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    Average age of the "Flashpointer"

    28 here. I have played OFP since spring 2006. Playing OFP CWR & Res demo then was an amazing exprerience so I wanted to buy OFP GOTY -edition for myself as a birthday present And it is very nice present indeed.
  2. peteliuz

    ArmAs Cover Art

    That cover looks very fine for my visual-artist eye! Simple and militaristic. Good work!
  3. peteliuz

    Animations in ArmA

    When I was watching the newest ArmA -trailer I noticed that the animations (moves) of the infantry guys looks quite "stiff" when compared to infantry-animations and moves in OFP. Infantry-moves doesn't look realistic in ArmA -trailer I hope that the ArmA -full version would have same kind of animations and moves as in original OFP. It looks so realistic when the (AI)soldiers in OFP are moving: they don't just sprint and then walk sprint and then walk as in ArmA -trailer. Orig. OFP-soldiers walk, run and sprint. Running is moving a little bit slower than sprinting. I have never seen so realistic moves and animations in war games as in orig. OFP. Please, dear ArmA deveploment team, keep the moves and animations realistic in ArmA as in orig. OFP. I am sorry about my bad english
  4. peteliuz

    ArmA demo

    It would be very nice if Bohemia would publish somekind of ArmA demo version now. That kind of demo doesn't have to be 100% bug-free and so on... It's enough for me to get anykind of touch to that game and I believe that many others who wait ArmA would agree with me