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  1. rouge1

    New forum

    I like it
  2. rouge1

    Game "pauses" after 1 shot.

    I had the same problem until i uninstalled that dropship
  3. rouge1

    Iraqi t62

    I have one quesition how well does it face up to a Abrams?
  4. Well just tried it out it is way better then the last one my favuirote one is the sports edtion cos you can catch some major air in thoses nogova hills well done!
  5. rouge1

    Whats your favorite class to play for ofp

    I voted Sniper one shot in the officers head then the rest run around like headless chickens right into my scope
  6. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Well it is up to you
  7. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Well i hope it does get hosted over at ofp.info because this pack is good Well you could give the resitance G3's because that way they will look and hopefully act like some form of mercanrys as long as it dos'nt disrupt the balance of things then go for it
  8. rouge1

    Bas mh-47e released!

    One kick ass chopper!!
  9. rouge1

    Parachuting soldier invicible?

    I mange to kill 1 paratrooper once i had him flying into a flack script using laserguidedbombs but that took about 10 and i only worked about 1/10 th of the time using OFP 1.91
  10. WE love you BAS *Girls screaming!* I like the sound of sniping out the back   What is full destrucion effects something snazzy happens when destroyed
  11. rouge1


    Does any one know what is happeing with jacobabys Napalm script
  12. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    The ROF of the M4A1 - 700 - 950 rounds per minute M16A2 - 800 rounds per minute
  13. rouge1

    Just curious

    Well i think that if they have no athoer weapon then they will use grenades and if they have a main gun eg M16 once they getin close they start throwing them rather then shooting but i am not sure how close they have to get (sorry)
  14. rouge1

    Multiple gunners

    Well you could use the Drop[]= command and a few athoer things i have a script some where the object stays in place and it does all the banking pitching rolling (i may not be able to recover the files because they are on my laptop and it is being upgraded)
  15. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    i am going to go if someone can please tell me where to d/l
  16. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Whats the ETA sorry for the constant nagging but this sounds so damn cool
  17. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Probaly over at OFP.info
  18. rouge1

    Engagement times.....

    Well there was a Fire Dispersion script over ofpec.com in the fourms BETA testing it kinda simulates surpressive fire very well beceause the AI machine gunners cover an area with bullets then indivual pepole and it works with any sort of unit Air,ground,soldiers, possibley ships not sure but you need resitance but everone here has got it right
  19. rouge1

    Bas mh-47e

    That is going to be one kick ass heli (Typical BAS standard)
  20. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Any one know where it is hosted?
  21. rouge1

    High resolution skies

    To LowLevelFunctionary this is how you make the shortcut work you put this at the end -mod=hisky so it looks like this OperationFlashpoint\FlashpointResistance.exe" -mod=hisky
  22. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Could you post up the full list of changes etc thanks
  23. rouge1

    Current conflict usmc

    Simple you add the magazines before the weapon