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    The Forgotten Battles

    The Patch Has been Relased Avalbile Here
  2. rouge1

    Bas blackhawks

    Yeah i am getting a simalir slow down as Poet i can get between 40-50 FPS on High Detail Battlefields but JAM version i get 20-35 not a big deal though just means smaller Battles for me And Excellent work on the choppers BAS well worth the Wait and the mission Phew breathtaking Intros good work
  3. rouge1

    Addons animations

    I Have some free time so i give it a go
  4. rouge1

    Fia mod

    Excellent work and it is good to see more resitance addons being worked on.
  5. rouge1

    Continuous animations - a mini tutorial

    Here you are Leone (Old Version) Download Link Â
  6. Bad news peeps i can't release because anthoer team is working on it so hold on tight. but in the mean time i shall show you some pics of what my version looks like.
  7. I have stumbled across an method to once you destroy an tank it will leave a Wreck after it eg Sigma T72 wrecks i *haved edited the config so every time you kill one of Sigmas tank it will leave one of the two wrecks. if anyone is interested in this please comment *i won't relase it without permission
  8. Try Bloodmixers Page HERE it has a lot of Old Scripts but they where good for there day
  9. rouge1

    Red Hammer Studios

  10. rouge1

    Sad news

    So Sad Lawrie you shall be missed
  11. rouge1

    Sad news

    So Sad Lawrie you shall be missed
  12. rouge1

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    No it was one i made up on my own took 5-10 mins Â
  13. rouge1

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    Anthoer Of My moments In my BAS SP mission I was in a Ranger Chalk surrounded by Somlia milita in a small hut my Chalk was low on ammo and where heavly wounded when i heard the distance rotor blades so i peered my head around the corner to see what they there only reliseing that it was little bird's and they strafed the Somlias with miniguns and rockets (fireing Both at same time with script) they contiuned to do this until the relief convoy of M113's,Hummers came zooming down the road to pick us up under heavy small arms fire but me and my chalk maganed to espace the hell that was Mogadishu .
  14. Bechmark=6800 AMD Athlon Xp 2600+(2.1Ghz) Radoen 9700 Pro 128Mb 512mb DDR 400Mghz Ram Windows ME
  15. rouge1

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    @The Frenchman - No Just a little something that i made something that i made in the mission editor. well if i find it again i will send it to you if you want? @D.Murphy man Scary and Sad that bob died before you got there Â
  16. rouge1

    Ofp moments in gameplay

    My Best Moment I was playing my SP called Blazing Fury and it is a good old Nam mission i was on a small mountain some where on a mountian of La Drang i was a lone had a single magazine surrounded by vietnimese (30+ ) but then i looked toward the setting sun when this Huey Gunship + Slick came in the Gunship came in Guns Blazin (all of them at the same time!) and then the slick landed in an empty piece of land about 20 meters away then i got onboard then saw some F4s Cover the area in Napalm *Edit* 100th Post
  17. rouge1

    High res water

    Well from what i read they won't be releasing this Water Addon or what ever it is until the end of August 2003 and they got fully reflective water so you can see Islands and Clouds reflecting but not Objects eg Cars,Tanks,Men,Planes
  18. rouge1

    Realistic explosion mod  v1.1

    Now hosting over HERE
  19. rouge1

    Usmc mod update

    Scorpio the pic looks fine for me. and i hope i get to test it
  20. rouge1

    Realistic explosion mod  v1.1

    Looking good Goldmember
  21. Well all those that are having bombing problems use the GBU version the ai bombers still dive but the bombs always hits it target and the bomber is not destroyed
  22. rouge1

    Law targetting men

    Yeah sorry about not responding sussmori glad i can help
  23. rouge1

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    The Ruskies have differt guns or is it suppose to be like that
  24. rouge1

    Law targetting men

    Ok sussmori put this in the AmmoCfg simulation="shotmissile"; simulationStep=0.50000; cost=5000; soundHit[]={}; soundFly[]={}; soundEngine[]={}; irLock=0; airlock=1; CloudletsMissile=1; cloudletColor[]={0.5,0.5,0.5,0.5}; manualControl=1; maxControlRange=5; initTime=0.1; maneuvrability=1; thrustTime=0.500000; thrust=680; maxSpeed=300; hit=340; indirectHit=150; indirectHitRange=3.100000; Then add this for Weapon Cfg model="law_proxy"; magazineType="2 * 256"; sound[]={}; drySound[]={}; modelOptics="optika_LAW"; ammo=""; displayName=""; displayNameMagazine=""; shortNameMagazine=""; count=1; magazineReloadTime=12; reloadTime=0.500000; reloadMagazineSound[]={"Weapons\at_load",0.000316,1}; initSpeed=55; canLock=1; dispersion=0.02; reloadAction="ManActReloadAT"; autoReload=0; ffMagnitude=100.100000; ffFrequency=10; ffCount=1; recoil="LAWSingle"; aiRateOfFire=10.000000; aiRateOfFireDistance=500; optics=1; primary=0; opticsZoomMin=0.180000; opticsZoomMax=0.180000; distanceZoomMin=100; distanceZoomMax=100; Any probs just say and i will send you one with the changes to it.