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    Ghillie Suits in Arma 3

    Excellent! Thanks for that. I found where I saw it, and it is in a video, so here... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?146869-Arma-3-plans-for-2013&p=2328664&viewfull=1#post2328664
  2. oniellnz

    Ghillie Suits in Arma 3

    I'm sure I saw a ghillie suit screen shot on a A3 site , but for the life of me I can't find it now. Searching now for it. I seem to remember that Arma 1 did not have ghillie suited snipers (I could be wrong), so It is not a give in that A3 will have them. For some reason there are screen shots of a Comanche - a very dead project, included in A3, so who knows.
  3. oniellnz


    For me, multiplayer was one of the few things missing from the original. If it can be implemented, it would be great, but I do know it isn't very easy. Just look at B-17 II. They tried to make it multiplayer and then gave up.
  4. I had tried that, and it never worked... But I realised my Base Tunguska only had a gunner. As soon as I put a driver in the vehicle, it suddenly worked (or as in this case, the lights went out). Thanks for your help.
  5. I am working on a mission at night that needs the lights for all vehicles turned off. Currently I have code to damage the light for most vehicles... _v setHit ["L svetlo", 1]; _v setHit ["P svetlo", 1]; _V setHit ["svetlo gunner", 1];_V setHit ["svetlo commnader", 1]; _v setHit ["gunner light", 1];_v setHit ["commander light", 1]; This works for almost every vehicle except the BTR 90 HQ, and the Tunguska. I have gone through the config files for these, and even had a look at the .p3d files with a hex editor to try and figure it out. No luck. Please help, as the AI keeps on leaving the lights on and ruining our night vision.
  6. oniellnz

    ARMA II Combined Ops Doesn't Work

    I had the same issue. Tried all sorts of options to fix the problem. This Launcher solved my problem, and allowed me to create a desktop shortcut that works every time. I hope it helps. Arma 2 CO Launcher
  7. oniellnz

    Mp csar

    I am making a dynamic operations system using scripts and no triggers. COC NS 2 has been used to communicate messages, marker movement etc. My problem is that I have two groups. Player Group Crew group The idea is that when the player Group is within a certain distance of the crew group, then they get rescued. This works in the editor, and in MP as the server. Works too as a client, unless you get in to a vehicle. After this, the server thinks the leader of the group is almost always at the vehicle, even when the player gets out. Each player is named P1, P2... etc. I have used both the P1 and Player's group leader to check the distance on the server, but I still have this problem. Help!