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  1. rouge1

    Usmc mod update

    Get well soon Colonel Klink. you shall be missed
  2. What the   **Edit** Can't Release better version is being released by anthoer Mod Team sorry
  3. OOPS Delete this reply
  4. Well i suppose i could release it once i get in touch with the correct Authors etc but i am hoping it will not be a problem i will post a few pics soon.
  5. I done that exact effect with Sigmas T72's every time you destroy one it explodes then when the smoke has disappered there is one of the two T72 Wrecks it changes randomly
  6. rouge1

    Messerschmitt bf-109

    That looks a lot like the Messerschmitt BF-109 out of Il2 Strumivok or Il2 Strumivok Forgotten Battles. But i am not accuseing you of anything skinmez.
  7. rouge1

    You want cas? you got cas

    Gonna go bust me Gubas,hitler,stalins House down serious time!.
  8. rouge1

    Idea about tracers

    Hey i was just about to suggest that never mined I was the beta tester for that and there is only one bug it works for every thing bullets,rockets,grenades,hand grenades,sachtels etc and don't fire too many shots in one place because they get stuck
  9. rouge1

    The Forgotten Battles

    Hi does any ones game freeze crashes after 10-30 minutes or 20 seconds because mine crashs after 10-30 minutes here are my system specs. MotherBoard & Chipset- AK79G AMD Processor- 1.4 ghz AMD Athlon Memory - 512Mb Graphics Card - NVIDA Geforce 2 Ultra Sound Card - Sound blaster live! Operating System - Windows ME
  10. rouge1

    Finnish defence forces mod 1.0 released!

    I still get that Crash after 10 - 15 mins bug after a complte reinstall and the only addons i have are FDF Mod and Winter Nogova and i have Direct 3d T&l so can any one help ;).
  11. rouge1

    Sjb animated nvgs

    Nice! works like a Charm
  12. rouge1

    Ier pack released

    No i meant the Operation Frenchpoint Packs the infantry i think could be causeing the problem
  13. rouge1

    Ier pack released

    I got the same error but i uninstalled the OFPR addons and the error whent away. ps i am not saying that OFPR addons are not good i think there brillant.
  14. rouge1

    A newer burning tank script

    Same here but only after i drop about 5 LGBs on the tank do i get fire on the engine.
  15. rouge1

    Super config discussion

    andersson i also get strange errors like that eg vaule not an array no entry genercic mine.scope or invaild cfg on expercie and i am also using cpp2bin by Amalfi so any help shall be greatly aprecatied
  16. but when i go to use the cpp2bin util (after adding all the stuff for res at the start of the config) but as it starts to convert it into a bin file it keeps coming up with these errors invaild something on config expercies but i not changed nothing on the whole config.
  17. rouge1

    Help with config.bin

    Can any one help?
  18. rouge1


    I see lighting all the time when the wheather is horrible (slider all the way to the left) but no has been struck by it
  19. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    real nice work Cheeky Monkey! Â
  20. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

  21. rouge1

    North korean army v2 by remo released

    The BM-21 works fine for me pins my troops down for a fair disatance. and what happens when you try the BM-21? Good work by the way remo
  22. rouge1

    Config problem

    Put explosive=0; in the CFG Ammo
  23. rouge1

    More ai firing modes

    Well i think what sussmori is trying to say is to have fireing modes only useable by the AI eg for the player you can select Single or Burst but an AI gun (same one) might say Single/Auto sussmori correct me if i am wrong and sorry i cannot help you
  24. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Hi Cheeky Monkey nice looking aks and well thanks for the info on the G3. hope the Ak has a bad recoil on auto
  25. rouge1

    Larger ai engagement range pack

    Lookin Good i like the G3's and the M4's what size grendes dose the G3 fire