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  1. rouge1

    What do i need to make an addon?

    No Tutorials yet. Tho Cribban was supposed to be making one
  2. rouge1

    Mohax´s hang glider!

    I am interesting in Custom Animations or i wouldn't be doing it *On topic* very nice work love the Running anims and the genreal feel of it great work Mohax
  3. rouge1

    Mohax´s hang glider!

    Well Miles Teg you are in luck i am working on one right now and it is about 25% complete.
  4. rouge1

    Mohax´s hang glider!

    Yeah pretty good. but easily done but it is nice to see more pepole are using new and Diffenrt Animations
  5. rouge1

    Addon request: mil-24 hind

    Sounds good. it will be nice to have an more realsitc Vaules and feautres
  6. rouge1

    Addon request: mil-24 hind

    Sounds good. it will be nice to have an more realsitc Vaules and feautres
  7. rouge1

    Fia mod

    Those are some nice looking and and very intersting things being added to this pack great work Aeon. looking forward to it
  8. rouge1

    Red Hammer Studios

    Well that would work ok i suppose cos i don't like all that stuff cluttering up the Action menu either
  9. rouge1

    Red Hammer Studios

    Oh ok sounds like an cool idea nice little details like that add more Atmosphere to an mission and the Addon overall. And Shadow the Certain File you wanted is ready
  10. rouge1

    Red Hammer Studios

    Yes i can understand the delay to try and make them bug free because no one really likes an addons with too many bugs but remeber "Good things come to those who wait". So take your time and make them as good as possible
  11. rouge1

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Ok here are a Coulpe more. Guards of Planning Center This was the First of 3 more pictures that were taken of an Resistance outpost that is getting much too powerful and may pose a threat to US Aircraft Here was an Photo Taken at the same outpost but the officers where planning something Command Center here is an AA Soldier armed with soviet Strela Laucher AA Soldier Then two more AA soldiers armed with Strelas aswell Two more AA Soldiers (if any one knows a better free host please tell me)
  12. rouge1

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    This is what are high level Resistance spy deteced at 7:30am this moring that an Resistance leader and Guba where discussing an Alliance we couldn't get into the building so we took pictures of the Guards Picture1 and this the the second picture taken Picture2 Â the spy that took these photos was later found and put to death via firing squad (Thanks to Mr Burns who help me display the Pics)
  13. rouge1

    Ofp movies

    Status_cz those movies are very good and the Sky what a Master Piece
  14. rouge1

    Modern usmc marpat

    Don't delete them blackdog i like them
  15. rouge1

    Ac-130h or ac-130u

    They could have made the Gun pods seperate from the model/coding then used a drop command script to keep it in place on the plane
  16. rouge1

    What militaria do you own?

    I have an Combat Knife issued to crews of Chefitian 2's it the case is black and it has a silverwolf on it.
  17. rouge1

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    A Soviet Manned AA Site was detected on top of this building at 6:37 this morning Pic Link Warning Large File 2.5mb and it is my first try so don't laugh too hard
  18. rouge1

    Ofp combat photography. No pics over 100kb.

    Here you go [TU]$33ker Afganastian Island the link worked for me
  19. rouge1

    Red Hammer Studios

    Shadow NX you have A PM and according to your New fourms the T55 Pack is at 95% although blackdog did say it may not be compltely accuracte so what athoer things have you left to do to the T55's before they are released just Tweaking and Testing?
  20. rouge1

    Mi-28 havoc 1.0

    Damn i never had a chance to d/l it it looks amazing though
  21. rouge1

    Red Hammer Studios

    Hey is that Animator Job Still open? if so can i Join beacuse i can create animations just like it says you have to be able to create.
  22. rouge1

    Replace with jam

    Here Download Link go into Blank folder and rember to Binzaire it. And it works for me (and if link don't work put press space right at end of configs.zip)
  23. rouge1

    Engaging enemy inf. with (at) weapons

    Well i just add irLock=0; in the Ammo CFG