: i7 7700k @5Ghz DDR4 18-19-19-39 16GB @3866MHz Geforce 1080 850 EVO 1TB Resolution 3440x1440 Fullscreen Window Mode (Windows Insider Bug :/)
  2. Yeah, thank you for your useful contribution on this topic. Neither of us were complaining. We just want to let the devs and community know that arma 3 does not run probably on the current state of the new game mode, which should by the way released on april.
  3. Hell yeah. I thought i went crazy. Have the same issue. But with a more detail: The game actually does work... something... but in 90% of the cases it just stays black. With the correct sound and mouse cursor. If i move the mouse i even hear the focus sound of the game menus. So its just the missing rendering. The funny thing is: it works in "forced window mode" all the times. and yes, it doesnt matter if i enable or disable game mode in the windows settings. And nope, the current dev branch of today doesnt work either. addendum: i also get a lot of those "The instruction at 0x referenced memory at 0x. The memory could not be read." errors
  4. Good day to you, Sirs. I dont know if this was already postet. I searched for a it, and coudnt - for my surpirse - find it. Well, the "bug" is annoying and easy to reproduce. You are a Commander of a group and a tank the same time. and you would like to say your gunner target that white bmp in front of you. But you cant do it over the radio Command 2-2. Becouse its grey. why, you ask? i dont know. but if you have more than 1 white target, you can easly assign it. or you press F[2-12] and you can assign that too, but your gunner in your own tank wont here of that command. :( -- Yeah yeah, i know you can simply right click on them, but if you use a Joystick to flight, it isnt easy that way German version, 1.96, language english & german. no changes. Can any1 help me? Ps.: Another one. my squad.xml coundnt load on my lan server. the xml itself works perfectly (testet on any online server) but doesnt work on my own lan game. (win7 x64 - router opened all ports, win firewall disable, no changes) // Sorry for my awful english :> ps2: good damnit, thought i posted that in the troubleshooting forum. im sorry @mod